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Can Contact Lenses Replace Allergy Eye Drops? Meet Theravision, the FIRST Drug Eluting Contact Lens!

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On March 2, 2022 Johnson & Johnson received FDA approval for their Acuvue Theravision with Ketotifen contact lenses. These lenses are the first and currently only approved drug-eluting contact lenses on the market. They’re made to treat allergies and in this video I’ll tell you all about them! #contactlenses #acuvue #theravision #KetotifenContacts #contactlens #contactlense #contacts

On march 2nd 2022 johnson and johnson received fda approval for their acuvue theravision with katodafin contact lenses these lenses are the first and currently only approved drug eluding contact lenses on the market they’re made to treat allergies and today i’ll tell you all about them welcome back to ischool with me dr d where i teach you about products

And treatments related to dry eye syndrome and eye beauty so you can have healthy beautiful comfortable eyes give a little love tap on that subscribe button to stay up to date with all the latest tips and tricks i have for you this video is largely deprived from the press release about theravision as well as my previous research on drug eluding contact lenses

Unfortunately i’ve not yet had the chance to try these lenses myself but i will definitely make a short for you when i’ve had the opportunity i actually tried to order myself a pair but they’re not available yet through my distributor so it is what it is but i at least wanted to let you know that they’re out there and you can start asking your eye doctor about these

Lenses so drug eluding contact lenses are something i’ve discussed in the past and i’ll link some of those videos here and they’re finally a reality here in the united states the first one to market is a contact lens containing 19 micrograms of ketotifen which is a well-established antihistamine it brings to market a new option for contact lens wearers with allergies

So personally in my clinic the old alternatives were to either switch to dailies during allergy season continue to wear monthly lenses but use allergy drops along with those lenses or just switch to glasses during allergy season but this contact lens is a daily disposable and it’s indicated for the prevention of ocular itch due to allergic conjunctivitis and it

Provides vision correction in patients who do not have red eyes who are suitable for contact lens wear and who do not have more than a diopter 1.0 adopters of astigmatism within the u.s approximately 40 of contact lens wearers suffer from itchy eyes due to ocular allergies nearly 8 out of 10 contact lens wearers with eye allergies agree that they’re frustrated

When allergies interfere with their normal day-to-day contact lens wear and so allergy drops have always been the most common treatment we know pat a day went over the counter sometime last year but one in two contact lens wearers say that drops are inconvenient for them to use overall i’m really excited to try the lenses as i think they’re going to be a great

Treatment alternative for my patients with ocular allergies especially here in north carolina where the pollen seems to fall like snow i do think caution is indicated in patients with dry eye so you know i’m going to relate everything back to dry eye on this clinic on this channel because that’s what i treat my clinic and that’s what this channel is designed for

My people with dry eye i like that it’s a daily of course but katodafin can be drying so consider that if you have dry eye already the great issue with dry eye and allergies i always say that they they tend to live in the same house so allergies create holes in the tear film leading to dry eye dry eye can make allergies worse because you don’t have that nice

Protective tear layer and so allergies are very common in dry eye patients that’s why i’m bringing this video to you on this dry eye channel but use a bit of caution i typically try to keep my dry patients away from ketotin drops because of the drying effect they have so just use caution i haven’t tried them in clinic yet but these are my thoughts like i said

I did try to get my hands on a pair of them so i could try them and give you more feedback but they were not yet available so that video is just gonna have to wait thanks for tuning into this video today i hope you’re as excited about acuvue theravision as i am definitely let me know down below if you’ve had a chance to try it just yet i can’t wait to hear the

Feedback from you guys and also come back to you with more information once i’ve gotten to fit it a little bit more in my clinic and if you’ve made it this far and you’re not already subscribed to my channel what are you doing please hit that button in the bell so that you don’t miss notifications that’s going to be it for today’s ischool class is dismissed you

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