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Dermatologist Dr Dray answers your skin care questions. CAN YOU GET LASER HAIR REMOVAL WHILE ON TRETINOIN? Do you have to stop tretinoin before laser procedures? Head over to and use code DRDRAY to save 5% off SITEWIDE on your first order!

Well hey guys in today’s video i’m going to be answering more of your skincare questions you all really seem to enjoy this type of video where i just casually answer some random skincare questions that i get frequently over on my instagram as well as in the comments of different youtube videos i i heard a crash outside i just made myself some of my sun goddess matcha

Tea and is this mug not the prettiest thing you have ever seen a viewer made this for me and i adore it it’s perfect for tea it’s got a nice weighty handle on it speaking of tea and sun goddess matcha today’s video is sponsored by peak tea my favorite brand of teas you guys know i’ve been drinking their teas for years now and i keep going back to them time and time

Again because the quality cannot be beat they have a ton of amazing delicious flavors they use this cutting edge cold extraction technique to ensure the highest concentration of antioxidants in the teas and it generates these crystals that quickly dissolve in either hot or cold water so you can have a tea very easily on the go i love that peak tea has won tons and

Tons of awards at like the global t championship they have a ton of five star reviews well deserved because their teas are seriously amazing and they triple screen all of their teas for any contaminants like heavy metals pesticides toxic mold i’m currently sipping on their best seller the sun goddess matcha it is the best matcha green tea 100 organic ceremonial

Grade matcha and they actually quadruple screen to ensure purity of the matcha very smooth full of antioxidants and l-theanine which kind of has a calming effect so yes you get caffeine and this tea from the green tea but the l-theanine component kind of has a calming effect so you don’t get jittery electric turmeric is another favorite of mine and i love having

It this time of year as a turmeric latte in particular just the vibrant color it’s very autumnal looking and it tastes delicious turmeric has curcumins which are anti-inflammatory and this particular tea is unique in that they use okinawan turmeric which is fermented to allow for maximum bioavailability the tea also has cinnamon and ginger root added the hibiscus

Beauty elixir is another favorite i love to have that one cold in particular it’s packed with vitamin c which is helpful for building healthy collagen and giving radiant skin it just tastes delicious their ginger digestion elixir amazing after a meal for good digestion ginger has gingerol which is anti-inflammatory definitely check out the mint herbal tea it’s

Got spearmint in it to freshen up your breath and spearmint oddly enough has been shown to potentially be helpful for hormonal acne i do have a video all about this so check that out they have a tea for everyone they’ve got a really good earl grey their black teas are amazing they’ve got a cinnamon tea that oh really good speaking of cinnamon i’m looking forward

To the holidays and these make great gifts right now you guys peak tea has an exclusive offer where you can get two boxes of their best-selling sun goddess matcha plus a little beaker which is really cute and handy for dissolving the tea and you get two free gifts so it’s a really good bundle and if you use my code you can get five percent off the packaging is

Perfect for stuffing in a stocking too if you’re thinking about gifts it’s never too early to get ahead of holiday shopping anyways head on over to dr dre use code dr dre and you get five percent off site wide this first question is a really good one i’ve talked about the importance before of wearing sunglasses to protect not only the skin around your

Eyes from the damaging uv rays but also to protect your vision and your eye health but someone asked how long does the uv protection on sunglasses last i thought that was a really good question when it comes to buying sunglasses always make sure that the sunglasses say 100 uv protection or uv 400 most do to be honest but it doesn’t last forever that uv protection

It can and does uh wear out after a while how long well honestly it depends on how frequently you wear your sunglasses and kind of how rough you are with them for example if you take your sunglasses and throw them in your bag they’re more likely to get dinged and chipped and the lens is scratched and that can wear away at the uv protection of the lenses say for

Example you wear sunglasses for about two hours a day just a rough estimate then you’re going to want to replace your sunglasses every two years but if you work outdoors and you wear sunglasses all day then you’re going to replace them more frequently one thing i want to emphasize to you guys though when it comes to sunglasses don’t feel as though you have to

Drop big bucks the only reason to spend a lot of money on sunglasses and to buy expensive sunglasses is because you like the way that they look and then you know you’re going to be more inclined to wear them but as far as the ability of the sunglasses to protect your eyes you know you don’t need to buy expensive sunglasses so long as it says 100 uv protection or

