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Cat Hyperthyroidism- Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment with Dr. Dan

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Hey guys my name is dan i’m a veterinarian and today the cat that is hyper thyroid they have an overactive thyroid and we want to go over the three most common things that any pet owner is going to do to help fix their kitty cat or help them feel better or live a happier healthy life just like humans guys ketocats have a thyroid gland as kind of a bow tie and it

Sits right under their skin on top of their trachea this thyroid produces hormones making a part of the endocrine system that helps to establish the cat’s metabolism a cat with a hyperthyroid or elevated thyroid production from their thyroid gland is going to have increased metabolism these kidney cats may have high blood pressure they also may be overactive they

Eat a ton of food and they just keep losing weight they can also have various heart issues and other cardiovascular problems this is kind of scary and these need to be treated cats that are over 10 or a little more predisposed to hyperthyroidism because they’re a little bit older hyperthyroidism is actually quite easy to diagnose when your veterinarian runs some

Blood work they will do a t4 there’s a couple different t4 tests you can do but a t4 test will help diagnose a cat with hyperthyroidism based on the weight loss in our history and a blood sample we can diagnose a hyperthyroid kitty within like 20 minutes and then we can start treating it our goal with treatment is to correct all the symptoms some of the meds may not

Solve the problem completely may not alleviate the the overactive big thyroid but it should control the symptoms and make the kitty cat happier and healthier the most common thing people do after the casper diagnose is start a thyroid tablet i say thyroid tablet because it’s a medication that’s going to block the amount of thyroid production so the amount of thyroid

Hormone pumping through the cat system it’s far less this will correct all the symptoms the cow put weight on we’ll recheck that thyroid in about a month we’ll make sure it looks good and based on that guys we can be confident long term that the cat should be healthy with that being said we will have to do spot checks regularly increase the dose decrease the dose

Based on those spot checks and if the owner ever stops the thyroid meds it’s going to come right back because we’re not fixing that primary problem the next option is a food option now remember guys food can be a really powerful thing to alter or to change in a kitty cat if we try hills for example yd formula this will affect how much iodine enters the system of

The kitty the cat’s body and this can help reduce the thyroid levels talk to your veterinarian about this option they will probably write you a prescription for it and in most cases it’s just a single therapy so you either do the pill or the food last but definitely not last last but if not least yes last but definitely not least is going to be the i-131 therapy

This procedure is routinely done it’s not done all the time because it’s more expensive guys it’s usually a couple to a few thousand dollars the really cool thing is no joke greater than ninety percent you check 95 percent of cats get this treatment it fixes the hyper thyroid problem there’s no meds long term the problem is fixed and solved and you have a healthy

Kitty cat again price is definitely the biggest barrier for this treatment because it really is the best option always talk to your veterinarian about all three options but definitely do one because a cat that has an underground thyroid isn’t going to be super healthy i hope you guys are happy and healthy thank you so much for watching and you guys have a great day take care bye

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Cat Hyperthyroidism- Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment with Dr. Dan By Dan The Veterinarian