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Changing My Babys Insulin Pump While She Sleeps #omnipoddash

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The first time Addie slept through a dexcom change it was pretty amazing. I felt like this was the best way to do this as she was in no pain and we didn’t have to fight. I just took care of it while she slept, and she was none the wiser.

Addie’s pot expired yesterday and it was time to take it off i chose to do it while she slipped because i thought it would be a lot easier this time around and i just pour a generous amount of unisol all over her arm basically and i let it sit there for a minute or two and then another two i can take off the pod and start peeling up the sides peeled up the sides

Really slowly and gently to make sure that it was coming off easy and i wasn’t gonna pull or rip it off her skin or anything like that and it looked like it happened so good enough so i decided to peel up the side there and i just gently took her pot off took the end by the cannula off first and she probably barely felt that and now i can just wipe her arm off

And maybe move it into a more comfortable spot so she can sleep um but i am also going to put her new pot on her belly so i’m gonna have to flip her over and i usually don’t uh care at my bed bedding doesn’t seem to stain it at all so i just use her blanket to wipe her arm and i’m gonna first let her sleep a little bit and get the pod ready wipe the insulin

File and then i open the pod to get the syringe out and put the insulin in the pod this i’m going to change honestly went so smoothly it was like i don’t want to say flawless but it’s pretty full pretty flawless i do a lot of these when she sleeps because it’s just easier and it’s less tears and less stress so um but this film was just like perfect example of

Why i continue to do this while she sleeps because um anything that you know makes things less stressful for an already stressful situation and diagnosis is i’m we’re just going to do it that way and hopefully somebody else sees how easy this could be i mean if your kid’s a heavy sleeper um and also that tip about the insulin even my insulin draw was flawless i

Didn’t have any issues with getting the answer not the vial this time which was the first time ever and i’ve done probably 60 omnipot changes so that was the first time i didn’t struggle i’m gonna put the insulin into a little window here nice helpful arrow show me where to go and i put there in slowly and as i’m putting it in i see a tiny air bubble and that

Just kind of low-key makes me super angry but it beeped in everything’s good it’s got the minimum amount of insulin in there and i’m gonna let the pod talk to the pdm so it primes and it gets all good and ready to get put on her and once that is done i’m gonna probably flip this little pancake over and get her belly ready for the new omnipod and flawlessly

Flipped her over she didn’t wake up at all which was amazing she was being in good sleep but i need to wipe her belly with a alcohol wipe make sure her belly side is clean i have noticed that the belly spots have been healing a lot better recently i think those few initial ones in the belly we’re very new in a very sensitive spot but her belly is getting more

Used to the omnipot changes and healing a lot faster and so not leaving really those gross sores or marks on her body that may be so sad to see so her body is reacting how it’s supposed to be and it’s healing so it’s great news i’m gonna put this one on her belly because that is a good spot she doesn’t even notice it’s there and i took the blue cover off for the

Cannula and now i’m taking off the um paper pieces so i can stick this bad boy on her and i saw type one more on tick tock put it at an angle i thought that was genius because it does seem a little bit more comfortable for her when i put it like that instead just that goes straight across so i just very slightly just like a downward angle um with a cannula and

It is kind of close to her rib on that corner but i think it always is because her diaphragm is just so small her little area her belly her abdomen um she’s just small and so i went ahead and uh praying and hoping that when i started this it’s still was gonna go smoothly because i was really worried this part was gonna wake her up because it clicks and she

Honestly doesn’t even move oh she didn’t move at all it was inserted it’s usually really pink for her when she’s awake but when she’s sleeping she doesn’t feel it which is amazing so i’m decided to put a skin grip over it as well to keep it lasting and also to provide a little bit of extra protection by her rib there because i know sometimes the edge of the

Pod pokes and it can bug her so i thought maybe just an extra layer would protect that area a little bit and um i actually had to pull it up a little bit because it was crooked and still she did not wake up and uh it looks really good purple she loves purple she loves saying the word purple even though sometimes she calls it yellow because yellow is her favorite

Color and everything is yellow everything everything’s yellow until she looks at it and has a thought and she thinks about it and then she’s like okay that might be purple or pink piece off which was kind of hard but um like i said flawless had a total win last night putting this on her and i really really needed that win so i’m happy that this wasn’t a disaster

And she did not wake up because my poor baby needed her sleep

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Changing My Baby’s Insulin Pump While She Sleeps #omnipoddash By theT1Dmama