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Cardiology MCQ Collection 46

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Cardiology MCQs with answers and discussion for future Cardiology Fellows and current Internal Medicine Residents!

Wrong statement about prasugrel a not influenced by cyp inhibitors b higher bleeding risk in those with previous cerebrovascular events c using acute coronary syndrome is better restricted to the cath lab d recommended in those above 75 years correct answer d recommended in those above 75 years prashu girl has a higher bleeding risk in those above 75 years and

In those with body weight less than 60 kg perasu girl is not interfered with by cyp inhibitors cyp to c19 gene variants or proton pump inhibitors unlike clopidogrel rapid onset of action enables its use in the cath lab after coronary angiography if percutaneous coronary intervention is the option this avoids the bleeding risk after an initial loading dose

Which could be significant in case the option after angio is for early coronary artery bypass grafting prasu grill is better in diabetic patients and in moderate to high risk non st elevation acute coronary syndromes which of the following is a marker of myocardial stretch a bnp b troponin c myoglobin d galactin 3 correct answer a bnp bnp and antiprobe np are

Markers of myocardial stretch which can be markedly increased in heart failure they can also be used to differentiate between constrictive pericarditis and restrictive cardiomyopathy as there is no myocardial stretch in constrictive pericarditis troponin is a marker of myocardial necrosis and so is myoglobin though the former is highly specific while the latter

Is non-specific galactin 3 is a new biomarker protein a member of the lectin family it is associated with activation of macrophages and fibroblasts this results in secretion of pro-collagen 1 which is cross-linked to form collagen hence galactin 3 can be considered as a marker of cardiac fibrosis reversed mismatch on positron emission tomography scan is seen in a

Left bundle branch block b right ventricular pacing c non-ischemic cardiomyopathy d all of the above correct answer for all of the above reversed mismatch means normal perfusion with reduced uptake of 18 fluorodeoxyglucose in addition to the above conditions this situation can also be seen in the setting of revascularization early after myocardial infarction and

Sometimes in diabetes mellitus usual perfusion metabolism mismatch is reduced myocardial perfusion and contractile function with relatively preserved or increased fdg update it may be noted that ischemic myocardium switches over to glucose utilization instead of the usual fatty acid metabolism as glucose metabolism gives more atp per oxygen molecule used tracers

Used to assess perfusion during pets can include rubidium t2 and n13 ammonia tracer used to assess cardiac sympathetic denomination a 11c meta hydroxy fibrin b technician 99 m system b c fluorodeoxyglucose d none of the above correct answer c 11c meta hydroxyaphidrin myocardial sympathetic denervation assessed by 11c meta hydroxyephedrin has been shown to be

Predictive of sudden cardiac death av block in the presence of features of dilated cardiomyopathy may indicate a sarcoidosis b lyme disease c myotonic dystrophy d all of the above correct answer d all of the above other conditions associated with this combination are laminacy mutation and gene cell myocarditis pick the wrong statement a light chain cardiac

Amyloidosis has a better survival than trans thyroid in cardiac amyloidosis b light chain cardiac amyloidosis responds to chemotherapy see trans thyroid in cardiac amyloidosis is associated with sensory motor polyneuropathy the transdiatin cardiac amyloidosis can be detected by bone scintigraphy correct answer a light chain cardiac amyloidosis has a better

Survival than trans-thyroid and cardiac amyloidosis light chain cardiac amyloidosis with left ventricular systolic failure has a median survival of four months while trans-thyrotin amyodosis has a median survival of three to six years patients with less than twenty percent light chain amyloidosis load who respond to chemotherapy has been shown to have a better

Survival than those who do not respond light chain amyloidosis involves almost all organs with predominant involvement being in the heart and kidneys trans-thyrotin the precursor protein in senile systemic amyloidosis and familial ttr related amyloidosis is a tetrameric plasma transport protein synthesized in the liver ttr derived fibrils show avidity for bone

Traces especially 99 m technician dpd prevalence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in humans a 1 in 50 b 1 in 500 c one in thousand d one in thousand five hundred correct answer b one in five hundred hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is an autosomal dominant disorder with prevalence of 1 in 500 in human beings recommended test for monitoring the effect of bivalridine

During cardiopulmonary bypass a activated clotting time b a current clotting time c prothrombin time d activated partial thromboplastin time correct answer b a current clotting time please don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for future updates and click on the bell icon for all updates thank you

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