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Cmo bajar la PRESIN ALTA sin medicamentos?

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En este video la nutricionista Tatiana Zanin explica cómo bajar la presión alta de forma natural, así como los peligros que esta ocasiona para la salud.

Now i am going to tell you everything you need to know to lower your blood pressure and keep it at its normal values ​​without medication and in a natural way, and this goes beyond diet. i will explain what you eat and what you should not eat, but i will also tell you what it is the ideal tea for you to lower your blood pressure and then it is possible that you no

Longer need medication with this eating behavior that will make you a new person because medicine fixes things but it is better to prevent than to cure so if we do not need medication much better high blood pressure is silent and can even harm you without even showing symptoms and for this reason it is very serious because it can cause a cbd without you even knowing that

You have high blood pressure because of this if you know that you have a tendency for your blood pressure to rise you should keep it under control as much as possible to keep your blood pressure under control blood pressure can cause a cbd but also it can cause a heart attack and over time, if the pressure is not taken care of, it can cause heart failure, even cause

Irreversible damage to the kidney, for example, that is, high blood pressure is serious, it must be treated, it needs medication and that is why i am here, i will tell you everything you can know and do so that your blood pressure is under control and it does not harm you now or in the future know at what exact moment your blood pressure may be high some common symptoms

That cause hypertension are headaches, especially in the neck nosebleeds dizziness discomfort and even memory loss if you measure your blood pressure and it is above 12 times 8 it means that it is high and you have to lower it it is not a game what happens is that your arteries have the ability to relax and contract according to the amount of blood that passes through it

And this means that the pressure control is always within what we said up to 120 per 80 which is a normal pressure when the pressure increases means that your arteries cannot handle the amount of blood that passes through there when the pressure increases it is necessary to reduce it because the more this pressure increases and the more this pressure increases the artery

Loses elasticity or the ability to relax and you can explode one of the main causes of high blood pressure is obesity and if in the past we had more mature adults in the office from 60 years old it was natural that their pressure was more stubborn but now it has seen that adolescent children and young adults with obesity have high blood pressure and remember, the younger

You develop high blood pressure, the more difficult it will be throughout your life to control that blood pressure, hence the importance of controlling and maintaining this pressure to create good habits for that this pressure is not a torment throughout life explain to me if you want to know each kilo you lose weight it decreases it’s a little dot there in the blood

Pressure number it’s immediately it ‘s true believe me now the best diet you can do to keep your blood pressure under control is a diet called das which is a diet to get rid of hypertension itself jeter and take advantage of your daddy pertei sion then it’s a good diet believe for example imagine for breakfast you have a cup of natural yogurt with whole grains super high

In fiber that more calcium which is great that more in the cereal magnesium and potassium excellent and if you want increase the amount of minerals you put a fence like blueberry the darker the berry you put there the more antioxidants it has for your veins for your health so that your blood pressure is good another interesting thing imagine for lunch for lunch you can

Prepare some spinach sautéed dark leaves have a lot of potassium potassium captures salt sodium and sends it out of your body you need is dark leaves the queen is the beet leaf but if you don’t have this bear you can use spinach arugula a rocket salad also works and with that they will accompany it with a carrot puree and a little roasted fish the protein is great remember

That you are not going to touch the salt that you are going to use exactly aromatic herbs that will make your food tastier without resorting to sodium that is bad for your blood pressure and this diet is not only based on eliminating salt from your diet but it is also based on the introduction of natural and fresh foods fruits and vegetables rich in potassium calcium and

Magnesium the potassium in these foods will cause the sodium in your body to be captured and eliminated, which will increase your urge to urinate and decrease the pressure in your body and for example magnesium is a powerful natural muscle relaxant that will make your arteries more able to relax and regulate pressure at dinner, for example, dinner is super elegant with n

That you are going to start a pumpkin cream pumpkin cream with some seeds to decorate it is elegant and super rich in magnesium which is what we have learned that relaxes the arteries and facilitates the passage of blood there explain to me and it is good for your blood pressure does not rise and you can accompany it with a grilled chicken you can do that i love brown rice

With tomato and with that you can accompany it with tomato juice the tomato juice you can drink it at lunch in the afternoon the juice tomato has a lot of potassium and after you add a tablespoon of brewer’s yeast, brewer’s yeast is a supplement rich in potassium that can be used on a daily basis in soups or juices, for example, to help control blood pressure as well in

