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Christmas and Cyclosporine Hair Growth

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Next steps of the the transplant and why my eyelashes look like make up with the Cyclosporine that I am taking.

Hi everybody i thought sam do another video blog this time and rather than type new or how what’s got on and everything as you know from my last post the transplants didn’t have any really effect on their myeloma and the para proteins climbed up again and so that i’m okay with the actual transplant itself as seems to be going alright my hands they’re a lot better

Than they were very soft babyish i’ve gotten better gvhd on my feet still with a skin peeling but that’s being dealt with with the creams and last time a blog too said about the the next step obviously now that i know that it hasn’t worked on the myeloma we need to look at what we’re going to do and also whether it’s going to affect the transplant process that i’m

Still going through and recovery from i met with the doctors today and we are going to go ahead with what i thought we would do is some form of lenalidomide which is the breville amid for those of really by the brand name which is the expensive one so there is looking at and speaking to the authorities and getting sign off for the expenses for that which won’t be

A problem so we starting that’s in the new year so the next week or so in the meantime they’re going to be monitoring very closely with the transplant process into the chest hospital yesterday to have some blood some top talk ready for christmas and been to the liverpool hospital today to see the doctors get blood tests and so on find out what’s going on i feel

A lot happier in myself in knowing the process and they’re coming mine seven and the next step now it says i know what i’m doing after the initial shock you’re not working again but to be perfectly honest i wasn’t overly surprised with my parrot protein being so high when i first went into the transplant process anyway so although i’m very disappointed i wasn’t

Too shocked it was just a lot to get my head around at the time i move on i’m back into my positive mindset i’m sure i’ll deal with the next step of other dealt with the other ones and just carry on so i’m back at liverpool on tuesday but that’s only to have my bloods taking so i should be there in and out quite quick i’m dart away for any results or anything so

I’ll be done and back home on a tuesday then i’m back in again on the friday to speak with the doctors just to make sure that all of my levels are correct with my cyclosporine and the steroids that i’m currently taking so that’s the process that we’re going through at the moment on the point of cyclosporine i don’t know whether you can see but my eyelashes look

Really really big can you see that i’ll take my glasses off as well no you see that no when i was younger i used to have really long eyelashes anyway and all the girls used to comment on them no that was true and it looks like i’ve got eyeliner on as well because they’re so dark underneath us nowadays is they call the guy liner or it’s due to the cyclosporine the

Cyclosporine makes your hair grow which is a good easy fat kibo and then you’re on cyclosporine your hair looks normal this time i did this my hair anyway i just cruise quite a bit and eyebrows and eyelashes and things that i grow and hairs on arms and facial hair as well girls really quick which isn’t really a problem for a man but i’m sure you can imagine women

With beard isn’t very attractive well that’s where it’s going from the i’m not putting eyeliner on or anything like that my lashes is just really very long for unfortunates only temporary anyway buy it on the cyclosporine so i probably fall out again to be honest look usual again a lot the matter for how about be quite okay so that’s all i really wanted to say

And doing okay everything’s alright i’m not wearing makeup if you do see me around honest even though it does look like it i know just hope everybody has a nice christmas and if i don’t log before they have a good new year’s well okay take care bye anyway that’s not you darling much better oh maddy we have a plan next darling okay yes you look gorgeous thank you

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Christmas and Cyclosporine Hair Growth By seantiernanchester