Uv 400 i mean you can get that kind of sunglass those kinds of sunglasses often in the gas station the frames also offer some protection against rays that come in from the side so you know bigger frames better and frames that wrap around i highly suggest if you’re going to be outside uh doing like water sports golf anything that where you’re outside doing outdoor

Activity then i definitely suggest those wrap around frames just to give a little bit of protection from uv rays coming in from the side all right number two can you give some tips for hives hives are referred to as urticaria that’s a medical term for hives miserable to deal with and honestly there are so many potential types of hives out there you would your mind

Would be blown you can get hives some people develop hives upon exposure to water some people get hives on exposure to ice cold urticaria other people with exercise cholinergic urticaria but many people just develop hives randomly it can be triggered by a cold a flu an infection being sick a lot of medications can trigger hives most commonly aspirin certain

Underlying medical conditions may be associated with bouts of hives a lot of autoimmune conditions like vitiligo there is a comorbid association with dealing with hives certain dyes and food can trigger hives red dye in particular if you’re dealing with hives here’s what you need to know there are certain things that will worsen them make them come out heat is

Notorious for making the hives come out rubbing the skin in particular will make more hives come out of the skin try and bathe and cool to lukewarm water rather than hot water when you get out of the shower don’t rub your skin with a towel because that can often elicit more hives and this sounds silly but it really can help when you’re getting dressed don’t get

Dressed in a hurry and tug your clothing onto your skin that is a that is a common reason to erupt in in hives if you’re already dealing with them so be really like gentle with putting your clothing on scratching the skin will also bring out more hives so when you feel itchy and you’re coping with hives get yourself some cool compresses and apply them to the skin

To alleviate that itch sensation and help calm down the hives in most cases the hives will go away within six weeks just spontaneously but in other cases they last longer than six weeks and once they last longer than six weeks then that is called chronic urticaria and chronic urticaria does require medical attention in terms of working it up so your doctor should

Do a physical exam and there should be blood work to rule out an underlying medical cause honestly in most cases we still don’t find a cause and then the patient is left with dealing with them for a prolonged period of time how long at that point 30 to 50 percent of cases of chronic urticaria will spontaneously remit within three years forty to seventy percent

Will spontaneously remit within five years how do we manage it uh medically antihistamines um max doses of non-sedating antihistamines to control the bout of hives and you have to take them daily not just when you break out in hives and in some cases it can be to a point where somebody has to go on the medication omalizumab is a newer medication i mean it’s been

Around for a while but it is a newer medication and that is another thing that that really can end up helping a lot for people with chronic urticaria i have a video on hives by the way which i’ll link down below in the description box so definitely check that out i go into more detail than i can in this video so check that out tips for dry cracked corners of the

Mouth yes this is called angular kelitis the corners of our mouth are a set up for irritation and that is referred to as angular kelitis why well saliva pools there it breaks down the moisture barrier and then things that you maybe ingest or put around your mouth kind of collect in the corners of your mouth and lead to even more irritation plus it’s moist i know

People hate that word and this can lead to breakdown of that moisture bearer exclusively there and you get painful red cracking of the corners of the mouth there are a variety of things that cause us if you happen to wear dentures poorly fitted dentures will result in more drooling and pooling of saliva in those areas people who breathe through their mouth will

Have more saliva collect in those areas if you sleep on your stomach and end up drooling in your sleep of course that’s going to cause angular chelitis and gum or certain candies that you may be sucking on all the time because they end up causing you to deposit more saliva around the mouth that can really aggravate this certain vitamin deficiencies like b vitamins

B1 b12 b3 can cause angular culitis what can you do about it though address these lifestyle factors that i’ve talked about so if you sleep on your stomach try and train yourself to sleep on your backs you’re not drooling in your sleep if you wear dentures make sure they fit properly try and stop chewing gum all the time but in addition to addressing the lifestyle

Factors make sure that you use either vaseline or like cerave healing ointment to the corners of the mouth don’t use like a lip gloss a lot of lip balms and lip glosses more often than not they’re not going to be adequate for this condition because they’ll have flavorings or they’re simply not formulated to be occlusive enough to act as a skin protectant there

