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CLUSTER HEADACHE RELIEF! | All about cluster headaches & what i did to reduce mine | RawBeautyKristi

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Hi guys my name is kristy and today i want to talk to you all about cluster headaches maybe you’re here because you found out on google that you may be having cluster headaches or maybe you had a pain in one of your eyes or one of the sides of your head and you weren’t quite sure what it was and you’re frantically searching because it was the most painful thing

You’ve ever been through or maybe you’re seeing this video because you have a friend or know somebody that had a cluster headache before i unfortunately am a chronic sufferer of cluster headaches now if you don’t know what they are i will briefly explain let me first start off by saying a headache is the worst word to call it it’s not a headache it’s not for me at

Least it is not a headache it is only my left eyeball and it is the most and i can’t no word can quite describe how painful it is but it’s absolutely 100% the most excruciating pain that any human could ever go through it trump’s childbirth it chops surgery pain they’ve even compared it to what it would feel more painful than to remove your leg without anesthesia

It’s so painful and as somebody who has these headaches i can tell you that they are the most horrifying pain you’ve ever experienced in your entire life and at the moment that they’re happening suicide sounds amazing suicide sounds like that since i felt like the best option at that time because if nothing nothing hurts the way these hurt they feel like somebody

Is ripping your eyeball out or for me it feels like immense i can’t even put a word on it it feels like somebody’s ripping out my eye or jamming something in my eye or like my eyeball is exploding out of my head over and over and over again and it doesn’t stop and i’m here to tell you that i have significantly reduced my cluster headaches using a simple tool that

I found on google first off i will tell you what it is i’m not like scam you would be like so click over to my website and buy my product i will tell you what i’m doing i i don’t want any money out of anyone i just want to help you if you get these two let me just first off say i don’t like comparing pain i don’t like saying you don’t get cluster headaches so

You don’t know what pain is there are people out there who have had a lot of pain who may not have had cluster headaches but i would like to just say i am specifically talking about cluster headaches in this video i don’t i’m not really that big on migraines i don’t get migraines necessarily and a lot of people get migraines and think they’re cluster headaches

Because they come in two cycles a cluster headache is very specific in that only sixty thousand people in the world have them so a lot more people get migraines these are very rare but very serious and very very very very painful headache i’m gonna keep doing the air quotes cuz it’s not a damn headache it’s just in your eye it’s so bad that i will link a video

In the description of this video of a woman having a cluster headache attack it’s you actually posted it today but it is the most real representation of what they feel like that i’ve ever seen you want to hit yourself in the head you want to pull your eye out i’ve even said if removing my eye would get rid of this pain my eye would be gone i would have one eye

It hurts that bad i would literally i would have abdominal surgery every week for the rest of my life if it meant that i would never have a cluster headache again that’s how bad it is it is so painful i’ve had surgery and i would take surgery over this any day any day oh my gosh you guys don’t even understand okay so let me first get into my backstory and then i

Will tell you what i’ve done to help reduce my cluster headaches so my backstory is that about four years ago i got one for the first time they come out of nowhere and there’s no cause for them i got mine when i was at a friend’s house in a different state and it caught me by complete surprise i had taken a drink of alcohol and about 10 minutes later i was in such

Excruciating pain i was literally throwing up everywhere my i was just dripping water i was wearing false eyelashes at the time i had to rip them off dunk my head in his seat was smacking myself in the face i was screaming i was crying i didn’t know what the hell was going on with me and i was at my friend’s house so what do you even do at this time so i asked her

I was puking everywhere i asked her maybe she had some ibuprofen or something and it didn’t help nothing helped and i basically just had to go to sleep in her basement and you can’t sleep here one of these things so basic i was in agonizing pain the entire afternoon and i just had to just go away i can’t be around anybody and that was the first time i got one and

