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Carbidopa Sofa | Episode 2: Veni, Vidi, Nominavi

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Welcome to the Carbidopa Sofa! Dive into Episode 2, where we break down medical terminology. What is a river horse? Find out here!

Hello and welcome to this my carbidopa sofa today we have a few guests who are probably gonna run away in just a second speaking of the devil thank you for joining us for our second video with you today we’re going to look into the minds of scholars or rather the minds of latin and greek speakers predating our current era scholars but to do this first we must

Address the elephant today in the room she yep we’re gonna be dropping some mad latin and greek all up in this channel canis we’re going to be doing a little crash course wait hold on guys do you guys know if the green brothers have a copyright on that what do you mean you don’t know oh i guess we should have checked out their intellectual property series huh

Oh wow now i better be safe than sorry yeah welcome to the sofas scroll of scientific squad come up with something better later as we start to explore the science anatomy fantastical ”tis and verbage of the body we’re going to come across some pretty gnarly terminology but i have no fear we will always try to define complex medical terms as they arise but if

I do miss one and you’re like yo cody what in green tarnation’s does flossy not see now huh pilla fication mean mention in the comments and we’ll define it down there for you don’t worry we’ve got your back before we move on i’d like to share a bit of knowledge that has helped me immensely as i’ve delved deeper into the sciences this being even scientists like

Simplicity scientists are lazy too usually naming things off of what it looks like or what it does what makes science speak most difficult is they mostly use greek or latin derived words to express small descriptors now of course with everything there are exceptions just as julius caesar has been attributed to saying veni vidi vici or i came i saw i conquered

Scientists are the most for the most part abide by veni vidi no manavi or i came i saw i named we will follow this guidance as we start seeing scientific terms don’t believe me that it can be this simple well let’s be like the berlin wall and break this down a little bit more seahorses oh aren’t they just adorable look at it i’ll horsey like but in the sea now

Enter stage right our hippocampus yeah yeah not so is adorable this lovely part of the brain was named after a seahorse the hippocampus hippo stemming from people’s meaning horse while campus comes from couples meaning sea monster now why is it named this what you telling me you don’t see the resemblance don’t worry it can be a little hard to see but i do hope

You see another example of vvvv know me na’vi they saw a seahorse and thus to this day it’s called the seahorse hippocampus but what about the other well-known hippo if he posed means horse then what the crap is an actual hippo called the hippo four horses are agile elegant wondrous while hippos are scary hungry human hating trotting terrors for those people

Who actually have enough time to say a hippos full name hippopotamus we get a little extra clue into this mammalian identity crisis he posed as we know means horse paul thomas will find drives from river so yeah river horses i mean from far away i think i can see where this one’s coming from but i digress let’s turn up the difficulty a little bit enter whole

Earth diocese i know what you’re think that is one horde combination of letters but here i have to disagree i think it’s quite cool coal or coal a means bile bile is the substance that is stored within the gallbladder a little container right next to the liver lif or lithos stems from stone have you ever seen the movie 2001 a space odyssey the term monolith

Rather perfectly describes the appearance of that object but again i degress lastly remains isis this suffix drives from the term meaning process so let’s put it all together cole for bio-lift for stone and isis for process colas is ascribes a condition where a process occurs that creates stones of bile you could call it coal with isis or gallstones your choice

So i hope this kind of helps you understand more where scientific terminology comes from and helps make sense from the scariness that some big medical terms can carry with them it now dawns on me that in this episode i was supposed to go over a basic definition of what parkinson’s disease is we’ll go over that on another day medical terminology is its own beast

And because of that it easily warrants its own episode this if you take anything away from this video make sure that it’s that hippos are river horses and if you take two things away from this video the second should be that scientists are lazy and usually scientific terms describe characteristics about that thing annoyingly rooted in other languages to remind

Yourself of this just remember vini vidi nami navi i came i saw i named will be seeing this a lot in the videos to come thank you for watching and we’ll see you some other time

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Carbidopa Sofa | Episode 2: Veni, Vidi, Nominavi By The Carbidopa Sofa