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CANELO IS A DRUG CHEAT – Coach Mark Rosa SLAMS CANELO, RACISM in BOXING #realmendrinkwater #canelo

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I don’t care who want to hear it or who don’t racism exists in boxing bro boxing was built off of racism it is what it is people it’s like people just they scared to talk about it you know i’m saying i don’t understand and we know that and i know that from first-hand experience like just being in the game myself like you know i i i i i assist the people burlington

You know i mean i’m an assistant trainer for a team of burlington and i run my own and i have my i have my own amateur stable i experienced this firsthand in the amateur side of boxing and in the professional side of boxing you know what i’m saying like i’ve seen i’ve seen european amer white fighters and philly get treated a lot better than the black fighters and

Philly get treated a lot of them like the black fighters will be the ones who who really have some type of potential because the white fighter may sell more tickets or have more money behind them that they’ll end up being a main event you know what i’m saying i’ve seen this constantly consistently throughout uh the sport so when people when writers and other people

Talk about that racism doesn’t exist in boxing that is complete nonsense and that just shows their privilege that they’re too ignorant to see this it’s clear as they especially when you’re a minority you see it but when you’re the privileged when it’s hard for you to see it i mean racist use boxing as an outlet to be racist they really want a tattoo races on

Their forehead but since they can’t do that they want to be racist without holding the title so they cheering boxing because that’s that that’s a low-key way to be racist you know what i’m saying it’s a low-key way to type up hate special on the internet you know man if they could say everything they want to say and remain anonymous they’re not gonna get punched in

Their face for saying all type of regular and that’s why i always say it boxing is an outlet for the low-key races he might not know about the sport but but he gonna rule in boxing as if it’s some type of racial war which is really sad man but how do you feel about fighters drinking getting drunk or people who drink or get drunk how do you feel about that well

I mean from me personally i don’t drink i don’t smoke this is not what i did and uh my father’s the same way i got it from my father he just passed it down to me and i i adopted that philosophy because that’s something that i admire about him you know what i’m saying fighters who drink i think it’s a big no you know what i’m saying i feel like the most like the

Most successful fighters were fighters who didn’t partake in them type of activities you know what i’m saying when you just look down the track because the the history floyd mayweather you would never catch him drinking at a club he might be at a club but is he gonna be drinking no that man would have a bottle of water with him enjoying his night and if he do and

If he do drink i mean uh if he do party then he’ll he will jog back home you know that man he had his fun but he stood disciplined he stood dedicated and that’s why he’s one of the greatest to ever box um if you look at bernard hopkins a lot of people don’t talk about bernard hobbies that man wouldn’t even eat fast food he would he would drink his water he said

It was poisonous he said fast food was poison yeah he said the closest thing he’ll eat the fast food was the peanut butter and jelly sandwich so that lets you know how dedicated he was and that’s why he was able to last into his late 40s early 50s boxing you know what i’m saying so and he you know he if he was doing all that he definitely wasn’t allowing alcohol

In his system so unless you know how dedicated he was in his left his longevity the key to his longevity was him living a clean lifestyle there’s fighters who drink and it deteriorates their body this is facts what do you think of when you hear the name canelo alvarez drug cheat s no gas tank yeah 30 year old triple g what else about his ass what about people

Don’t want no rematch all that i know y’all canelo fans are watching you probably drinking right now but the truth is the truth we got all type of boxing coaches saying the same thing you got a question from a fan he said how long you think canelo does this crazy alvarez will last against our tebow fest well he coming in with if he coming in with them flat feet

Uh yeah walking out uh with no dab or anything like that he definitely gonna run into some shots and i don’t think he’s gonna i don’t think he gonna make it to the 12th round if he too much a t breaks too much uh speed and pressure and he just overall just too big if he thinks bibble too big foreign for sure he won’t make it to the 12th he ain’t making out that

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Face boxing is about confidence and for you to live a boxing lifestyle you gotta have that confidence over everybody

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