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Class Project-Using an Albuterol Inhaler Demonstration

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Action well good morning guys how are you today yeah yeah ok so i am here because i was asked to show you how to properly use your albuterol inhaler because i understand that this is a new medication for you is that correct yes okay so great then so do you know when you’re supposed to use your inhaler no okay well the doctor once you use an inhaler for when you have

Shortness of breath okay so when you’re out about like here in school or just at home or anywhere and you get shortness of breath you use your inhaler albuterol inhaler okay and i’m going to show you because i understand these are your inhalers so craig this is your inhaler and cold this is your inhaler i’m going to go ahead and show you how to prime an inhaler okay

So your primary inhaler you prime it whenever whenever you first take it out of the box and it’s the first time that you’re going to use it then you prime it or if you haven’t used it in a long time like glitzy you haven’t had to use your inhaler in a few weeks well you would go ahead and prime it okay because that just make sure that you’re getting you’re going to

Be getting medicine okay through your inhaler so this is how will you do it okay this right here is called a canister okay and then this is the cap of your inhaler and right here is the mouthpiece okay so you’re gonna take your inhaler and you’re going to shake it okay you’re going to face it away from you or anybody else and you’re gonna put your index finger in

A canister you’re going to push it all the way down okay and then you’re going to shake it again and you’re going to do that two more times okay you’re going so that’s called priming so now it’s ready for use okay so okay so the way that you use your albuterol inhaler is first of all you always make sure before each use okay that this canister is all the way in

There and you can kind of check that that it’s in there securely by pulling it it just a little bit okay and then see how it just stays in there that means it’s in there securely then you open up your you take your cap off to open it and you’re going to look into your mouthpiece and you’re going to make sure that there’s nothing in that mouthpiece okay there’s

No objects in there they shouldn’t be there okay and that it’s all clear especially bugs yes especially bugs or any other objects because you know what this mouthpiece is going to go inside your mouth and it’s going to go into your lungs and so you don’t want anything that’s choking it that’s going to make you choke and you also want to make sure to dial up you

Tall is getting into your lungs okay so this is how we use the inhaler you’re going to take your inhaler you’re going to shake it okay going to take the cap off okay and you’re going to make sure that the mouthpiece is facing downwards then you’re going to try to take us you’re going to breathe out as much as you can through your lungs like this take the inhaler

Put it in your mouth make sure that the lift that your lips are wrapped around in the mouth piece so that you get all that out butyral into your lungs okay and then as you breathe as you breathe in you’re going to push with your index finger all the way down in the canister like this and then you’re going to hold your breath for as long as you’re comfortable or

But no more than 10 seconds okay and then you place the cap back on okay so one more time i’m going to show you how it’s done shake it go okay so now what we’re gonna do is where i’m gonna see how well do you understand what i just thought you okay so cold we’re gonna start with you okay we’re gonna okay so we’re gonna go ahead and give your inhaler craig what i

Want to do is i want you to give instructions to cole on how to use inhaler okay and then he’s gonna follow your instructions okay and we’ll see how you do so go ahead and start give them the instructions cold or craig i’m sorry well the first thing you do if you haven’t if you just opened up your inhaler or if it’s been a while since you use it to week so longer

You’re gonna you’re gonna shake up your your um inhale it make sure the canister been tightly just give it a little tough and i took off the cap make sure nothing’s clogging it the mouthpiece turn the inhaler away from you or anything else the mouthpiece and then you’re going to spray your done swish down on the kinsler when your index finger once shake it up and

Press on the kimster twice and then you’re going to put the cap back on and that’s how you prime and when you have to actually use your inhaler what you’re going to do is you’re going to take your on to make sure the canisters in tightly that you shake it up take the chat box make sure nothing’s clogging the mouthpiece put the mouth or take out a deep breath out

Breathe out and you’re going to put the mouth piece in your mouth facing downward and then you’re going to spray on you’re going to push down with your index finger on the cancer all the way down while you’re taking in a deep breath take it a can’t to take the inhaler odd your mouth put the cap back on the mouthpiece and then hold your breath as long as you can

Or whatever is comfortable but no longer than 10 seconds and breathe out great job okay now cole i’d like to by the way you guys both did a great job now cole i want you to go ahead and give craig some instructions and how to use this inhaler ok and then craig’s gonna go ahead and demonstrate for us go ahead so first you’re gonna prime it so you’re gonna shake it

Up take the cap off make sure the canisters in tightly make sure nothing’s clogging it the mouthpiece face it away face it away from it you or anybody else and then spray it once pick it up and spread some more times then turn the cap with the catholic now when you’re actually going to use your inhaler you should get up take the cap off of them out mouthpiece you

Breathe out as much as you can you put it in your mouth and you spray out while you’re taking a deep breath take them tick then he’ll the mouthpiece out of your mouth hold your breath for whatever is comfortable we don’t wonder you 10 seconds and then you put the gap by one okay great job okay now um i’m just gonna go ahead and ask you a few questions okay craig

When do u prime your and hit your inhaler if you have anything two weeks or longer or if you’re just first opening okay great cool when do you use your inhaler when you’re feeling shortness of breath okay great um now do you guys feel comfortable using your inhaler yeah okay great so thank you for taking the time and then i um to talk with me and to allow me to

Show you how to properly use your albuterol inhaler and now i guess you can go back to your recess all right okay have a good day basketball fans huh go lakers the lakers

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Class Project-Using an Albuterol Inhaler Demonstration By Ednelle ventura-Martin