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Chantix – 2 Years Later

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Review of the smoking cessation pill Chantix – 2 years later…

Hey everybody i wanted to do a follow-up on the can take studios that i put out almost three years ago i didn’t smoke free cigarette free for almost two years currently i’m recording this in late october so it’ll be officially two years in mid december so you got about a month and a half to go but i’m rounding off the reason rounding off is i’m finished and smoke

Free as far as i’m concerned i um it’s it’s hard it’s kind of hard to put into words because i actually feel like i never smoked you know i mean when i started chantix and i was you know on the drug in the first couple months my apprehensions were how do i get along or good throughout my day without a cigarette first thing when you wake up right when you have a

Meal or i should say after you have a meal when you’re bored cetera et cetera now i honestly can’t fathom it doesn’t even enter my mind it really doesn’t so for me the drug worked now going back to that video that i made on the side effects and you know what i experienced for that 36 hours after i stopped taking the drug what was for real was a little disturbing

But that i did go away i’m not coughing because i slipped up i’m just getting over a cold although i will say this though i did slip up once i was on a vacation down in florida where it’s more accepted down that area cutting or er to smoke indoors is down there for st. patty’s day in march and i believe it or not we bond up at this block party you know it close

Down the whole street flesh shopping center down there and there was a cigar bar and it was the only place that wasn’t standing a moment so me my buddies kind of come and gear the last standing bar school and you know were guarding it with our lives for a while just had somewhere to sit but again this was at a freaking cigar bar so and by that point i’ve been all

Cigarettes for 13 14 months and i i did slip up i was in the line for a unisex bathroom and girl behind me offered me she did how can you say no oh should we miss anyway she offered me a smoke and i took it now i don’t have i nev any fire on the i have a lighter so i thought okay i’ll be cool i’ll just take it and just hold it and then you know did you whatever

You don’t know i was drinking all damn day st. patty’s day anyway um so i took it and of course what’d she do she offers to light mine off of hers okay okay so i was like okay and again i wasn’t a my mind drunk but you know i was feeling pretty good so i took that drag and it was it’s it it scared me because it it felt great and i was too drunk and i had been in a

Cigar bar for up to three hours at that point so it wasn’t like i was going to start coughing from it or we get a buzz that would turn me green like the cartoons so um it was my turn to get into the bathroom so i got in there and it’s just he was hanging on my mouth on doing my thing and he was just hitting my eyes and the whole thing was just terrible terrible and

It just reminded me of all the reasons why i quit and so as soon as i got out of the bathroom i quickly done yours ashtray ditched it and i was done i went to my buddy’s and like we gotta get the hell out of here i don’t give a crap that we gotta stand whatever it was gettin late night into the night anyhow so you know really glue you know they were all confused

As to why looking out but i had just moved my first cigarette in 13 months so it was little disturbing but here’s the good news the next morning a friend of mine the friend of mine that i was down there with uh he he was he was spinning lived a lighted that he was a smoker and he was doing what all the smokers always used to do which first thing in the morning

You go for that cigarette especially when you’re hungover and me and it was funny because yes if i had an erg i said hell no i have the earth from first from frosted mini-wheats and from breaking gatorade that’s all i want i didn’t want anything to do it serious and to be honest with you if i was a blackout drunk i wouldn’t have remembered it anyway took by drags

A thing but and well that story is at least for me is that even though i slept up and i did what i did and i had five six drags off that cigarette it trigger a damn thing in terms of instantly i’m back into it you know right away now mind you if i were to buy a pack and get an idiot yeah okay fine sure but i was all good and that’s the only slip-up for cigarette

Or anything for that matter that i was smoked since i made that video before about the side effect so basically i just wanted to let y’all know i know this is running on seven and a half minutes here i don’t know if you said – this whole thing with pointed manner is camila but in three years and i can’t imagine ever being a smoker i can’t even fathom the fact that

I used to to be honest with you and i recently went on that trip with those same guys to the eagles game in buffalo pierre-yves back and it was just so convenient not to have that in the back your head you know cigarettes it’s just so nice so if you’re thinking about it and i told your doctor definitely knew that but i would say you know go for it with your doctor’s

Permission and cetera et cetera they work for me and i definitely think they probably work for you too so if you’re thinking about smoking i definitely think you should give this a shot and if you have any other questions you can feel free to hit me up down below or even if you willing to the probably throw me a email be a youtube or what have you and i’ll be glad

Things or any other questions you have alright thanks for watching

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Chantix – 2 Years Later By Jay Downey