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Colchicine or Methotrexate, With Ursodiol, Are Effective After 20 Years in a…

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Dr. Marshall M. Kaplan discusses his manuscript “Colchicine or Methotrexate, With Ursodiol, Are Effective After 20 Years in a Subset of Patients With Primary Biliary Cirrhosis.” To view the print version of this abstract go to

I’m michael kaplan i’m a professor of medicine at tough university school of medicine and keep emeritus beulah gastrula game at tufts medical center i thank the editors of the gastroenterology and hepatology for selecting our paper for review the paper is colchicine preserves the diode versus methotrexate clusters a dial the new treatment primaries are roses

On a year follow up approximately sixty-five percent of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis will respond completely de treatment with her so dialogue have normals the bible up to 20 years approximately thirty five percent of patients respond in completely to versatile and have recipes ease we have been offering patients respond and completely diverse a dial

Adjunctive treatment with colchicine at the trax a book many years we published our experience in dds one year ago we studied 91 patient with pvc who responded in completely versatile the hope to see and methotrexate was added eighty percent of these patients wanted and there was significant improvement biochemical testicle living histology symptoms we wondered

Whether this response with durable we had the opportunity to study another cohort of patients who have been in a perspective double-blind trial of colchicine vs methotrexate again that began in nineteen eighty a at a time to versatile is not available werner saddam would became available and patients were in the study for at least two years they were given versatile

In addition we follow these patients for 10 years and published results in hepatology in 2004 there were 29 patients who completed all ten years studying 18 these patients have been hope to see the third seed i’ll proud of these patients were alive and well 20 years had more liver function tests and function normally three patients all of them have normal liver

Function tests died in the seventies and eighties of renal vascular disease that wasn’t related to pbc however there were three patients who have aggressive disease two of these patients have lou transplantation the current it was not eligible for protection by the pneumonia there were 11 patients who completed study who commended on internet crack saver i’ll none

Of these patients well have totally normal they should magically compassionate in the 70s who have no more test dying unrelated to regrow bachelor disease this slide indicates the durability of the biochemical response if we look at out from across the taser baseline it was a significant decrease after two years of treatment that it before versus i was added at

Ten years it was further than significant decrease in output across the taste and this was this response was stayed up 20 years same as crew ast see that 10 to 20 years the results of the same i’ll two equally important albumin levels remain well when a year period prothrombin time a little bit and bilirubin who may know very to study in summary response to call

To see methotrexate would durable and respond to methotrexate it’d be more durable for that colchicine thank you very much

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Colchicine or Methotrexate, With Ursodiol, Are Effective After 20 Years in a… By AmerGastroAssn