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Castro & Davis Atorvastatin

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Hi we are the actor vastatin and hmg co-a reductase inhibitor in this video we will be talking about my autobiography that will include my drug name such as my generic name brand name and chemical name we will also be talking about my drug classification including my therapeutic and pharmacologic classification we will also include about my pregnancy category

Mechanism of action pharmacokinetics indications contraindications side and adverse effects and the nursing responsibilities before during and after my administration but before we proceed let me give you an overview of what i am so what is atrovacetin i after vasatin belongs to a group called statins these are the anti-hyperlipidemic drugs also called as

Lipid lowering agents which are drugs affecting the cardiovascular system i am used along with proper diet to help lower bad cholesterol and fats such as the ldl and the triglycerides and oasis good cholesterol or the hdl in the blood now let me formally introduce myself hi i am athervasatin that’s my generic name if you wish to find me in the pharmacy you can

Look for lipitor that’s my brand name chemically i am known as c33h35 fn205 next let’s talk about my drug classification for the therapeutic classification i am classified as anti-hyperlipidemic and for my pharmacologic classification i am classified as hmg coa reductase inhibitor i belong in the category x of the pregnancy category because it has been known

That i may cause fetal harm during pregnancy for my mechanism of action i the atrovacetin is a synthetic lipid lowering agent an inhibitor of three hydroxy 3-methylglutaral coenzyme a or hmg coa reductase this enzyme catalyzes the conversion of hmg-coa to melvalonate an early and rate-limiting step in the cholesterol biosynthesis atervasetin also increases

The number of ldl receptors on the surface of the hepatic cells next let’s talk about my pharmacokinetics i am rapidly absorbed after oral administration with a peak plasma concentration at one to two hours my bioavailability is low which is at 14 due to the extensive first pass metabolism for my distribution i am highly plasma protein-bound over 98 and has

A volume of distribution of about 380 liters i am metabolized by the cytochrome p450 3a4 or the cyp3a4 to active ortho and pyrohydroxylated metabolites i together with my metabolites gets excreted in the bile it is not known that i go through antero hepatic recirculation my half-life is about 14 hours while my active metabolites have half life of about 20 to

30 hours and now i will continue to discuss what are my indications contraindications my adverse effects and my nursing responsibilities as in utter vastatin i am indicated for the treatment of several types of dyslipidemias including primary hyperlipidemia and mix dyslipidemia in adults hyper triglyceridemia primary dysbeta lipoprotemia homozygous familial

Hypercholesterolemia and heterozygous familia hypercholesterolemia in adolescent patients with failed dietary modifications i am contraindicated to a person who are hypersensitive to any of my components and also to the patient who has active liver disease or unexplained transaminase elevation also to a woman who are pregnant or breastfeeding and lastly the

Doctor should not give this medication if patient has liver problems the following are my adverse effects in the digestive system abdominal discomfort diarrhea rectation flattens hepatitis cholestasis liver problems such as upper stomach pain weakness tired feeling loss of appetite nausea and jaundice in musculoskeletal system musculoskeletal pain muscle

Fatigue neck pain swelling of the feet limb pain ankles or joints pain in legs or arms metabolic a nutritional system transaminases increase liver function test abnormal blood alkaline phosphatase increase creatinine phosphokinase increase and hyperglycemia in the nervous system nightmare and insomnia in the respiratory system epistasis cold symptoms such as

Runny or stuffy nose mouth and throat pain shortness of breath and other breathing problems in the skin and appendages ortic area in the special senses vision blurred and tinnitus in the urinary system little or no urinating white blood cells urine positive dark urine and urinary tract infection body as a whole malays and pyrexia nursing responsibility before

During and after assess the following before giving a turbostate the history any allergy to adevastatin fungal byproducts active hepatic disease acute serious illness pregnancy and lactation also assess the physical like orientation effect muscle strength liver evaluation abdominal examination lipid studies lfts adrenal function tests warning ensure that patient

Is not pregnant and has appropriate contraceptives available during therapy serious fatal damage has been associated with this drug during administration the nurse should obtain lfts as a baseline and predicate during therapy discontinued drug if asd or alt levels increase to three times normal levels warning withhold attributing in any acute serious condition

Or severe infection hypotension major surgery trauma severe metabolic or endocrine disorder and seizures that may suggest myopathy or serve as risk factor for development of renal failure ensure the patient has tried cholesterol lowering diet regimen for three to six months before beginning the therapy administer drug without regard to food but at the same time

Each day ather may be combined with the bile acid binding agent do not combine with other hmg-coa reductase inhibitors or fibrins consult dietitian about low cholesterol diets after the nurse should help educate to take the drug once a day at about the same time each day preferably in the evening may be taken with food do not drink grapefruit juice while

Taking this drug institute appropriate dietary changes and arrange to have periodic blood tests while you are taking this drug alert any health care provider that you are on this tram it will need to be discontinued if a good injury or illness occurs do not become pregnant while you are on this truck use barrier contraceptives if you wish to become pregnant

Or think you are pregnant consult your health care provider the nurse should assess if the patient may experience the following side effects messiah eat frequent small meals had a muscle and joint aches and pains that may lessen over time report muscle pain weakness tenderness malaise fever changes in color of your in or stool and swelling you

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Castro & Davis Atorvastatin By Batch Kunzite