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Comfortable Inn. On Dextro Amph. Sucked and not even Xanax helped

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Okay catherine taking the video for you this guy just walked right up to me it’s like 5 000 in the morning i’m sitting in the lobby of the holiday inn all right he’s like do you know anything about the gas situation man i’m like no i didn’t order no gas he’s like no did you hear about anything and i’m like i’m like what do you mean i’ve been here all night

He’s like oh my gosh look at him he watched the news and he got up and he started panicking this is what people do that are sheep these are the people that look at him he probably eats meat every single day he’s a blood luster look at where he is he’s wearing two masks plus i’m tripping i’m really loud and people can always hear me when i’m talking even if i’m

Talking somebody else people always mom and dad are always telling me this james you’re talking too loud and i say i usually don’t care if anybody’s hearing me i’m not talking to them i’m not bothering anyone else but i like the art work in this room that’s why i’ve been down here because i don’t want to disturb my parents and there’s a workout room i was gonna

Go do some yoga actually but that lady right there has been really nice all night long and she showed me this charge port so i’ve been charging my phone um there’s a tv over there i don’t watch that though i think it pumps theta waves into your brain so you uh become docile that’s why i don’t watch it but potato waves would be the last thing that would affect

Me i’m drinking coffee actually i got these things i don’t really drink much but while i’m all zoomed in check that out 15 high volume they got white ones and am i zoomed in oh yeah i was all the way zoomed in retro tables and then it’s kind of dumb the recess lighting stupid supposedly it was just built i mean they have plates on it they’re pretty cheap those

Are rooms behind those wooden walls little meeting conference rooms these are true meeting room of course this all the time everywhere you look i’m gonna install it i’m gonna go i’m gonna give you a tour i’m gonna give myself a tour put this on here’s the workout room about my workout gear and that girl that was in there she’s gone there was a girl in there

Sorry well i was outside about 420 smoking blood yeah i was gonna come in here lift some weights you know i ain’t slept before days this is pretty cool let me take cord out of my phone i look like i’m a investigator the indian times paper yeah i’m an indian guy for the indian times no actually that’s exactly who i am well i’m not indian not anything actually i

Don’t call myself anything i mean i look white but i look more red and sunburned my hair looks like a pancake i don’t care what i look like i don’t generally look at myself look at all the equipment doesn’t look fun to me nope not at all it’s not supposed to be fun james it’s supposed to be something you do to keep your fitness up oh make sure you do that for

Your fitness well there was a dark girl here who i saw her doing yoga oh people are leaving little kids and she came in here real early and she was staying fit she probably knows that she if she doesn’t do that she’ll become fat see me i just normally stay skinny and i don’t really care so it’s easy for me to get around and i’m very like actually if you do

Slow motion slow motion karate or bruce lee wang chung which is the art of killing a man like i told my mother today mom if anybody ever attacks you you don’t need to be strong or anything they come up on you and just take your thumb and you pop their eyeball as hard as you can it’s like why what if they’re oh they had a million excuses they don’t ever want

To just laugh and say good idea thanks or or just laugh they have to criticize me because i have because i criticize every possible thing in reality i criticize everything in existence even their existence and belief systems that’s what they get mostly pissed about but i don’t try to do that intentionally i don’t really know i just i’m just noticing the more i

Uh well think on it the more i think on it the more i use my inner knowing and the whole time when i do this to get the most boost out of it my real deep knowing i usually take lsd but i haven’t had in quite some time but a while ago i was doing 10 trips we were getting 10 ships all the time and i was saving them whole things for myself doing you know a few of

Them within a few days and not really micro i was over not overdosing but not micro dosing but taking good trips but then that last one there that i took i didn’t really get much off it made me feel really weird i did a lot of work there some walking around got more in a pilates thing number two i see machines uh okay hmm whoops sorry to be so loud i’m

Doing a story giving an investigation dateline reports james shepard what the is he up to well this is what i’m up to i can’t sleep making a sound like this with all my ideas actually poisoned i was poisoned by my brother my brother my brother wherever we go he goes to my brother look at my hair my brother i shaved it with a little razor that was going zin

Zing zing in the back it’s probably in here it’s probably here all over look at looking closely you’ll see my hair actually i did pretty good here it may not drop but look at look at this i’m lying to you no that’s my hair i would not pick it out of the garbage if it wasn’t or put it near my head if it wasn’t but that’s pretty gross anyways i shouldn’t have done

That you wash my hands i shouldn’t be making so much money i’m making a comedy oh my to hear me voice was freaking out over there on me oh no way you are not

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Comfortable Inn. On Dextro Amph. Sucked and not even Xanax helped By Question Reality