And really help facilitate healing so you’re going to want to use like vaseline aquaphor cerave healing ointment to those areas and just keep putting it on non-stop while simultaneously addressing these lifestyle habits and it can help with healing i have a video on angular kelitis i’m also going to look down like down below speaking of mouth i have a video on

Angular key lightest i’m also going to link down below for you guys if you’re dealing with this i know it’s miserable can i use olive oil post shave i thought this was an interesting question i’m assuming you mean like as a moisturizer of course with my videos you know it’s never a black and white yes no answer olive oil is an emollient it’s going to help soften

Skin cell edges it’s packed with antioxidants i mean jlo uses it so it must it must work right olive oil oddly enough applied to the skin has been shown to not be so great as a moisturizer it’s actually been shown to increase the rate of water loss out of the skin it may have something to do with oleic acid which actually can disrupt the orientation of the skin

Lipids leading to more water loss out of the skin um however many people do use olive oil here and there as a moisturizer and don’t have any issues with it so as with anything it’s kind of up to you if you’ve been using it not having any problems with it fine in my opinion it’s not the best moisturizer a because it’s been shown to increase trans epidermal water

Loss out of the skin and b it’s not really occlusive because it’s an oil it doesn’t really lock in hydration some people’s skin becomes very easily irritated by oils especially plant oils like olive oil and post shave your skin is going to be even more vulnerable to that kind of irritation because you’ve really just kind of exfoliated it and you’re going to allow

For increased penetration of things that might be irritating when you shave that’s going to increase trans epidermal water loss so you really want a good moisturizer on board so i guess long story short no i would not recommend doing that but that being said if you are doing it it’s not causing you problems you like it you find it beneficial keep doing it there

Aren’t really hard and fast rules about skincare you can or cannot do this that the other the only thing you can’t do is uh is tan don’t go tanning that’s against the rules um and don’t go in a tanning bed so i guess there are some rules anyways i digress so olive oil you know you’ll find it sometimes in skincare a lot of times in skincare products sometimes

Manufacturers will even tout the benefits of olive oil but truthfully we don’t have that much research on using olive oil as a moisturizer and the research we do have suggests that it’s not that great of a moisturizer all right and last but not least this is a question i get a lot and i can’t believe i’ve never addressed it and that is i’m using tretinoin can i

Get laser hair removal now you can actually and the only thing is that we typically advise people to stop tretinoin about five days before the laser hair removal because it can make you more prone to pro side effects from laser hair removal irritation potentially discoloration whether that be hyper pigmentation or hypopigmentation because remember it’s kind of

Smoothing out the top dead layer of the skin a bit i mean i’m assuming that you mean you’re going to get laser hair removal on your face if you’re getting laser hair removal elsewhere and you’re using retinoid on your face you don’t need to stop it it’s only going to you know potentially cause issues on the skin where you’re getting the laser plus the retinoid so we

Do typically tell people to stop it a few days in advance of getting the laser hair removal however being on a retinoid like treadmill and tesseratine adaptoline altrino um you name it or a retinol or retinaldehyde ultimately that may end up making your skin less likely to heal with hyperpigmentation provided you stop it a few days in advance of the laser hair

Removal it can put the breaks on tyrosinase and reduce inflammation in the skin making it so that you’re less likely to develop hyperpigmentation after the laser procedure but always discuss with the laser surgeon or provider that you’re gonna have the procedure they should educate you on these things what to do before and aft you know pre and post procedure care

That is you know really important so it will vary depending on your skin type the laser being used what what is being treated i mean you’re asking about laser hair removal but i’m just saying lasers in general it will vary but yeah i mean typically we do tell people please stop the retinoid a few days in advance because of this do not go tanning i mean i already

Told you that was a rule you can’t tan but you definitely don’t want to tan in the weeks leading up to any kind of laser procedure all right you guys i just polished off my matcha tea um that’s gonna do it for the q a today thank you guys for commenting on all of my posts over on instagram and here on youtube it helps my content get shown to more people when you

Guys do that and you know it gives me more things to talk about with you all seeing what you are wondering about what i can help you with so i really appreciate all of your engagement and don’t forget if you are in the market for good quality teas definitely check out peak tea thank you peak tea for sponsoring today’s video if you liked it give it a thumbs up share

It with your friends and as always don’t forget sunscreen and subscribe i’ll talk to you guys tomorrow bye you

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