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Cardiac Pharmacology NCLEX Review Lesson 2

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Comprehensive pharmacology education for students taking their NCLEX. This NCLEX prep review video for pharmacology includes cardiac medications, indications, adverse effects and considerations. This will allow students to understand what to look for, application and patient education. This is an education video for state testing.

Hey welcome back guys we’re going to do cardio videos part two so part two we’re gonna go over more cardiac medications at the end of all these sequences i’m gonna go through one video that goes over all these cardiac drugs so just try to stick with me to try to give it in that fast manner so my name is nick i’m a pharmacology instructor american heart association

Acls and pals instructor and also i’m the er nurse so quantity is that medication we’re gonna give for hypertension it’s gonna help treat that but this also is given for kids that have a td or adhd in small doses to help them go to sleep at night so that’s why i also remember that this can cause drowsiness so quantity can cause drowsiness but also it can cause a

Dry mouth so you want to encourage food if you can or encourage the somebody stuck on hard candies so they can increase salvation and keep their mouth moist the next medication you’re gonna be your beta blockers so with beta blockers these are medications that have a suffix of lol or oh lol these are your laws so this is metoprolol this is a tendon wall this is

A little beta lul per panel on this medicate these medications can treat hypertension but they do work heavy on decreasing your heart rate i know in school they teach a lot of selectively versus non-selective one heart to lungs beta 1 beta 2 cells with beta blockers you just kind of want to remember that they decrease your heart rate so if you remember that thing

Back from a&p where stroke volume times heart rate equals cardiac output if you decrease your heart rate that’s going to decrease your cardiac output which you could decrease your blood pressure but adverse effects to this medication so propanolol specifically which is non selective it works on your lungs you don’t want to give it to people that have a history

Of asthma because it can cause a bronchospasm but additionally since they slow down your heart rate they can decrease your cardiac output which mimics that diagnosis where you have decreased cardiac output which is heart failure so look for signs and symptoms of heart failure like difficulty breathing shortness of breath swelling of the ankles right some edema

But also it’s contraindicated person anybody that has a history of asthma right so the next medications are going to be your anti light quemic medications these are the medications that were going to give you for a cholesterol okay your cholesterol level you should know that should be less than 200 and your total cholesterol should be less than 200 your total

Cholesterol is made up of your hdl s your ldls and your triglycerides which ones where you’re good which ones are your bad your hdl s are your happy healthy cholesterol so the most common medications are going to be your statins okay your statins your our torva stat and your simvastatin it’s like your crest or your lipitor this medication it’s going to be given

In the evening all right it’s because that’s when cholesterol synthesized actually at night so with this medication you’re going to be at risk for rhabdomyolysis and you want to say what is rhabdomyolysis rhabdomyolysis is when you can actually have break down a muscle tissue so if you give somebody with lipitor to treat their total cholesterol you want to look

Out for signs of muscle pain muscle pain is a sign of rhabdo what’s rhabdo you can have increased ck levels your creatinine kinase creatinine kinase is your ck level and that can come that’s a sign that you have arrived at my alysus which can put you in the renal failure all right also you’re at or statin your simha statins can be really bad on your liver so look

For that pattern of toxicity the next medication is gonna be your zetas my bore is edea this also can cause a pattern of toxicity or rhabdomyolysis and you should monitor your ck level and the last one i want to recognize is going to be your culver lamb or well cold this medication can cause constipation so i remember colva soam cole has constipation so increase

Anybody at risk for constipation you want to give them the same education increase fluid fiber and exercise so that’s go wrap up this video i like him follow we’re gonna go over pretty much plenty of more formal pharmacology just stick with it

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Cardiac Pharmacology NCLEX Review Lesson 2 By CodeBreaker Learning