Then they kept coming after that they weren’t that often but then they started getting closer together and a little closer together and i thought that ibuprofen might be a help to me so this is actually the second 750 count bottle of ibuprofen that i’ve gone through and there’s not that many left in here there’s maybe a hundred taps left in here so to say that i’ve

Gone through 1,400 ibuprofen maybe i haven’t taken all of them my husband probably took a few of them here and there but i took enough to where i got an ulcer and that’s not good yeah my stomach linings basically ruined my kidneys are probably ruined too who knows but it took a while for me to realize these don’t do anything especially when you’re taking like 800

Milligrams of these a day so don’t do that that’s number one don’t take ibuprofen because they will do nothing for these headaches nothing nothing i’m serious so i finally went to the doctor because i got one at work and i i went to the emergency room i was like this i can’t live through this anymore so i went to urgent care and basically the doctor treated me like

I was a drug addict he wanted to just basically tell me that i was looking for drugs he kept saying well you know i can give you a shot of pain medication but it’s not gonna get you high it’s like damn it i don’t want to get high i want the pain to go away so he gave me something he shot me in the ass twice with something and i what it was but the pain eventually

So lightly subsided that night it was so bad though that i had to pull over on the side of the road i was leaning up against a tree puking and screaming and crying and grabbing my face and my husband was mortified i couldn’t even drive and i’m afraid to drive with people so that tells you how bad it was and i was there for maybe three hours puking everywhere at the

Doctor’s office i get really nauseous when i get a cluster headache i don’t know about other people but it makes me puke really really bad i think it’s just the pain really or the fear i don’t know what it is and then i finally went to my general doctor and i said look i’m getting cluster headaches he said no i think you’re getting migraines i said sir i’m getting

Cluster headaches i know they’re cluster headaches because i’ve done my google research and dr. google tells me they’re cluster headaches and they’re only in my left eyeball and you don’t know anything and so he prescribed me a migraine medication called sumatriptan and this is my box i’m not gonna show you the other side except my name on it but sumatriptan has

Been the savior of my life when it comes to cluster headaches it is imitrex or this is the generic sumatriptan imitrex is like $400 and this cost like five dollars but the only side effect that it gives me when i take it is it makes my throat feel really tight and it makes swallowing feel strange it also kind of makes me drowsy and sometimes it can cause a little

Bit of dizziness but it does do the trick i take the tablets because i find that if i take them before the onset of my terrible cluster headaches i can sort of feel it coming on this does help sometimes it doesn’t and i’ve also had some about side-effects from this we’re actually put me in the emergency room because i was shaking really really bad from having this

But to me i would take that over a cluster headache any day so these have been a big help to me and that is what they prescribed me for the pain i started getting them really really frequently and to the point where they were coming i would say two three times a week and to me that’s frequent i never get cluster free periods but there were times where i would have

One like almost every single day and they sort of spread out a little bit but it’s not like i go eight months without a cluster free period you know what would the cluster keep here where i’m not getting cluster headaches like i’ll have them all the time maybe i’ll go a couple of weeks with that one but that’s really maximum for me so i was taking this sumatriptan

I just got to the point where i was like you know what i can’t handle this abort the attack every time it’s coming because they live my life in constant fear that i’m going to get a cluster headache when you have these you don’t understand like it’s the most scary thought of getting another one the thought of having another one makes she literally want to cry and

In the corner and cower because it’s so painful so i got a referral to a headache specialist and when i went to him he immediately diagnosed me with cluster headaches he didn’t even pussyfoot around he was like you have cluster headaches there’s no of course you do i’m a hundred percent positive that you do he actually diagnosed me which was the most refreshing

Feeling to make me feel like i wasn’t crazy he said that a really good preventive medication is a parappa milk verapamil is a prescription medication that is for high blood pressure i do not have high blood pressure i actually have quite normal blood pressure but this apparently helps with the suppression of cluster headaches and i have not taken it for one reason

