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Candida: The Fungus That Prevents Weight Loss

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Discover the symptoms of Candida and how TOTAL Transformation can help you with your weight loss goals

Welcome back losing weight can be an uphill battle and if you’re in it to win it then why not get support our next guest fights the battle of the bulge by working smarter not harder by identifying what might be prohibiting you from losing those pounds that’s right here to help you with her total transformation program is dr. and chiropractic physician kathleen –

Great to have you great thanks for having me being here yeah so you i mean there’s a billion different things you see on tv i’ll help you lose weight help you yeah but losing weight momentarily anyone can do yeah keeping it off very difficult to do that’s where you you your expertise is yeah you know it’s kind of funny that you say that cuz i was thinking about

That driving into into the show this morning is you know we’ve all been there we’ve all know how to lose weight we know what to do to get it off yes it’s that keeping it off permanently that seems to elude everybody so yeah and that usually means if you’re struggling to keep the weight off then there’s probably some kind of underlying factor inside the body that’s

Driving the weight gain if you don’t get it corrected the body’s gonna give you hunger and cravings and all this behavior that makes you go back to the old way yep and that’s what you specialize in is taking a look at these five metabolic factors right you talked about one of them in just a moment but first let’s talk about why you relate to so so much to people

Who need to lose weight and that is because you have gone through it yourself oh god yeah i wasn’t i am that person that still struggles with those metabolic factors so i was started getting heavy when i was eight years old and i just dieted my way up into about 240 pounds i was a size 22 there’s the picture of me on the left and every diet i did would work when

I did it but it wouldn’t hold i could never keep the weight off and then in 2009 i found out that the calories in the activity part for me was only about thirty percent of the problem and that’s actually similar for a lot of people but that was all i was focusing on once i started correcting the 60% that was metabolic the underlying biology that had been changed

Or dysfunctioning mm-hmm the whole the whole world turned around not only was i able to get the weight off like i’d shown in the past but i could keep the weight off and i was eating between 2,000 and 3,000 cow is a day exercising less no hunger no cravings i was like i’ve stumbled on to something because people don’t know this is even going on absolutely they’re

Speaking of people one of your grants had a great success is catherine how let’s hear from catherine i went from the size 14 to a size 6 in 30 days i no longer suffer from fibromyalgia and i no longer suffer from depression 30 days yeah yeah so there’s actually a couple of videos three or four videos of her on my youtube channel that shows her like in the process

And then after the process she got to a size 6 in 30 days from a size 14 and then bought off my program and that was my interview with her on the right that’s a size 4 so she went to a size 4 so again once these underlying problems are corrected mm-hmm the body just naturally keeps going towards the right weight she looks great i am truly so happy for her yeah yeah

Now you helped her kind of approach weight loss her own way yeah and and look at what was affecting her body right one thing that affects a lot of people is candida in their system you want to talk about that sure so say some people might have heard about candida they or they do haven’t and they don’t necessarily know what it is it’s actually a yeast or a fungus

That we have in normal amounts in our gut bacteria is one of the gut bacteria but when it over grows it actually goes throughout the body and it drives hunger and it drives cravings particularly for carbohydrates so a lot of times when you think that your behavior is driving the problem these bugs literally talk to your brain and tell you to eat these foods and

The candida overgrowth can cause a weight gain of up to 32 pounds in a single year wow yeah so here’s an example of somebody who could be eating less and moving more but the gut bacteria is literally overgrown in telling the body to gain weight it’s unbelievably frustrating mom so how do we then test to see if we have candida or see if that’s actually our issue

Sure so the problem with the candida toxin is that it’s symptoms sound like everything else you know i want carbohydrates i want to eat and i’m tired i’m cranky well that’s all of us so one of the best ways to tell is an at-home test that you can do so first thing in the morning you take a clear glass of water and you spit into the glass very very sophisticated i

Know don’t eat or drink anything don’t brush your teeth just put the soy into the glass give it about 60 to 90 seconds and if you start seeing a white film of any kind going down into the water that’s the actual yeast that was in your saliva that’s separating and going down into the glass so it’s it’s letting you know that it’s bad enough that it’s in your mouth

Well yeah where it’s supposed to be in your gut of course yeah that’s remarkable yeah i have a special offer for morning blend viewers in sacramento i do so the five metabolic factors that i work with can be very unique and diverse and they vary from patient to patient so i really have to do an evaluation to determine what is specifically driving your problem right

So normally those evaluations are $97 but if people that they mentioned that they saw me on the morning blend i can reduce that down to 997 plus i’ll provide two webinars that explain my protip gram in detail some other issues that could be driving the weight gain plus a free copy of my book the only downside is i really only have very limited amounts of spots

Mm-hmm so i really need people to contact me and get those spots right away because they go pretty quickly absolutely they do well you’re so generous to because you’re really making it so easy for people to come get that initial evaluation and and find out what it’s all about find out what’s really driving it experience what it’s like to be at your normal weight

Eating 2,000 to 3,000 calories a day once you do that your whole life changes it’s true it’s freedom yes right yeah it’s freedom great to have you you bet thank you for having me dr. nash’s office is located on horizon ridge parkway near valle verde in henderson again mentioned you saw dr. nash on the morning blend and the standard fine tea will be reduced to only

$9.97 normally it’s $97 her contact information is right there on the screen total transformation a proud sponsor of the morning blend and we will be right back

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