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Canagliflozin and renal outcomes in type 2 diabetes and nephropathy

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Can i get flossing and reynold outcomes in type 2 diabetes nephropathy definition canagliflozin belongs to a group of new oral antibiotics that exert the action by inhaling the sudden glucose control powder type 2 of the reynold proximal tubule rather than the concentration of blood glucose it is indicated in al’s with type 2 diabetes mellitus alone or in combination

With other ipoh glycemic agents the last one we looked at today was canna cliff listen for the treatment of type 2 diabetes this is a completely novel drug that causes glucose urea classic glucose in the urine to be excreted so that patients excrete calories basically in their urine and this is the mechanism of action it’s unlike any prior therapy for type 2 diabetes

The biggest difference here is its effect on weight because calorie literally come out in the yarn so some of the calories that patients ingest don’t even end up contributing to their weight that come out of in urine it causes the most weight loss at any of the drugs available for type 2 diabetes this is the big difference really compared with existing it is safe

In the short-term studies that allowed it to be approved by the fda it does not cause hypoglycemia and mono therapy it causes about the same degree of a1c reduction as other treatments for type 2 diabetes but causes significantly more weight loss in fact some of the other drugs actually cause weight gain when they’re taken for diabetes there’s two safety issues

As a side effect is kind of an unusual one because glucose here’s in the urine there’s an increased risk of fungal infections fungal balanitis for men and vaginal candidiasis for women and probably simply relates to the milieu of the extra sugar in the urine being sort of a petri dish for candidate affections to develop those are generally you know not serious

And treatable the one long-term issue which hasn’t been completely addressed yet is whether it might be related to increased risk for certain types of cancers so the fda has required post-marketing surveillance for this drug see if in fact that is the case they did not think that was likely enough that it was a barrier to in this double-blind randomized trial

We assigned patient with type 2 diabetes and albumin or chronic kidney disease to receive canagliflozin and orals sglt2 inhibitors add a dose of 100 milligrams daily or placebo all the patient had an estimated glomerular filtration rate of theory – less than 90 milliliters per minute per 1.73 square meters of body surface area and albumin area were traded with

Renin-angiotensin system blockage this medicine contains kanaka frozen works fever to control blood sugar levels in adult patients with a form of diabetes called it helps the amount of sugar made by your body it can be used alone or in combination with certain other medicines talk to your doctor before taking this medicine if you have type 1 diabetes or ketone

Bodies in uri or if you have kidney liver heart problems and stroke brilliant guns the trial was stupid eerily after a plane injuring analyzing of the recommendation of the data and safety monitoring committee at that time 4401 patient had undergone randomization with a medium follow-up of 2.62 years coons these mckinney’s is different than previous long-term

Treatments of tea – tea the cretans trial was a trial that was designed to study kanaka flows and which is a drug for people with diabetes take lower the blood sugar and we wanted to evaluate if kanaka flows cretins showed the kanaka flows and reduced the progression to kidney failure by 30 percent compared to placebo importantly it also reduced cardiac death

And hospitalizations for heart failure by 31 percent this finding is really really important because it is the first drug in 20 years that shows kidney outcomes and the progression in the province of larios he says the incidence is higher but still does not rebels features because the study does not end as mineral deaths will be the next province in which argentina

With its word team with vocal is research also the perma tails of the senate seat mention that in kauai yes there is a prevalence of type 2 diabetes this has to do with the fact that the body cannot use insulin so by not doing doing so sugar of glucose increasing in the blood when this happens for a long time plus other factors they affect organs especially the

Kidneys impatient we type two diabetes and kidney disease the terrorists of kidney failure and cardiovascular events have was lower in the canali flows in europe than in the placebo group at a medium follow-up to of 2.62 jers but patients begin to lose their kidney function including their ability to filter out waste medicines and excess fluids from the body

The presence of protein in the urine can be an early sign of kidney disease symptoms of kidney disease may include swelling due to fluid retention tiredness insomnia itchy skin and nausea kidney disease progresses through different stages as the kidneys lose efficiency and waste materials buildup in the body it also increases the risk of hyperglycemia and type 2

Diabetes complications including cardiovascular disease the last stage kidney failure usually requires treatment with dialysis

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Canagliflozin and renal outcomes in type 2 diabetes and nephropathy By Victor Pino