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multiple choice question from cns drugs for pharmacist exam preparation

Hello friends welcome to a new video from peter advanced question number one a patient on the trauma burn unit receives a drug to ease dressing changes they experience good prompt analgesia but despite the absence of pain sensation the heart rate and blood pressure rises much as if the sympathetic nervous system were activated by painful response as the effect of the

Drug developed their skeletal muscle tone progressively increases they appear awake at the time because their eye periodically opened as the drag effect were off they had loosened it and behaved in a very agitated fashion which drug was given option a ketamine b fentanyl c thiopenda d midazola answer is ketamine the symptoms described responds to ketamine it activate

Most cardiovascular parameters it can cause drowsiness double vision confusion uneasiness in the prescribed dose it can cause abnormal heart rhythm agitation or confusion within the post-operative recovery period so here answer is ketamine question number two which of the following drugs specifically enhances the activity of brain department by inhibiting metabolic

Inactivation of dopamine option a benztropine b celly jalen c chlorpromacin the bromocryptin answer is silicelline it inhibits monoamine oxidase b and delay the metabolic breakdown of dopamine it is effective alone in parkinsonism penstropin is an anticholinergic drug bromocryptin is dopamine receptor agonist chloropromason is an antipsychotic with anti-adrenergic

Activity so here answer is silicenin question number three in comparing neuroleptics which of the following is most likely to cause constipation urinary retention blurred vision and dry mouth option a close-up in b haloperidol c chloropromasine d landscaping answer is chloropromacid the symptoms are describing antimuscarinic side effects phenotyping shows maximum

Of these side effects so here answer is chlorpromacy question number four we prescribe fluoxetine for a 40 year old man with repetitive obsessive behavior that prevents him from carrying out simple tasks this drug is classified as which of the following option a alpha 2 adrenergic receptor inhibitor b monoamine oxidase inhibitor c tricyclic non-selective amine

Reuptake inhibitor d selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor answer is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor fluoxetine is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor acting on 5-het transporter it forms active metabolites that is effective for several days so here answer is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor question number five given the concern about cocaine

Abuse and death from it which of the following statement correctly characterize this drug option a produces bradycardia and vasodilation b it is metabolized by hepatic mixed function oxidase c block nerve conduction effectively the block both alpha and beta1 adrenergic receptors answer is block ner conduction effectively cocaine is a benzoic acid ester which blocks

Initiation and conduction of impulses cocaine also block reuptake of norepinephrine peripheral block of norepinephrine causes tachycardia vasoconstriction death occurs due to heart attack stroke or seizure so here answer is block nerve conduction effectively question number six a 19 year old woman whose roommate is being treated for depression decides that she is

Also depressed and surreptitiously take her roommate’s pills as directed on the bottle for several days one night she make herself a snack of chicken liver pit and blue cheese accompanied by a glass of red wine she soon develops headache nausea and palpitation she goes to the emergency department where her blood pressure is found to be 200 by 110 millimeters of

Mercury what antidepressant did she take option a fluoxetine b phenylasine c dressed on d cetera answer is phenolicid here the patient takes diamond rich food and she is on monoamine oxidase inhibitor tyramine causes release of catecholamine from presynaptic terminals which cause hypertension headache tachycardia nausea and stroke this diaramine is inactivated

In gut by monoamine oxidation so person who is not taking monoamine oxidase inhibitor will not show any of this effects so here answer is finalism question number seven a main limitation to use nitrous oxide as the sole agent for surgical anaesthesia is which of the following option a very high frequency of bronchospasm b minimum alveolar concentration is more

Than hundred percent see almost total lack of analgesic activity regardless of concentration the methyloglobinemia methylmoglobinemia occurs even with low inspect concentration answer is minimum alveolar concentration is more than 100 nitrous oxygen has a minimum alveolar concentration of 105 percentage achieving that concentration in an inspired gas mixture is

Physically impossible at normal atmospheric pressure it is poorly soluble in blood so equilibration between alveolar and blood concentration and the onset of its central effect are quite rapid so here answer is minimum alveolar concentration is more than 100 percent question number eight a 55 year old woman undergo surgery she received several drugs for pre and

Aesthetic care intuition and intraoperative skeletal muscle paralysis and a mixture of inhaled anesthetics to complete the balance anaesthesia towards the end of the procedure she develops hypothermia hypertension hyperkalemia tachycardia muscle rigidity and metabolic acidosis in managing reactions what should be administered specifically in attempt to correct the

Abnormal skeletal muscle activity that is mainly responsible for all the other secondary signs and symptoms were described option a paclofen b diacepa c cyclobenzaprine d dantroline answer is dendrogen here the patient shows the signs and symptoms of malignant hyperthermia caused by anesthetics there is sustained increase in availability and concentration of free

Calcium ions in the myocytes and contractile proteins are continuously activated dendroline which interfere with the release of calcium ions from sarcoplasmic reticulum is indicated in the treatment of this type disorder so here answer is tantruli thank you for watching this video if it is useful please like and share this video and subscribe this channel thank you

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