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Carisoprodol (Soma) review

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A description of the centrally acting muscle relaxant Carisoprodol

Hi everybody over you it’s quite a long time that i don’t record a video so today i try to talk to you about what else medications again you know anyway a brief the update on my condition it’s steady you know doesn’t really progress space as if it’s always been maybe you know it’s it’s controlled as always with with medications and i’m still taking the vaccine

And taking the laguna’s happen and you know that’s that’s basically what what what’s up by now that’s why i didn’t make any other video today what i would would like to talk to you about this this medication this as you can read carisoprodol or just call the united states soma it is a a drug of the class of the centrally acting muscle relaxant that means that it

Basically acts on the central nervous system so brain and spinal cord and you know it’s used traditionally to relax muscles in case of spasm or you know painful a contractions and traumas maybe or painful cramps situations in which the muscle is contracted you know mostly because of you know pathological conditions such as i mentioned before it’s used also in

Case of back pain you know usually back pain just many times back pain is associated with muscle contractions like for example here and here the lumber park you know the muscle contracts stay contracted and so they basically create a painful condition painful back so your doctor can prescribe your muscle relaxant such it’s such a cycle of enterpreneur you know

A here we are printing on or a carousel or you know i used sometimes not not so much but sometimes when my back ache it’s so bad because you know i suffered i get from back ache from you know posture and and nervousness basically and also to sleeping a sometimes when it is really really bad a take care of the dog so another view about this mitigation how does it

Work it is a karass although it’s a molecule that pertains to the to a class which which is called carbonates right the carousel it’s basically a central nervous system depressant so a you know the mechanism of action is to depress not the central nervous system and in that way muscle relax because firing from the neurons from the you know from the motor neurons

From the brain to the muscle is decreased and so muscle 10 relax but kara solo in general it’s well it’s called a prodrug so it’s a drug that when it’s metabolized by the body it it changes itself to the active compound so it is talk that caris table is a prodrug because in the in the in the body it metabolizes i mean in the body it is metabolized from a problem

8 so here would when the interesting part comes in what is not my problem my problem is a soul the united states’s the brand name a cranial or milk town and it is an anxiolytic so basically it’s useful anxiety and you know state of tension and it’s kind of things a so basically we can say that kara so bro it’s a precursor to me problem eight and as it ad passive

Is a precursor to no problem eight it is co lytic in addition to being a muscle action my problem it works in a in a way which is very similar to barbiturates no such as bottle vital or you know kind of our you know saudi monica whatever it it works by binding on the gaba receptor s like benzodiazepines and then it makes chloride ions flow into the neuron and so

Decrease the exceed ability of the newman it hyperpolarizes the europe making it more difficult for the neuron to fire plating so it reduces the extra bility of the neuron therefore it depresses the different to another system that’s where the muscle relaxant property can spawn you know it is called that it inhibits that polysynaptic stimuli from the from the brain

A so one thing about this is the carousel all its many times you speak rationally because it induces protein in large doses you know usually i take 1 1 1 couplet for the back pain because normally i don’t use i mean i don’t use drugs with regression but many people people who use a caruso blow recreationally take more than the recommended dosage and it induces a

Profound sense of relaxation you know because it really depresses your central nervous system and you feel a bit euphoric a very very relaxed week because the the muscle is complete i mean it’s not completely relaxed but is in the state of rest it is relaxed so it is this a quite pleasurable sensation you know even a few punic dose you feel a bit of a bust because

Even even more if you use it once in a while i side you because you know all drugs create a tolerance so if you take it every day every day then the drug needs that the dosage much it needs to be increased in order to in order to to have the same

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Carisoprodol (Soma) review By 91rivo