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Candus Harer! Walgreens Hydrocodone Acetaminophen on June 15th! Summer Wells Case!

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Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen June 15th Discussion!

Jonathan lee richards aka jlr justice for summer wells we are all wondering what type of medication candace herrer received that day june 15 20 21 the day she went to the walgreens pharmacy with her daughter candace wells summerwells and hunter we all heard it they went to the walgreens pharmacy but no one said what type of medication candace herrer got well

I know i know i have a lot of sources and a lot of information about this case at all angles and i can say with a hundred percent fact that candace hair received the medication hydrocodone acetaminophen hydrocodone acetaminophen that was the medication that candace herrer received that day hydro let me say this again it’s very hard to promote and pronounce

Hydrocodone acetaminophen hydrocodone acetaminophen that is the medication she received from the walgreens pharmacy on fort mchenry drive i have a lot of um connects i know a lot of people behind the scenes in reference to this case thank you everyone for entrusting my work and i stand by what i’m saying so there you go is that relevant to the case i don’t know

You take that medication is there side effects to that medication once you take it interesting right did it change the mindset of what candace hair was going through after she took that medication because after she took that medication if she took that medication after receiving it summer wells went missing did she take the medication beforehand did summer take

The medication did summer take the medication by accident we all hear about skittles and candy did she take that so i went to i’m going to the page and it talks a little bit about hydrocodone um acetaminophen this uses the side effects and more uh this combination medication is used to relieve moderate to severe pain it contains an opiate pain

Reliever and a non-opiate pain reliever acetaminophen hydrocodone works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain how to use it read the medication guide if available the patient information leaflet provided by your pharmacist before you start taking this medication and each time you get a refill if you have any questions ask your doctor

Or pharmacist take this medication by mouth as directed by your doctor so you take it by mouth you may take this drug with or without food if you have nausea it may take help to take this drug with food ask your doctor pharmacist about other ways to decrease nausea so the dosage is based on your medical condition and medical history in response to treatment

In children the dosage is also based on weight in children it is also based on weight do not increase your dose take the medication more frequently or take it for a longer time than prescribed properly stop the medication when is directed so just scrolling down here um though it helps many people this medication may sometimes cause addiction this may uh this

Risk may be higher if you have substance abuse disorder uh you know addicted to alcohol drugs take this medication exactly as prescribed uh let’s talk uh tell your doctor pharmacist if you have any withdrawal symptoms such as relentlessness meat mental mood changes all right so that is the drug that is the prescription that candace herrer got at the walgreens

That day a lot of people were curious because no one has put it out there i can say for a 100 fact that she received that and i even know the pharmacist catherine rawlings catherine rawlings i know the pharmacist that worked there that filled her medication how do i know that well i have sources that’s what i do right you guys can trust my work i stand by

What i’m saying there it is so what to take of this information maybe you guys can elaborate comment you know if a child took that medication hydrocodone acetaminophen what happens to a child if they accidentally or purposely take that medication but that is the medication candace hair received that day did they get the medication did she automatically start

Popping pain pills because remember she said she was in extreme pain that day they went to the er because of her knee did she take the medication right away did she take it later after they dropped hunter off did she put the medication in the back seat and summer get into it by accident was that medication in summer’s body wherever summer is a lot of unanswered

Questions but it’s it helps put a little bit more understanding about possibly what happened to summer wells that day before she was reported missing there’s a lot of people out there that think that summer took grandma’s medication by accident was it that medication or was it other medications that candace has she didn’t get any other medications that day

That is the only medication she received that day the only one that’s the only medication she received that day so giving you some new information still digging in on this case still trying to find out what happened subscribe to my channel like hit the notification button i am on this case i’m digging in at all angles no stone left unturned what happened to

Summer wells what happened to summer wells any uh pharmacists out there any nurses out there anybody in the medical field out there that can elaborate about hydrocodone acetaminophen hydrocodone acetaminophen that’s what candace hair got that day you know what happens if a child takes it summer wells at the time was listed 3 feet 40 pounds small small 3 feet

40 pounds what happened what would happen if summer popped open that prescription bottle thinking it was candy skittles and taking a bunch of them now the description of those drugs that drug that prescription looks like they’re white tablets white doesn’t look like they’re skittles but did summer think they were candy and i’m only going by this theory right

There’s many theories of what happened just speculating that’s what we do we also report facts we also report facts what i told you is a fact that is the medication that candace herrer received that day that is a hundred percent fact i will stand by that i trust my sources 100 trust my sources and i have a lot of sources i have sources believe all over the

Place you know and you know my track record on this case go review the hundreds of videos i made about this case i get a lot of information i don’t get it all a lot of you guys get stuff too out there a lot of the youtube creators and people following this case get good stuff too but you know you gotta admit that i get some good stuff too right that’s what we do we

Collectively use this platform to share what we discover and then other people can go with it and and dig in more maybe find out more about this or more about any information that’s put out there that’s that’s that’s our goal here you know i want to share the information because i want the information out there for other people to share and to dig in all my

Information it’s how it works you know we’re just trying to find summer wells a year is approaching a year is too long people one year since summer wells went missing the hawkins county sheriffs and the tbi are very tight-lipped they don’t reveal you know they don’t release much if at all they haven’t really released anything all they’ve been talking about is

The you know few searches that they did in the winter back at the beginning stages but ever since we don’t hear much we did hear ronnie lawson speak a couple months ago saying that don and candace wells have lawyers and they’re not currently cooperating you know we wonder where candace is both candace’s where are they hearing that they’re not on the home of ben

Hill road no one is there at the house right now thank god the dogs and the animals got rescued from there a lot of animal rights activists out there that were concerned about the animals including myself so that’s the prescription that candace herrera received that day if you have any information about the word about summer wells contact the tennessee borough

Investigation 1-800 tbi fine justice for summer wells

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Candus Harer! Walgreens Hydrocodone Acetaminophen on June 15th! Summer Wells Case! By Jonathan Lee Riches aka JLR (c)