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Hello, how are you, friends, my name is david hermann, this time i am going to talk to you about the holy trinity, that is what a combination of drug drugs is called, which is mainly used by this term, since it is known there in the usa, the holy trinity, and well, like the holy trinity has what is the father the son and the holy spirit this combination in the case of

Drugs would be an opioid it would be hydrocodone or vaic odin famous or not that doctor house used it could also be a benzodiazepine it is the benzodiazepine that they be just another clonazepam etc. no and another medicine called cariz or sorry that when it metabolizes it turns into i tried them he killed them he programmed everything for me it was a substance widely

Used before in the past a little while i think they don’t use it that way direct not only in a precursor that is transformed into the same as the operator is a muscle relaxant a tranquilizer of action in the central nervous system then these three drugs, already combined, produce a feeling potentiated by a loophole and stronger than the one normally given by these

Substances separately, the benzodiazepines are not of peace, it is potentiated with the judgment, the video opium remains and with the tranquility and the calmness that gives the operator look i never used the three drugs as such as a whole or i usually use benzodiazepines and opioids and opioids and carys or sorry never all 13 together and well i have already told you

About many experiences on the channel and how i have felt certain opioids and certain benzodiazepines and various experiences related to these substances no but i have not told you about my experience with the reed but in this video i am going to tell you about it well the truth is no no it is not a big deal or you can say no no it reaches these other two substances,

The look or excuse me, pretend that it is like half the effect of benzodiazepines, but it is still a very incipient sensation, that is, one feels more like sedated as if there is something there as if something is calming you down, but in no way does one feel like the effects that are felt with benzodiazepines or opioids, in fact i think this drug is over-the- counter,

It is not prescribed with other analgesics, in this case they are analgesics that do not act on the central nervous system, not like the ones that most people know, no ibuprofen and aspirin etc. so this drug the reed pardon is used for this some fracture some pain the drug this analgesic attacks the inflammation and as such the aspect or product relaxes the muscle not so

That there are not so many spasms of the inflammation something like that no and then it gets better or the analgesic effect but i put in the us they use it as a recreational drug no i don’t know how they do it no to get these three drugs but that’s what they call the combination of these three drugs not here 15 they have come up with those to call them like that not like

The holy trinity there is also calvin klein the special cake there are not several like that all rare not the names that these combinations or these things give them well nothing more friends i would like to invite you to my social networks for whom you go around both facebook and instagram and twitter and soon i will also have tick tock it did not take long to have and

Then i would also especially like to recommend my tweet channel where he answered questions that they could have regarding the things that they treat you in this channel and then nothing more friends i have no choice but to send you an affectionate greeting and see you another time see you later

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CARISOPRODOL BENZODIAZEPINA Y OPIOIDE 🎭Combinación BRUTAL llamada La Santísima Trinidad By Subcultura Psicoactiva