And that’s because i’m gonna tell you about what did work for me and what has really significantly helped me these three things here so i was google researching one day about verapamil and the side effects and i was freaking out because i had seen some really bad side effects dizziness being really a really strong one and a couple of other really scary side effects

I just really didn’t want to take it i will do it if it ever gets to the point where i need to i mean there’s no question about it cluster headaches are horrible but what i did see was this thing called batch batches batch supplement protocol and now i will have the links for everything in the description of this video so if you guys would like to go check them out

The the research and the science behind them you can go look at look it up because i don’t know all about that all i know is that it has helped me significantly but i would definitely go look it up because you don’t know what a lifesaver this has been for me so i take calcium citrate i take three of these a day there are 200 milligrams apiece that’s 600 milligrams of

Calcium citrate i take three omega-3 fish oils at 500 milligrams apiece so obviously that’s 1500 milligrams of fish oil this is custom tailored to me they say to do 10,000 iu of vitamin d3 i do 30,000 and i do that because when i took it down to 10,000 i feel like i was getting more cluster headaches so i do 30,000 i use of vitamin d3 that’s probably way too much

But whatever i don’t care i’ll do anything to get rid of these headaches and something about that protocol when i do that every single day every night before i go to bed i take these supplements with my biggest meal of the day which is usually dinner i cannot tell you what a difference this has made on my life i have significantly reduced my cluster headaches with

Just this protocol i have done nothing different other than that i still take my sumatriptan if i get a cluster headache and i also keep prescribed me oxygen so here’s my lovely oxygen tank with my non-rebreather mask so i’ve got this if i need to i just read the oxygen through this for 15 minutes at 100% and i i do it at eight liters per minute it doesn’t seem to

Help me that much that i think a couple of things have said online that 15 liters per minute is better trying to get a company to sell you oxygen and a mask and a regulator at 15 liters per minute is almost impossible because they think it’s going to kill you because they only really give these machines out to people with emphysema not cluster headaches so anyway

I’m not gonna get too much into oxygen but it can definitely help look up oxygen therapy for cluster headaches if you’re interested for me it hasn’t been that much of a big help only because i think that my litres per minute is too low but i’m not 100% certain on that i can definitely call my a headache doctor though and see if maybe he can give me a different

Little regulator for my tank um but this supplement protocol has literally changed my life it’s not taking my headaches completely away it’s taken them down by but what i would say is about 80 percent to me that’s a huge-ass number i was having two three four five a week and i’ve maybe gotten it down to one i’ve had about two this month and that neither of them

Have been nearly as as they were before i posted a comment on the video that i linked below of the woman having the cluster headache attack and i i’ve come to the conclusion that everyone has them at different severa tees and lengths and amounts i when i get them mine last me about two hours i would say on average maybe an hour if i can get them in time i can cut

Them down to about 15 to 20 minutes if i get the medication before i get the cluster headache like when i just feel the slight weirdness in my left eye i can maybe cut it down and just have like a little weird feeling like that happen me the other day i started feeling like oh it’s gonna get when i took a sumatriptan immediately and it stopped it one bad thing

About sumatriptan also is rebound headaches so i get rebound headaches from these if i take them too often now if i’m having like a episodic cluster period time where i’m like in like i’m getting a you know two three for a week at that point afterwards i will get a pounding headache for a few days because it’s like my rebound headache because this the side effect

Of that is a rebound headache but i will take an all-over headache any day of the week compared to a cluster headache so that’s really it you guys just taking these i i work at a veterinary hospital so i order some of my supplements from one of our vendors there so i get them a little bit less expensive ordering them online can save you a lot of money especially

If you shop around i’m not a hundred percent sure but calcium citrate omega-3 fish oils and vitamin d3 amuse me vitamin d3 i don’t know what the big deal is about vitamin d3 but it apparently is like the savior of cluster headaches look up and click on the link in the description that i put in there about the protocol and read they have a study where people go

