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Cancer Video Diary – Day 254 – Tamoxifen update and another procedure

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Cancer Video Diary – Day 254

It’s time to know music this time no no no let me just know has nothing to do with that youtube they all said don’t we use in other people’s music without our permission but you can use these so we’re not messing with youtube quite certain they’ve got a little bit more in the bank than i do about you just a little bit i mean there’s like six seven t0 is different

So that’s just me if i’m if i’m speaking the truth all right rodell burrito for this is labeled so heidi doesn’t accuse anybody accuse me of having a drinking problem in the morning cuz this is what she does hey you never know what he’s put in it see i should have opened that’s crap a week on tamoxifen now so i’m sure it takes a while to get my system well explain

To what really the tamoxifen is we kind of joked about it before but well the tamoxifen is my estrogen blocker since my breast cancer with estrogen fed they want to block it so hopefully i don’t get a reoccurrence right so i’m taking this medicine and so far i mean i know it’s only been a week i still have hot flashes but i’m not you’re not laying in a pool of water

At night i’ve been sleeping in a wetsuit just in case oh lastik over the sheets no so yeah but i mean you can see the hot flashes are i don’t know i don’t know we’ll talk about it feel like i’m with a 105 year old woman i don’t know chiman anybody your hundred if you’re 105 no no last chime in so yeah so yeah that the estrogen blocker that’s yeah gotta fight your

Fight your own body yeah and also this week i’m sure everyone saw where i had to go in and get stitches put in the left boob lucille left boob like yeah and that’s the one she’s had the most problems with it by trouble maker yeah so after the double mastectomy they pulled the tubes out this is the one that blew the seal i go back in for surgery yeah yeah so that in

Six months you that that area has been cut into three different times so so yes she had a little bit of an issue that even the doctor tried to cover her facial expression but she but really when she cut into that or i’m sorry when she pulled the steri-strip off put you breakfast down oatmeal down especially get it away from me but a glob of yuck fell out i had my

Facial expression the doctor had her facial expression a little clean up about three or four stitches souter back up center on her way so yes rebecca yes brian’s a troublemaker – yeah so everything’s good they’re taking an antibiotic everything should be you know everything will be fine on that no big deal yeah wednesday night went and talked to a bunch of ladies

At midian about breast cancer how to get it are they check it had a check it self exams most important it was a lot of fun i saw a lot of ladies i haven’t seen in a while had some friends come up and show support which i love well and girl and and and deb asked you to come up where that with that being breast cancer awareness which was nice and that was really

Kind of your first kind of formal wave you know getting in front of somebody kind of doing a little bit of a presentation and and as anybody who gives presentations on a regular they never go issue as she likes so you always keep those bullet points in case you interrupted as you’re going so from what i heard i heard you did pretty good yeah i have no estrogen

So i wasn’t allowed morning’s ooh so yeah so that night too i’m gonna have to fish lee get a shirt that says save the tatas no hugs okay no hugging cuz i thought i blew another tire yeah oh yeah our buddy our buddy uh lan came up and gave a power hug and she hears literally here’s a pot a pot like i blew a tire yeah yeah yeah into the net what she did call the

Doctor in like hey so this is what happened and the doctor said it’s gonna really take like a car accident to blow that well it’s not getting one of those that’s your deal if i’m driving we’re good if i describe and she’s a send into somebody’s happened twice that i’m aware of okay last 90 days yeah go ahead and tell are you going on your suites i’m doing good

Really i’m doing good on my sweets hey what have you had this week i tried anything else well apparently you have something to say i’m just asking the question i wouldn’t put you on full-blast wire so i’ve done awesome i did have i don’t even know if this is a complex carb but there’s a cool little taco trouble if it’s cool there’s a taco truck in wichita it’s

Around 21st close to arkansas in itself it’s a truck with flat tires and they cook outside i think brayden found it for us yes is that right yes how she found it for it i don’t know why she’s over there but so brain found it so i went over there so i had four street tacos and they had corn tortilla so i don’t know if that’s a complex car but i consciously thought

I don’t know if this is a complex car but i’m gonna eat it anyway so but that’s a we’re gonna go we got some exercise to do after that after today so i’ve done well because now i’m officially down ten pounds so i’m doing really good ten pounds what have you lost nobody wants no nobody i know yes that’s i think that’s gonna be update yeah feeling good i don’t have

My eyelashes on today you see but they really are this magnetic their magnetic guys nonsense in my life but this stinking eyeliner that she rubs on is magnetic i wanted to put one on him today because i said would it come off and she hesitated i don’t know what effort that takes to come off you have no eyebrows or eyelashes and i need both i’ve got suspect friends

Okay so i want to show you picture my last time until we get a couple of inches out of there yeah so you got a really turn around okay but look at the front yeah that looks like an old man you can’t see the dust i just created that’s some thick hair it’s coming back with a vengeance now it was really slow coming back you can’t really tell so much the light this

Is a button press yeah it’s it’s it’s coming back so yep yeah but i think i think that’s it no i don’t think it’s really in the update and i’m not going to liberal to eat i had a car the truck scott and i do get the l past or in wichita it’s awesome so mexican sonic that’s funny i like it so update thanks all right sell it to your last 90

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Cancer Video Diary – Day 254 – Tamoxifen update and another procedure By The Byrds