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CF medications #2

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Hey all, this is a video of Jaxsons updated medications at month of age. He has been taken off of something’s that were in the previous video, his Creon was upped from 1,500 units to 3,000 units per feed. We now give him Zarbee’s vitamins once a day. Along with his regular physical therapy and breathing treatments.

Here too so i just videoed a video did a video of a quick little update on how jackson is doing we did have a hiccup of the emergency room video video goodness of an emergency room visit back before thanksgiving and i talked about that in the video that i just recorded i just want to show you guys that we did some changes in his medications he is now on what they

Call creon 6000 which is his pancreatic enzymes this is the bottle creon and it says the lipase units down here is 6,000 units and again this is the pancreatic enzyme so this is what tells his injurious to function correctly or yeah for him to absorb nutrients from food so it doesn’t just kind of waste through his system just come right out um he’s eating he gets

This on before every meal the pill actually looks like this so it before every meal includes you know um he eats six bottles a day of six ounces um and here i go with the ohms again that’s the what the pill looks like so every time i go to feed him give him a snack or anything like that i have to open one of these sprinkle it on applesauce and give it to him before

The meal sometimes it doesn’t doesn’t have to go before the meal i just like to do it before every meal so i know that it’s in the system these are what the little i paid the unit’s pebbles look like right there you can see that very well kind of hopefully that shows through to you guys um and um again and this is how much is in a pill without dumping it all over

The place as i do um so that goes on top of applesauce before he eats and that includes his up his his bottle every time so six times and then also with his foods by mouth so he’s on stage two baby food right now so before i feed him that twice a day um so he’ll have that as well before that ma’am he we have stopped is i thought that was him crying it’s actually

The puppies behind me ruby sue had some puppies she had three ah they are cute as can be and they’re federally only things um so i’ll do a video of those two so i can show you the puppies and show you a ruby so we stopped the aqueducts which is a typical um liquid vitamin for cf patients he did not do well with them for some reason it affected his stomach and it

Gave made him really gassy and it made him have a touch of diarrhea after he had those so we just continued that and he hasn’t been taking them for i want to say two months roughly and i just found these zombies at our local walmart because the cf doctors and his nurses and everything that he sees advised us to find something for over-the-counter that also as a

Vitamin tell them now we live in rural maine so it’s hard for us to find stuff at the pharmacies because they don’t always carry anything so this is what i found at the new walmart at the new walmart at the local walmart it says new appears so it’s harvey’s naturals baby immune support and vitamin supplement it was created by a pediatrician and a father his name

Is sac dr. zach zach is our buck many and this is um includes hand-picked natural ingredients and what i like because i tent i like to try to be a little bit more organic so this includes 10 calories which is a plus for those of you who are not familiar with the cf community calories are always good because cf kids and adults struggle to gain weight so calories

Is good for him vitamin a vitamin c vitamin d3 vitamin e zinc and agave organic agave nectar and grapefruit seed extract this is natural orange flavor but he does not like it at all he will actually spit about it back out at me um so the last couple of days i’ve been putting it in his bottle his first morning model i mean he seems to take it way better that way

Um there’s no drugs no dyes no artificial flavors and it is gluten-free so this is what we’ve gone with it seems to be helping a little bit not helping but it seems that it doesn’t affect his stomach like the aqueducts does the only thing that this is lacking that would be great is vitamin k but you know at least he’s getting some vitamins and he gets three mls

Of this once a day um and i also picked up he hasn’t had any of this yet but i also picked up when i bought the vitamin this was next to it to it says rvs cough syrup and mucus moscato ghahve and ivy leaf extract to help babies when they’re coughing to clear mucus and it’s safe and effective for infants two months up and it’s pediatrician recommended and this is

Natural great flavor it also is 20 calories and that’s all that’s in it is the agave and i believe there is some citric acid into potassium was but that’s as a preservative so that’s that and this also has no ties no artificial flavors no artificial sweeteners in his glutens free sue’s cost associated with hoarseness and irritants made with our prepared prior or

Terry blend of gamma and english ivy leaf extra to help your baby when they’re talking to clear mucus i’m going to discuss this with his pediatrician and with his gf doctors before i give it to him i can call his cf nurse any time um throughout the day and she will call me back so if i have any questions or if he becomes a little irritant from coughing then i can

I’ll call them before i give this to him but i figured i’d pick it up i think it was eight dollars or so could have been a little bit more i don’t remember but zombies they also have a couple other products but i didn’t pick up any of them i mean this expires june two thousand seven teen and this one expires februari 2017 so i’d say they’re good for probably about

A year um because this is 2016 now um so yeah the only other thing that we also stopped was his acid reflux mug meds now with kids in the cf world usually run editing or however you want to pronounce it is an acid reflux medication is prescribed so that when they take these crayon pebbles there’s not as much acid in the stomach which cause which pushes these to

Go further along in the digestive tract so you don’t really absorb stuff from your your stomach use or of them once they go through your intestines now his intestines is shorter because he had surgery when he was born it’s not much shorter than normal so the next thing is is if he is struggling with the 6,000 lipase units to um absorb weight gain weight because

He’s been having struck troubles gaining weight he’s roughly 16 pounds but he’s almost 30 inches tall so he’s not really on the growth chart right now which is a concern for him being in the cf community so um that would mean the next step is if we notice that we’re still having issues with the increased crayon that we’re not gaining weight then we’ll go back on

The acid reflux meds to try to get the pancreatic enzymes crayons further in his track to absorb more from it so that’s where we are right now with medications we do tylenol from time to time because he is teething so we just try to keep that on a handle because if he’s teething too much or having troubles then he creates a lot of saliva which is it causes him to

Struggle with breathing because he he’s not really sure what to do with it yet because he’s still a baby so again thanks for subscribing don’t forget to watch my other videos and i apologize for being gone for a while we had some issues with uploading videos i ended up deleting all the ones i recorded because there was no point because they were so old i just said

Forget it um so yeah thanks for subscribing don’t forget your like you can also check out other videos of our dogs ruby soo and pokey flash ruby has litter of puppies so i will be posting a video of them soon thanks very much and have a good afternoon

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CF medications #2 By Momma2Jax