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Can Type 2 (Adult-Onset) Diabetes be Reversed?

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The idea of completely reversing diabetes has been questioned time and time again. In order to determine the answer to this question, you must take into account a few factors, such as what type of diabetes are you dealing with and whether or not your body is producing insulin.

Hi i’m dr. eddie today i’m going to talk about a patient who reverses diabetes so the fundable question you have to ask is is adult onset diabetes reversible the answer is yes ken diabetes adult onset be reversed through diet and exercise the answer is yes this is a story of a 63 year old caucasian male who has been a diabetic for a long time on medications his

Hemoglobin a1c was more than 7.2 inspired of that he was exercising rigg vigorously even then he was not able to get his diabetes and blood sugar under control the other medical problems he had was obesity high blood pressure high triglycerides and high cholesterol he was on multiple medications he came in and joined our program in less than 90 days he dropped

Close to 40 pounds his blood pressure normalized off medications his blood sugar normalized to the point where he dropped his hemoglobin a1c from 7.2 to 5.2 off medications his triglycerides went from close to 300 to less than 71 in 90 days off medications his total cholesterol dropped from 180 to 120 in less than 90 days without medications all these changes happen

Only through tired he has been exercising in the past and he continued the same level of activity but the only variable that changed was his diet the moment he’s changed his diet his medications dropped his blood sugar dropped his triglycerides dropped his cholesterol dropped his weight dropped any reverse diabetes it’s been more than six months and he continues

To have a normal hemoglobin a1c with normal blood sugars and normal triglycerides and normal cholesterol and he is not currently taking any medications so the question is adult onset diabetes reversible the answer is yes how we have the presentation here which was presented in the world congress and you can also review the poster and look at the findings in the

Poster so everyone out there who has a note on say diabetes understand one thing if you have other cancer diabetes and you are producing insulin by merely changing your diet and eating the right kind of food you can and you will be able to reverse it in less than 90 200 days provided you are working hard at it in reversing your instant resistance in your liver

Muscle and fat to learn more about it join our program called the eat this lose that where we teach you how to use the grocery store instead of pharmacy and we teach you the power of sugars starch fat caffeine salt and how to manipulate salt how to know the difference between sugar and starch and when to eat starch and why not to eat sugar once you understand this

You will be able to manage and treat yourself thank you you

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Can Type 2 (Adult-Onset) Diabetes be Reversed? By Reddy Cardiac Wellness \u0026 Diabetes Reversal Center