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This video is in no way meant to encourage or discourage anyone from taking Doxycycline or any other acne medication. Consult your doctor about what’s best for your skin!

I have my tea anybody’s curious this is spearmint and licorice oh that’s hot and i’m coming to you guys barefaced and with a different type of video because i’ve actually been struggling with acne for a while now it’s been a long time but here in this recent about with acne it’s been since september and i it was bad y’all it was so bad and i was starting

To get kind of that really bad inflammation and scarring and acne bumps kind of all over my face and i knew at that point i needed to kind of go a different route and try a dermatologist and see how that could affect and kind of help my skin um so i have been on antibiotics for the past six weeks and i wanted to share my skin oral taking oral antibiotics can

Really mess up your good and that’s just something that you should not be taking all willy-nilly so i had that in the back of my mind and as the doctor was prescribing it i’m thinking like uh i don’t really want to take this and i brought up my concerns with him he mentioned that if you’re taking oral antibiotics for acne it’s really just excuse me it’s really

Just to decrease the inflammation in your skin and in addition it shouldn’t if you’re not taking it for a long long it’s not used for long-term use so if you’re not taking it for that long and you have a low dosage it shouldn’t impact your gut week one i experienced stomach growling a lot of nausea and i learned in that week that i needed to take the medicine

At night because i was previously taking it in the mornings and i would i would wake up i would take the medicine and my whole day was kind of off balance because i was experiencing this nausea and just i don’t know it was just weird like i i have a very sensitive stomach like your girl she is bougie okay she doesn’t like most things um which is totally fine but

That was kind of what i was experiencing week one and then i’ll show you guys videos of how my skin actually looked from start to keep you know how it is now uh so week two is actually when my skin surprisingly started to purge um i i started to notice more acne bumps kind of showing up in very random places like i was having acne kind of on my ear over here it

Was just it was kind of weird but i i guess it was just trying to purge everything and get it all out and stuff like that um i learned during that week that i needed to have crackers on standby because again i was still struggling with the nausea like it was pretty it annoying i don’t want to say it was bad it was just annoying um i made sure to incorporate

A couple things the first thing is if there was kind of a break between me having dinner and then me going to bed because i would take the medicine during like at night right before i was going to go to bed i made sure to have crackers so then i could at least make sure that i’m taking the medicine on a full stomach i didn’t i should have read up on this to

See if you need you need to do this my doctor didn’t tell me that i needed to take it like at a specific time of the day it was just something that worked for me um so once i did that it did help with the nausea but i was still pretty nauseous taking it so i was very cautious about that another thing too is i incorporated a probiotic that was a big thing and i

I had already been taking a probiotic um actually you know what let me let me get hold please i have been already taking a probiotic this is the thin findopolis i’m actually not too sure but how to pronounce it but it’s really for vaginal and urinary tract health because another thing is when your gut is off balance for me at least in my experience that can

Cause yeast infections which which is why i was always so anti antibiotics i did end up boosting my probiotic instead of taking one i took two probiotics a day so that was also something that i did that i do think ultimately kind of helped me so let’s talk about week three i feel like week three is really when you started to see it working a little bit like i

Wasn’t i was starting to see less bumps um i’m still essentially having the same symptoms still having the nausea i was still making sure that i was taking my medicine at night i was still taking my probiotics kind of all those things um so still like dealing with it but knowing that i’m seeing progress so to me you know i’m kind of weighing the pros and cons

And for me it was kind of worth it what i really started to notice is really focusing on health and what the foods that i’m eating and making sure that i’m eating whole foods to kind of kind of support me on this medicine um so that meant i’m typically not a breakfast eater like i don’t really eat breakfast i don’t have time i’m always rushing in the mornings

So i started to kind of really incorporate having green smoothies in the morning and also um doing chia seeds because of a turning point where i was seeing the results and i wanted to make sure that i was coupling my health in addition to all the the clearness that was happening on my face okay yeah week four i did mention that i had headaches but also one

Thing that was interesting is typically when i ovulate up until the time that i’m ovulating until the end of my period i start experiencing pms symptoms and those pms symptoms can be bloating it could be nausea it can be headaches it can be fatigue um so i kind of feel like a couple of those symptoms that i wrote down were probably pms and less specifically

To this drug because there were new things that were starting to happen um the only new ish thing is not really feeling like i was getting full um and that probably was because i wasn’t eating enough since i switched my diet to like not snacking and really having kind of healthier whole wholesome meals i probably wasn’t eating enough as it as like you know

From when i was eating and like was snacking so that was one thing that i kind of mentioned okay so now i’ll kind of couple week five and week six because the symptoms are pretty much the same it’s just kind of this progression of seeing my skin get better and get to the place that it is right now um so week five i week five and six is kind of when i was like

About to start my period slash be on my period and what was interesting is i saw a couple like i think two or three new pimples being on my period which was such a relief because i would always see like 10 you know new like very cystic pimples kind of be on my face um right now what i am experiencing is i still have like over here over here like the stubborn

Acne one thing is and it might be hard to tell through video but when i tell you my skin was so inflamed that my face looked swollen like to me my face looked bigger and by week five and six my face was starting to really like slim down which was huge progress for me um and i was just so thankful and grateful to you know be on this medication and to finally

Kind of just be able to breathe a little bit more still struggling with kind of the chin acne and kind of bumps active bumps over here i every time that i still take the medicine i do still get nauseous but i at least know that probiotics are key making sure that you’re like taking the medicine on a full stomach is super key for me at least and also making

Sure that like you have kind of your very wholesome type foods um so i do want to get a little bit more into detail about what i was eating each day and i can definitely film the video about that but i hope at least this is a little helpful so you can kind of see my experience being on antibiotics and i know this is really just the start of my journey because i

Don’t want to be on this long term i’m really hoping that i only have to be on this for the next two weeks and then i can be done with this but we shall see my doctor will build to tell me more so i will kind of heed to whatever he recommends i hope you guys enjoy this video i hope it was informative and if you guys are going through acne you are not alone we

Are all going through this journey together so best of luck stay healthy

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CLEARING HORMONAL ACNE With Doxycycline By Paige Ariana