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Champix Review – Day 2 (Varenicline)

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Hi guys i’m here to give you a review on my personal experience of taking chantix to stop smoking i’m only day to day two at the moment and i have taken champ explorer and like you guys who are probably on here maybe checking out reviews before you decide to take the the champ it’s a blitz and i have had them before and i’ve had a good experience on them and i

Stopped successfully on them of anything i’ve tried like that includes all your your patches your gums the vaping and this familiar was definitely a most effective already in day two and not much difference to be honest with you i’m on the lowest dose it’s your money on one out there at the moment but already when i was very with the cigarettes i can already

The taste is that there’s nice you know even though they don’t taste nice anyway but you know that fee and that kick you get when you first take the the first toke the cigarette it’s not the same it’s all these starting to feel better about this and also fine as well the crave is not there as much but no it’s only day two but it’s not there as much well i’m not

Going isn’t met for many cigarettes i’m having to remind myself oh must go for a cigarette well they were for like i need a cigarette but i know from previous experience the first few days is always easy as it was like when you get into like the actual stopping smoking which is like day seven eight that’s when you sort will get a bit agitated but what i would say

Is when i came on here before and i looked at all the reviews and i was really off put by everyone sort of and not everyone but a lot of people talking about that sort of side effects and how they make you feel and and obviously you panic if you go online nowadays and i oh my god what i got got cut finger you end up you go cancer you know so i think with these i

Would test it yourself i would wait until you’ve had a personal experience with it rather than sorg on everyone else’s reviews because different medications work for different people now it’s not going to be an easy stretch that’s why i’m sharing with you because i want to give you my mood swings on the sort of daily basis or every other day but there aren’t any

Good toys a bad signs but at the end of it by going just through this little short patch of two three months then it gets only gets easier from then you’re still going to have the odd occasion where you miss but you’re not going to crave it and bass was so good about this and but yeah but that’s it now from day two that’s how i’m feeling not much has changed i’m

Going to switch this off and go for a cigarette and then hopefully in a few days time that i’d be most non smoking day and up the dosage and then we’ll see from there but yeah follow me on the journey and also if there’s any apps you recommend downloading let me know in terms of like non-smoking apps sorta voice or guide you through and motivate you to the next step

And there’s so many out there on the market we used some of them like want they charge you so much and it’s like i want something that’s as simple and it’s going to sort of motivate me each day and tell me how much i’m saving you know when you have those ones where it’s like after 24 hours like this is left your system that’s left your system so yeah something to

Keep it fun but yeah if anyone else is thinking about take from join me on the journey and yeah let’s stop smoking together speech in a few days thank you

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Champix Review – Day 2 (Varenicline) By Joshy K