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Climax Delay Sprays | Timing

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Climax Delay sprays are a Class of numbing sprays that help in improving Premature Ejaculation in men. These contain lidocaine and prilocaine which help in decreasing sensitivity of the glans. This in return increases the man’s timing.

Are you not able to control your semen or sperm at all? through which you can gain the ability to use your penis for longer duration. even the chemists and doctors have no idea how to guide their patients. instead of increasing the duration the spray kills their erection. if you apply something that numbs your penis, how will feelings generate? and if there is no

Sensation, then no matter how big the penis is… today we are going to understand what these climax delay sprays are, and, how to use these sprays to get the maximum benefit out of them. because many patients come to me just to get this knowledge. through this channel, i am trying to provide inexpensive and home-based treatments for maximum men. you will keep getting

Important information so these climax delay sprays, this is lidocaine from cipla. you can find many such sprays online or in the chemist shop near you. and sells this cheap spray at expensive rates online. promescent spray changed the life of millions of people. same as viagra that brought revolution in erectile dysfunction because for the first time men had an easier

Solution to last longer. these sprays are basically made of two component, one is lidocaine basically, lidocaine and prilocaine are local anaesthesia. and i will not be able to feel any sensation in my finger. the patients suffer from premature ejaculation or early ejaculation who, after thrusting up and down, reaches climax slowly. it will make the area less sensitive,

Thereby let us assume after using these sprays you are not ejaculating early the advantage of this spray is that you will last longer.. it is quite possible that your partner gets pleasure out of it. “sir, we aren’t enjoying sex after using this spray.” “the pleasure of having sex has been reduced considerably” “because i don’t even feel like i am inside the vagina.

“I lost my erection, and couldn’t complete the sexual intercourse.” so, is there any solution to utilize these sprays in a better way? so, you should never spray it everywhere on your penis. even if you are a muslim, then also seal will be there. and this is the area where our penis meets each other. if you spray at this triangular area, and in this urethral opening

Because in a normal person, this is actually the sensitive area. if you just target the triangle of love and not the whole glans it is possible that you won’t feel much difference in the first few attempts. because it takes time to gauge the correct number of doses. whether you require a single spray or double or more after using it few times, you will get an idea about

The exact dosage needed for you to numb your sensitivity you will get an idea of the right dosage after one or twice use the exact no of spray, which will give you the best result for you you need to remember that every patient has different ‘action time’ it may take five minutes for you to reflect its result while for someone else it may take as long as half an hour.

It may take some time to decide the right action time for you. but i, as well as my patients, have experienced after using this spray you can spend 10-15 minutes on foreplay even it is also possible that you won’t discharge inside vagina or you may have to do musterbation to discharge yourself if you are using this spray, then it’s important to keep it in your mind.

That do not enter the vagina instantly after spraying it. immediately, might reduce or even terminate its effect. before applying spray, you should make sure that your penis is clean and there is no saliva or vaginal fluid on it. if you want to have more sex. then you can use it every time. remember that, you shouldn’t use the spray more than once or twice a night

If you used it twice a night, then try not to use it for next 3- 4 days because this type of medicine may cause bad side effects it’s available in market, one can avail and use it easily? this spray can be used for pleasure & enjoyment only. you body will become resistant to this spray after few use. it is possible that first ten times it’ll work perfectly fine.

After that its effect will diminish slowly but certainly. becomes resistant to these lidocaine and prilocaine. so you can’t use this spray as a permanent solution. but if you are in married life, secondly, this spray contains alcohol and anaesthesia inflammation, balanitis and swelling of the penis head. thirdly, if you already have erectile dysfunctioning many patients

Who’ve used these sprays have complained about ed. so many patients have to wear condom after using this fifthly, if you are planning for a baby, and using this spray, so it can reduce your sperm count, thereby hampering the pregnancy then these climax delay sprays can be very useful for you. i will keep giving you important knowledge to improve your sexual pleasure.

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Climax Delay Sprays | Timing बढ़ाने का इलाज By Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta