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Causes & symptoms of Estrogen Dominance – Are Chemical Estrogens Destroying Gender Development?

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Tonight i’m talking all about a topic that is arguably one of the biggest problems in our society today and that is estrogen dominance now before i dive into estrogen dominance it’s important it’s important again that you understand that the things that i’m gonna talk a night tonight about are little bit touchy for some people if you’ve got kids around you might want

To shush them out of the room we keep the show family fun and clean but there gonna be some things that i talk about i just want to pre warn you if you’ve got kids in the room you might want to just send them off the place somewhere else as we dive into tonight’s topic so estrogen dominance for first of all let’s talk about what is that really estrogen dominance

Estrogen dominance is when we’re either overexposed to too many estrogens meaning what we’re producing internally or we’re overexposed to too many estrogens from synthetic or chemical versions of estrogen what we take in exogenously so things that were exposed to from the outside world versus our own natural hormone production but either way an estrogen dominance

Occurs when the estrogen out balances or overpowers or overact some of the other sex steroid hormones and creates a plethora of different problems i’m gonna shove up on the screen here for you a diagram that lists out some of the more common symptoms of estrogen dominance so let’s put that up on the board for you so that you can kind of get a feel for you know

Is estrogen dominance something you might be experiencing or something you might have experienced in the past so number one for many women it’s low libido it’s hair loss it’s poor sleep you can develop dry skin you can also develop a regular cycle so ladies regular menstrual cycles estrogen dominance can really influence the behavior of the menstrual cycle it can

You can also in it can cause increased cycles so you can actually experience more frequent cycles so shorter timeframe not a 28-day predictable cycle but you know some women that have estrogen dominance will experience a couple of cycles a month or will experience the cycles more frequently than that 28-day interval that’s very typical premenstrual symptoms as

Well so we can kind of classify those into the same kind of category pms premenstrual symptoms or syndrome and this could have everything to do with headaches during a menstruation cycle or bloating or irritability or mood swings hot flashes like all those classic what we consider what many consider to be kind of the classic symptoms of even of menopause but also

Of pms so like these symptoms can be manifestation of an estrogen dominance scenario another big one is weight gain a lot of women with estrogen dominance will experience especially fat storage around the central abdomen what we call central adiposity but in addition around the hips so think about hips and waist if you’re struggling and you’re putting weight on

And you’re not over consuming and you’re exercising and doing everything and playing your part like you may be suffering with estrogen dominance if the weight just won’t come off from calorie controller from eating healthy additionally brain fog and lack of memory these are symptoms so poor foot poor cognition memory issues you’re losing memory these are symptoms

Again all of these symptoms of estrogen dominance guys if you’re paying attention and you know most of the stuff is related to women but if we look at you know men what are the symptoms and men a lot of times we’ll get something called gyno camasta which is you’ll start growing breast tissue so if you’ve you’ve ever seen a man actually start to grow what looks

Like female breast tissue this is a sign of estrogen dominance in men men can also store excessive weight around the midsection when their estrogen dominant they tend to be weaker not as strong they tend to recover less in the gym so for recovery from workouts weight gain as well very common for men as well as one other thing that happens then these are like think

Of these as manifest symptoms that you could complain of but what some people experience is a an increase in skin manifestations there’s actually something called a cherry angioma cherry angioma is like a little red freckle that forms on the surface of the skin and these are a hallmark sign of estrogen dominance so if you find little red freckles starting to

Appear all over your skin and you’ve got a lot of these other types of symptoms then again you may be suffering with an estrogen dominance scenario will also see estrogen dominance create thyroid problems so it’s you know i’m going to put something up here on thyroid so like thyroid dysfunction but it’s not so much that the symptom of estrogen dominance causes

Necessarily the thyroid issue but it’s very common for these two to kind of go hand in hand and have overlap with each other so it’s very frequent that we’ll see women with estrogen dominance also being challenged by a hypothyroid scenario or a hypothyroid condition so these are some of your biggest symptoms associated with estrogen dominance next let’s go into

What actually causes estrogen dominance i think this is a big one this is the big important one because obviously if you’re struggling with these symptoms what what is it that’s creating this struggle right and what can you do about it so let’s go into what causes the symptoms of estrogen dominance so if we look at causes well one of the big ones one of the big

Obvious ones is estrogen right you’re probably saying no kiddin dr. osbourne estrogen this is estrogen dominance but how many of you have a history of birth control pill use how many of you have a history of taking the pill or taking estrogen based medications to either skip your cycles have less cycles or to basically overcome like a polycystic ovarian scenario

Or to overcome some type of fibroids or to overcome some type of painful menstruation so raise your hand in the room tonight let me know if you’ve taken estrogen if you’ve got a long history of estrogen use just say estrogen just type in estrogen let’s find out who you are so estrogen use prescription estrogen medications now just so you know studies show that five

Years or more of estrogen use from a drug perspective can increase your risk of cart disease can increase your risk of stroke can increase your risk of cancers so keep that in mind if you’re younger maybe you haven’t had that five-year history yet maybe you want to start thinking about whether or not this is something you need to do and have that conversation with

