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Can You Live Without the Experience of Inside or Outside?

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Is it possible? Is it like being on a permanent acid trip, or is it totally natural? Only one way to find out!

What is it like to live without the experience of inside and outside now that doesn’t mean that there’s no inside and there’s no outside it simply means that the dichotomy between inside and outside the experience of there being an inside of me and an outside of me doesn’t exist so it’s not like what you take to be the inside disappears and what you take to the

Be the outside disappears rather all boundaries that define inside and outside are seen to be a complete and total illusion they simply don’t exist there’s no insight as opposed to an outside and there’s no outside as opposed to an inside the seeming relationship has no place it has no location it has no effect on your experience it has no effect on your

Belief or your behavior so the word i come back to often is intimate when the great blue sky and the leaf on the grass and the sound of the footstep are as intimate as the feeling of the breath then there is no inside and outside then we know that the dichotomy of inside and outside is only an afterthought the immediacy of experience declares itself with

Crystal clarity a passing car and the sensation in the body in the chest in the gut are exactly the same thing they’re intertwined interpenetrated this feels like a deep and profound and very still intimacy it has no specific meaning it has no purpose it’s not for me it’s not for anyone we don’t experience this and then try to imagine its benefit because

If we imagine benefit we’re already in our mind we’re already beyond the illusory dichotomy of inside and outside of self another of what’s important and what’s not important so this comes primary to all of that this is primary to all of that those illusions of what i need what i don’t need how to defend my own boundaries where i am where i’m going where i came

From these are all afterthoughts these don’t point to anything in reality they only point to other thoughts or other concepts so what is here right now for you what is here for you when you don’t think in terms of me and you right or wrong true or false inside or outside touch into the senses and start there feel the feet touching the floor feel the sensation in

Your knees feel the sensation in your hands feel the sensation in your face just that listen to the sound inside and outside it has no location it’s just sound just sensation just sound it informs itself it’s not occurring for you or for anyone it’s not even occurring in the sense of it being an event that comes and goes it just is n’t this absolute simplicity

Simplicity and immediate sensation is your tuning fork take a breath there is only breath take a step there is only step listen to the bird call there is only that bird call feel the emotion of sadness there is only sadness it’s not inside and it’s not outside and it’s not about any narrative that’s not about you it’s not about what you lost it’s not about

The family members it’s not about the friends it’s not about the lovers it’s not about the injured ones it’s just itself just sadness can you feel that purely and then let go that completely pure experiencing is pure letting go they’re not two they’re one and the same pure movement without anything apart from it is absolute stillness they’re one and the same

How can stillness and movement be the same to the mind that cannot to the mind they’re different things different concepts but that’s okay we can completely accept the mind doing the job it does it’s a symbol-making machine the symbols are fine but find out what those symbols seem to be pointing to and you might be surprised that one breath is it anything more

Than that does it go beyond itself does it mean anything when we don’t think when we don’t grasp when we don’t push away just breath is it even my breath your breath the breath of the world the breath of the cosmos it’s just one breath this is the same with moo what is moo the moment you make enough distance to start to contemplate what it is then the mind

Identity has been stirred up but that doesn’t change what mu is doesn’t change the fact that there’s never been separation so use that as a tuning fork just move or just i but not the thought i experience before it becomes anything before you become conjugated into a belief an emotion an experience a narrative a story write to that source you don’t find

The source you are the source you don’t find being you are being there is only being stop there don’t add spiritual concepts don’t try to deconstruct anything don’t try to dig don’t try to clarify now see that inside and outside are only thoughts close far thoughts you need to know what close is to understand what pharr is and vice versa you need to believe

There’s an inside to believe there’s an outside and vice versa so what is it to live this way well everything takes care of itself you have to worry about dividing time managing inward and outward are your emotions and thoughts and feelings and your internal perceptions and balance them against your external duties and responsibilities and relationships there’s

No dichotomy there’s no division you sort out the inside when you sort out the outside and you sort out the outside when you sort out the inside and when you let go of the identity barriers that make it appear as if those are separate then there’s nothing to do there’s nothing to sort it’s just obvious forms emptiness emptiness is form there’s nothing to uphold

There’s nothing to defend there’s nowhere to arrive because you arrive everywhere when you arrive right here and right now there’s never been anything but now so there’s no now there’s never been anything but here so there’s no here very simple don’t complicate it with thought if you have to seek you have to practice or inquire inquire right back into what is

This what is the most basic sense of i or being what is consciousness speak for it’s conscious of anything including a thought or an image or what is moo

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Can You Live Without the Experience of Inside or Outside? By Simply Always Awake