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Cequa versus Restasis versus Xiidra

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Dr. Cremers discuss is FDA approved options for dry eyes.

I sector sandi kramer’s and i want to answer some questions today about sequa versus i dra versus rue stasis so these are the only three of fda-approved drops for dry eye and basically they’re all working in different ways to decrease inflammation on the cornea and conjunctival surface the oldest of them is wrists asis and wrists asis kind of comes in a container

Like this like this or like this in these little packets the issue with wrist aces which is cyclosporine is that basically it can burn when it goes in and it takes truly about 3 months to really kick in in terms of feeling and in fact some patients can’t tolerate that so it can be a little bit of a downer the positive is that it is cyclosporine we’ve used like this

Barney for years an anti-inflammatory they’re non preserved they come in these little vials just like this another negative is that you when you take this off this top you can tree screw it on and what i’ve told patients for years all of us have is that when you take it out and open it you can put it in a plastic bag or in a sterile copper a clean cup rather and

Then put that cup in a plastic bag or ziploc bag and keep it in the refrigerator so we have used this for years with many patients saying they absolutely cannot live without it but we have a lot of patients that say it burns too much and they can take it the second one to come out was i drugs i adore works in a different fashion as an lfa – inhibitor and basically

It comes similarly in a packet like this i think this is the only one i have and we’ll open it up so you can see it similarly it looks like this these little tubes here and they are also non preserved they can really burn when they go in so i tell patients to put first aces reside or in the refrigerator because that might help a little bit they do sometimes have a

Metallic taste because the drop goes into the nose here and so sometimes pump the plugs initially the fda trows didn’t look at panco plugs but pump the plugs for his thesis inside your antiqua try to keep the tear in the eye longer so maybe we won’t go into the nose and have that metallic taste with hydra these tips are also are not recap abul and this depending on

Your insurance if it doesn’t cover it it can be between 600 and 800 dollars a month so it’s very expensive so that’s another downside but it does work i have a lot of patients that say they can’t live without it and it works very well i have a couple patients that said it didn’t work when i first tried it and then they tried other things and then they went back and

It worked and made them feel better so that’s another thing that both were ceases inside i’ve heard from patients before the third option is sequa and i have a sample of sequa here let me find it here and this is what it looks like the first different types of packaging it comes in these sterile containers here the positive of sequa and this is going to patient so

I’m not destroying this when it comes like this but some of the secret our recap abul apparently and i haven’t seen it yet from the from what i’ve seen but they generally come like this these are generally working at a stronger percentage of cyclosporine point zero nine percent it is so its strongest cyclosporine out there it works in twenty eight days as opposed

To three months so this is very similar to a stasis it’s just a stronger cyclosporine this is apparently cheaper than with stasis in some platforms of insurance i’ve had some patients say it’s still very expensive some say it’s about five dollars you know for one month’s supply but it depends on your insurance so it can be very variable these also can burn when

They go in they do not generally have a metallic taste some people are allergic to sequa or stasis ziya dry so if insurance doesn’t cover it or a patient has a negative side effect to side rate which is what we prescribed first will then try sequa or a stasis and it depends a little bit uninsurance which order will go but most people don’t want to wait three months

To feel an improvement so but i’ve had a lot of patient thing they’re allergic to this so it just depends but they all work so that’s just so information if you have any questions let me know thank you

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Cequa versus Restasis versus Xiidra By Personal Sandra Lora Cremers