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Clonidine (Catapres) For Anxiety – Does it Work? Pros and Cons.

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Clonidine is gaining popularity among psychiatrists for the treatment of anxiety disorders as well as ADD and ADHD. In this video I discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Clonidine. I also discuss current studies on the medication. Visit our website at to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Hi everybody and welcome to another episode with the anxious resistance today we’re talking about the medication clonidine so clonidine is used to off-label for anxiety disorders anxiety disorders as many of you know and as i know personally are caused by high stress and over stimulation and what clonidine does is it lowers blood pressure it lowers blood pressure

But it also affects the central nervous system it’s a lot like a medication i talk about in another video called guanfacine which i’ll link right up here for you and you can you can check that out if you’d like so it lowers blood pressure but it also helps you feel less stress because it affects areas in your brain to help you feel less stress and this is something

That you know something like beta blockers don’t do now clonidine is often further down the line of treatments for anxiety because you know the evidence is fairly new that this helps and it’s it’s not something that has been out there for a long time and so other medications are often used first but that doesn’t change that this is a very viable option and has been

Shown uh to help not just with anxiety but help with adhd and help with add as well okay so what are some of the benefits of clonidine versus some of these other medications i’m talking about so first off it’s non-addictive so it’s automatically better than all those benzos that you’ve heard about the xanaxes the adivants the klonopins um you don’t want to be on

Those for long and i actually talk about that in another video too uh you don’t want to be on those long with clonidine you can be on it and it’s not addictive and it’s fast acting it’s not linked to neurodegeneration like the benzos are it’s a great option sometimes you know if you’ve failed an antidepressant for your anxiety if you felt something like boosperone

Or hydroxyzine you’ve tried already quantitating is an option and it’s out there and and it’s it’s got a lot of studies behind it showing that it’s effective and i’ll link some of those studies down below that you can look up if you’d like to see the evidence so the evidence is growing that clonidine can help you and it’s gaining popularity among physicians and

Psychiatrists to use for anxiety disorders because of the benefits that i’ve explained before if you’re treatment resistant this really is something that you should take a look at maybe give it a try bring it up with your psychiatrist bring it up with your primary care and see if it’s right for you i talk about my experience on guanfacine which is a very similar

Medication in in that other video which again i’ll link here it helped me it helped me get through for a while until i found something that was better for a lot of people with you know anxiety disorders and whatnot sometimes you know that’s what you need you need something to help keep getting you through so you can find something that really works and really takes

Away a lot of that anxiety for you that was my experience but you may find this even more effective for you you may find that it it significantly reduces your anxiety so it’s something that’s worth looking into and worth giving a try especially before you turn to something that’s potentially addictive like your xanax like your ativan like your klonopin all that

Stuff definitely give kalanidin a try before you go there and it’s something that you can use you know as needed so you don’t have to be on it all the time it’s something that you can use if you just you’re in an anxious situation if you’re about to go on a date if you’re about to give a public speech something like that you can use clonidine you know take it an

Hour before something and know that you’ll be able to stay calm and in control so definitely something worth looking into if you found something interesting in this video please give us a like down below and please if you want to know more subscribe to the anxious resistance because we have all kinds of mental health information and stuff that’s off the beaten

Path that you may not have heard of before and something that may be a good option for you and thank you so much for watching you

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Clonidine (Catapres) For Anxiety – Does it Work? Pros and Cons. By The Anxious Resistance