The dash diet, which is the specific diet to lower blood pressure, you should also associate a tea with a high diuretic potential to help keep blood pressure in a good place. an example is hibiscus tea. i love hibiscus tea. it smells good. it tastes good. it is rich in antioxidants. it is diuretic and will help you supplement your diet. late at night kate and to prepare

The tea it’s simple it’s two tablespoons of hibiscus flower in 300 milliliters of hot water cover the cup wait 5 to 10 minutes until the water is colorful beautiful and fragrant and then you have a warm cup in the morning, afternoon and evening, be careful that when you start to eat in a healthy way, it is healthier to reduce pressure. it may be necessary to decrease sides

Even stop taking what you do everything well it is so if you are making these small changes you may need to take more remedy you saw that it is good because the m the medicine is good when you need it, if you don’t need it, it’s even better. i still have a very interesting story about high blood pressure. a desperate patient referred me to the cardiologist, telling me when

The cardiologist told me i had to lose weight because i had high blood pressure, i started doing diet and i told her very well and what did you do in her head what did she do i just eat a salad and a protein a steak a chicken and a salad i told her ok and she told me and i lost a lot of weight and i told her that’s great but so what’s the problem and she said but my blood

Pressure doesn’t want to go down my blood pressure doesn’t go down i have a problem something is wrong and we discovered together that she ate her chicken and put a little salt on it she grilled it but to be able to eating the salad he used all the sauce he could then he put sauce on the lettuce he ate tomatoes with salt to eat the salad that had fewer calories it is true

He added or salt that has no calories because he already thought how i just want to lose weight i can do this and his blood pressure did not drop so you can see that it is true that you see it and even with high blood pressure but the eating habits in this specific case the salt did not let that his pressure will drop even though he had lost weight and this salt story is

Not new there is nothing new in that salt raises blood pressure the behavior of water and salt is like that water and salt salt is a magnet for water, then, where there is salt, there is water and if the water is inside the artery together with that coming out of the artery, the pressure inside increases and the cake has to endure and if it does not, it is there and that

Is where the accidents that we know occur when the pressure increases what happens is that you have to reduce the salt in your food you have to reduce the amount of food that you prepare with a lot of salt like ready-to-eat things packaged soups that you only have to put water and it is ready to eat it is dangerous and anything that has a lot of sodium soft drinks are also

Dangerous for example and it is sweet but it has sodium i mean and any type of salt to itatí but i only use the pink himalayan salt no the color of the salt you use does matter, it is salt, and if you have a high blood pressure problem, reduce the amount of salt you use in your meals, but you can replace the salt with aromatic herbs to make your meals tastier, it does not

Have to be a bad thing to remove the salt is a matter of educating your palate, it will get used to eating less salt and feeling more the flavor of the food and you can use pepper and you can use more aromatic herbs you can use basil oregano rosemary anyway invent there are so many aromatic herbs that enhance the flavor of meals without having to resort to salt and believe

Me everything is a matter of habit and it is a fact that reducing the amount of salt in your diet reduces your pressure blood pressure and to control blood pressure there are no exceptions there is no day when you can eat all the salt you want because only that time is enough to cause you to have a cbd and so far it went and if salt is terrible for blood pressure the sugar

Is even worse because not only does it make you fat but it also increases uric acid it increases triglycerides it increases abdominal fat it can cause metabolic syndrome causing blood pressure to rise in addition to inflaming your body it reduces the elasticity of the arteries increasing the risk of that it explodes because it does not resist the high pressure inside it,

Explain to me then if salt is bad, excess sugar is also bad and it is as bad as alcohol or cigarettes for example that you also have to eliminate them from your life to do is hypertensive da i forgot an important matter caffeine is not welcome to control blood pressure so if you need coffee you should drink it early prano if your blood pressure is not under control these

Days forget about coffee then if you have high blood pressure do not hesitate every week at least once you should measure it you have never had high pressure check it at least once a year it does not cost nothing and if you have any symptoms that you think could be high blood pressure such as a little pain in the never a discomfort such as dizziness that could be related

To high blood pressure go check it doesn’t cost anything to measure it now you know what to do to keep your blood pressure under control and get rid of anything that can cause kidney cardiovascular problems or whatever and you know it’s in your hands to improve your diet drink tea make the tea interesting and talk to your doctor to adjust the medication and maybe eliminate

The medications of your life and it is in your hands to also like this video and subscribe to this channel that only has interesting things for you to learn how to how to improve your health until next time imagine this is an artery and such

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¿Cómo bajar la PRESIÓN ALTA sin medicamentos? By Tua Saúde en Español