Your prescribing doctor we’re going to talk about some solutions here shortly but estrogen again taking estrogen is a big one now a lot of times when women have a premenstrual problem the premenstrual problem i said earlier symptomatically can actually be caused by too much estrogen and here’s the funny thing is that when you go see a doctor a lot of times they

Don’t test you they don’t test your estrogen level they don’t test your estriol or your estro nor estradiol or any of the other forms of estrogen or progesterone for that matter a lot of the times what happens is they just simply put you on estrogen and say your symptoms sound like you need more estrogen and they put you on the drug well you could have too much

Estrogen the doctor gives you extra jen thinking it’ll solve your pms problem what he’s actually doing is he’s driving a greater degree of estrogen dominance so you have to be real careful my advice to any of you out there that are looking at potential for taking and estrogen is ask your doctor to measure your estrogen levels before you start taking it once you

Do start taking it ask your doctor to monitor your estrogen levels the cuz it’s real easy to get into a state of estrogen dominance when you’re adding prescription medications into the mix now one of the other causes of estrogen dominance chemical exposures we’ll talk more about this in a moment but there are a number of chemicals in the environment that mimic

Estrogen they’re called xenoestrogens so if you’ve ever heard that term zeno estrogen these are chemical compounds that act like estrogen when you absorb them into the body they can interact with estrogen receptors creating estrogen like responses and that can be a big big problem there’s actually new research showing that some of these chemical estrogens for

Females create an increased risk for cancer create an increased risk for heart disease create an increased risk for a number of different problems and for men increase the risk there’s actually some studies that show that chemical exposures early in life during sexual maturation can actually shorten penis length can actually cause androgen problems where young

Men are not forming the androgens that are necessary to create a masculinization of them so they’re not maturing sexually and you know there’s some evidence that is is pointing to the possibility that are these chemical estrogens creating men that are less manly and even potentially creating a sexual disorientation so you know this is just be very very clear this

Is not me picking on the gay community this is me just pointing out what we know in research and that these chemical estrogens for men can actually alter their androgen expression leading to a failure to mature characteristically the way men mature through steroid hormones excessive body fat is another cause now we said earlier that actually that gaining weight

Or weight gain is a symptom but excessive body fat and you could be skinny fat excessive body fat can actually cause excess estrogen and one of the reasons why is if you have too much body fat there’s an enzyme and body fat aromatisse and what happens is this enzyme converts testosterone in androgens into estrogen so the more body fat you have by percentage the

Better your fat cells are at creating a estrogen from the androgens and you don’t want that type of scenario because these two kind of self-feed right when you have excessive body fat and you create too much estrogen then you start gaining weight and that weight gain creates a greater degree of excessive body fat and this is why one of the best solutions you

Know kind of one of the best interjections if we’re talking about like what can you do about it is actually weight training weight training not cardiovascular running on a treadmill or riding on a bicycle for hours but actually physically lifting weights to improve your muscle mass to reduce your body fat composition another big cause here is excessive carbs but

Particularly refined sugar we know that refined sugar because of its impact on insulin and cortisol what this does is it leads to hormonal changes that drive up estrogen so excessive carbohydrates again through that hormonal change of insulin and cortisol can actually create this scenario as well we’ve got another one and this one’s gonna ring true to a lot of

You and that’s high stress lifestyle so increased stress and i’m not talking about the acute stress where you know you have a problem you know for one day i’m talking about living stress everyday living out high high long-term chronic stress chronic stress does the same thing to your hormones that cortisol does and that i’m sorry that refined carbohydrates do so

That chronic stress increases cortisol insulin causes elevations in blood sugar and starts to impact in effect the way that you pretty sure hormones creating can create an estrogen dominance scenario and then another big one that will add to this list and you’ll see there a couple of stars bite and that’s cool i have seen this time and time again women come to

My office men to where they have a kind of a hallmark classic layout of estrogen dominance types of problems and symptoms and we measure you know always measure hormones when we start out what we see is we see a huge disparity between estrogen and progesterone there’s actually estrogen dominance is one of two things either it means you’re making too much estrogen

Or you’re getting too much artificial estrogen or you’re making normal amounts of estrogen but you’re not making enough progesterone and so there’s an imbalance member estrogen and progesterone balance each other out and that happens that low levels of progesterone normal levels of estrogen can also create an estrogen dominance scenario but i have seen gluten

Play out time and time again where somebody has a gluten sensitivity and gluten is creating a disruption of their hormones leading to an estrogen dominant state and when we remove gluten from the diet we see a full correction in that so if you have not yet explored the no grain no pain lifestyle if you haven’t checked out my book if you haven’t like applied the

Diet and you’re struggling here this would be one of the best places that you can start this start with diet change first and so avoiding that gluten because it’s a major major factor that’s why i put it on the list of the things that we know can cause estrogen dominance hey don’t forget to check out the rest of the series right here make sure you hit subscribe

Below and as always thanks for tuning in you

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