On there and they try this out and they post their results a couple of months in it’s got like an 80% success rate with people and you guys that’s huge that’s really really really really huge it’s real people with real cluster headaches posting their real results and to me that’s where i’m gonna listen to the people because your doctors are gonna try to put you

On all this sort of and you don’t want to have to just go through the runaround from your doctors oh you’re not having cluster headaches oh you are oh you’re not oh you are if you think you are if you’re having that horrific pain in one of your eyes if you want to kill yourself when you get one of these headaches if you don’t know what it is and it’s on it’s in

One of your eyes and it feels like your head is exploding out of your face you might be having a cluster headache so i would definitely do some research on it and see if that’s what you’re having and if it is maybe try this out i don’t know if this works for migraines i don’t know if it’s only for cluster headaches or what but for me it has been a huge saviour

And it’s given me a lot of my life back i still live in constant fear of cluster headaches and i’m not out of the woods with them but if you know somebody who has dealt with this i mean it’s pretty rare you guys like 60,000 people in the whole world what’s funny is that half the people on my facebook or like oh my get felis and you’re like that’s funny that like

30 people that i know in my real life get cluster headaches yet only 60 thousand people in the world get them so it really doesn’t make sense that half the people i know get them and really what they’re thinking is i get headaches and they come in like cycles like clusters but the term cluster headache needs to be re-evaluated because it’s a terrible name for it

They are not headaches more like super often i explosion pain i honestly i don’t even know but it’s that bad and i really honestly truly sympathize with anybody that has these and they’re absolutely mortifying and horrible and i’m so sorry if you get them because it’s not fair and i wish there were more studies and i wish there was a cure and maybe one day there

Will be maybe one of the things i’m we’ll help you out maybe not i have heard that magic mushrooms can help and i’ve also heard that lsd can help if you have to your prerogative great i’ve taken mushrooms before in the past just for recreational use when i was like 17 years old i had a bad trip on the shrooms and so i’m a little freaked out to take shrooms again

I don’t give a about the illegal aspect of anything because honestly in my opinion i don’t really understand how a plant can be illegal when salvia is legal doesn’t make any sense to me that mushrooms would be illegal when salvia is legal and salvia is the most drug in the entire world i’ve got done it but i’ve seen people do it and how that can be legal but

Mushrooms could be illegal i honestly don’t even know like don’t even know you don’t know so i don’t know if you guys want to look into something like that and you honestly anything that will help you not kill yourself from one of these headaches i think is a pretty beneficial and if that takes taking mushrooms once a month if that means taking lsd i don’t know

I’ve done both and they both get you super high so i don’t really know how you would use them for treatment of cluster headaches without just being high all the time so i don’t know much about it i’m good on trying it for right now but i’m gonna continue with my supplement protocol that has been working for me and i hope that it works for you if you guys like this

Video i guess hit the thumbs up you don’t have to it’s totally like whatever i mean i just hope that this has helped you and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments please be respectful of other people too that have this issue i don’t want any fights going on in the comments about which is more painful in my arena or cluster headache there is

No need to compare pain it’s just silly but let’s just all be supportive of each other and if any of us suffer from any type of headaches i i’m sorry i have i am a chronic sufferer of every type of but now of course i’m a cluster headache sufferer and it’s not a cool fun club to be in i promise you don’t want to be in it and if you’ve ever had one before i’m so

Sorry and to the woman who is video i posted below who was hitting herself in the head and screaming and crying i’ve been in there and i’ve been there probably hundreds of times and i cried with you during that video it was horrible and i’m very sorry that you’ve had to go through that so i hope any of this can help even just one person with their cluster headaches

I mean i’m serious you guys give it a shot there’s no reason not to unless you’re allergic to one of these supplements then please don’t do that don’t want you to die okay guys thank you so much for watching i will see you at my next video and i hope you’re all well alright

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CLUSTER HEADACHE RELIEF! | All about cluster headaches & what i did to reduce mine | RawBeautyKristi By RawBeautyKristi