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CLEN Fat Loss | Benefits and Side Effects

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All right what is going on everyone today we’re gonna be discussing essentially one of the things i hate most in bodybuilding and that without a doubt is clen or clenbuterol many of you have probably heard it at some point either in a gym or her people talked about it and i want to shed some light on not only my own personal experience but also the side effects

And the benefits that come along with it of course before the video gets underway i am not a doctor do not do anything without your doctor’s supervision this will all be for informational and educational purposes only if you happen to need anything for your lab rat the first link in the description down below will be where to do that all right so let’s jump into

Exactly why i dislike clenbuterol or cleanse so much for those of you who don’t know clenbuterol is a steroid like chemical that was initially developed to actually treat asthma in horses just like most bodybuilding drugs and things on the market they were never initially actually designed for humans clen is both decongestant and a bronchodilator it stimulates

Both the heart and the central nervous system and has a similar effect on the body as that of epinephrine and amphetamines clinton is also a beta-2 agonist which is the opposite of a beta blocker the increase will lead basically to effects of rapid fat burning excitability nervousness increased energy now you’re probably thinking yourself wise clenbuterol used

And the simple answer is for bodybuilders or performance athletes to lose weight very rapidly you’ll most commonly see it used in a contest prep setting those competing and bodybuilding shows bikini competitions men’s physique classic physique etc or if a celebrity se is trying to diet for a movie role or show it’s often used to put it in as simple terms possible

For those that have no idea about anything it’s just a very extreme fat burner you’ll commonly see the dosage of clenbuterol run anywhere from 10 micrograms all the way up to 100 micrograms not only do i recommend no one ever take clenbuterol period i would never recommend ever going over a hundred micrograms daily i’ll speak from personal experience when i went

Over a hundred micrograms during my contest prep not only did i have to cleanse shakeology well known side effect where your hands are just shaking on stop you can’t pick up a pen and sign your name you’ll have heart palpitations you will feel the dictionary definition of unhealthy many of the side effects associated with clan are gonna be very similar to that but

Feta means which includes anxiety shaking as i mentioned extreme headaches i personally experienced some severe migraines from clen abnormal sweating in which you will just sweat throughout the day or even get night sweats in your sleep raised body temperature which really just helps you burn that much more calories computer can also reduce the amount potassium

Naturally occurring in the body which consequently means cramps you’ll commonly hear a lot of bodybuilders or people who are taking clenbuterol experience some severe cramping obviously to combat that increase your potassium intake now that all of that is out of the way let me discuss why i dislike clenbuterol so much the benefits you can get out of columbia drawl

Our far outweighed by the side effects you get and what i mean by that is you are putting so much more jeopardy with your overall health then you’re actually gaining out of taking it you can cause permanent long-term heart damage and in my personal experience an opinion it doesn’t really offer that much because at the end of the day a lot of people think what you’re

Taking is magic that you could have a caloric surplus daily intake and take clenbuterol or clen and instantly just become shredded overnight really at the end of the day it all comes down to if you are in a caloric deficit there’s no way to cheat the system there’s never going to be things that aid in the process and which i recommend car terrine or gw 501 five

One six which actually provides many other health benefits along with also fat burning and then you don’t have the negative side effects that are associated with clenbuterol the heart is one of the main muscles you just really do not want to mess with and i know how irresponsible many people are they don’t do their due diligence they don’t do the research behind

What they’re taking some random bodybuilder at the gym suggest they take 200 micrograms of clent and then what happens is they end up having a heart attack i’m not going to say that what happened every single time but you don’t necessarily know how you’re going to respond to the drug and that’s why i always wreck and if you are ever gonna do anything do it under a

Doctor’s supervision start at an extremely low dosage as low possible see how your tolerance is and then if you’re not noticing anything you can gradually increase the dosage but it’s just such an overrated drug i don’t get the hype behind it i don’t know why it’s still a thing because as i mentioned there’s just so many better things out there and that is really

The purpose i’m making this video is just try and steer you away from in fact there’s much better options in the first link in the description down below and ultimately at the end of the day i want everyone who is watching this video everyone who follows me everyone who has ever watched one of my videos to take the most safe routes possible so have i tried quent

Yes numerous times and i have hated it every single time if you have any more questions comments concerns things you want maybe covered a little bit more in depth you can always shoot me a dm my instagram real kenny k yo i may not be able to answer every single one you but i try my best if you did enjoy the video please make sure to give a thumbs up if you’re new

The channel i highly suggest you subscribe and turn on post notifications i hope you learned something from this video and will do your research before you jump into anything and on that note i will catch you guys on the next one peace

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CLEN Fat Loss | Benefits and Side Effects By KO PODCAST