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Clear Skin Episode 04: Isotretinoin Results (before + after photos)

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family, family, familyyyy hiiiii 🤗 WELCOME BACKKK, if you’re new here welcoommeee ♡ I’m Katrina Ramos and on this channel I talk everything life, beauty, and fashion. My goal is to inspire you on your own path to gracefully living, growing, and glowing! ✨ because when we look good, we FEEL good. Triggering us to SHOW UP & SHOW OUT & to be our best, most authentic selves! I hope the inspiration and impact reaches you far & wide ♡ stay phenomenal.

What’s up everyone welcome back to my channel it has been a few months since i’ve posted um since i’ve uploaded a video and so i’m like low-key excited to be here with y’all we’re going to be adding on to my clear skin series but in today’s video we’re going to be talking about the results that i’ve gotten um you know after the fact you know i’m off accutane

Now i’ve been off accutane for almost five months now um approximately about five months now um so let’s get into it i have a cup of coffee good morning today is friday for me so get yourself a little drink but today we’re going to be talking about my final result my skin has adjusted well after the fact i clearly you you all can probably see the aftermath of

The acne i have i was battling before so i definitely still have acne marks and everything like that i still have some hyper pigmentation um some some dark spotting in my cheek area because that was like my problem area but overall i’m really happy with it like my skin is very smooth i literally don’t get any breakouts my skin is not dry anymore of course now

That i’m out of accutane what else anything that i was experiencing before while i was on accutane has subsided 100 i don’t have any other symptoms or anything like that everything is right back to how it was before minus the skin issues what else should we be talking about i thought right now would be a good time for me to post an update because my doctor had

Said that the accutane will continue to do its work after the fact about six months after you start taking the accutane you’ll still be receiving benefits in terms of lightening the hyperpigmentation and reducing acne in oil and things like that my skin does produce oil i was oily before i took accutane and so now that the we’re in the spring summer months and

The temperatures are warming up i still produce oil my skin is not dry i would say that my skin is normal at this point but yeah this is these are the after results i’m very happy with it i’m going to be putting on the video you guys are going to see i’m going to be putting my before photos and it’s literally night and day like the issues i was having the way my

Skin was looking it’s it is very like earth shattering the the difference and it’s actually like when i look at the photos now it’s actually like unbelievable like i can’t believe my skin was really looking like that for quite some time for quite some time i was sitting there struggling the majority of you all have been very very kind some of you have tried

To come for me um as if i’m trying to tell people to get accutane this is just my journey and if you feel that you’re really really struggling don’t be afraid to go to a doctor don’t be afraid to sit here and go get the help that you need especially if you’ve done the research if you’ve looked at negative experiences and positive experiences and you’ve spoken

To your doctor and you’ve gotten health clearance to pursue this treatment and you’ve actually you know took the time to properly think if this is going to be a lifestyle choice that in health choice that you think would be well worth it go ahead and do it if you don’t think that this is for you then of course continue to try to find something that will work

For you but this is what works for me and like i always encourage you guys always do your own research always make your own choices always speak to your doctor but i’m going to play some music so you guys can look at the before photos i’m going to show you guys how it was before and then like the progression so i’m not wearing any makeup i have like some

Mascara on right now i mean can y’all like can y’all imagine like that before and after i mean beautiful before but beautiful after like i think it is so so important for men and women people as a whole to always do things like like if there’s something that is really really a detriment to your mental health um to the person that you you feel you are and

There’s something hindering that and there’s something that you can do about it medically or over the counter or naturally whatever the case is then 100 do it because it is just so worth it there’s nothing like now looking in the mirror and feeling like myself you know what i mean like the before and afters are crazy it is crazy but i really hope that everything

That i’ve shared with you guys has been really really helpful um if you guys have any questions at all definitely leave it in the comments below i wanted to include a live update in this video but i think it kind of feels misplaced so i’m actually gonna just do a separate video for the live update um maybe i’ll do like uh get ready with me a chatty get ready

With me or something like that but anyway until next time i hope you guys stay safe take care and i’ll talk to you later bye

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