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Common Hepatotoxic Drugs

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Drugs Causing Liver Damage

Hello my name is dr diwan s raja today i will discuss about common hepatotoxic drugs we’ll also cover some of the toxins that may also damage the liver hepatotoxicity is an important point for the for the prescription of medication because many drugs are metabolized in the liver if the liver is not functioning nicely or is there any liver disease then the

Toxicity will be worse so it depends on the functions of the liver and also there are many factors there may be individual factor there may be idiosyncrasy and also hepatotoxicity may be aggravated in certain type of drug interactions so let’s start what drug drugs causes hepatotoxicity analysis painkiller and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs analgesic

Acetaminophen also called paracetamol also called tylenol this is a drug if it is taking to a big dose or for many days then it may cause hepatotoxicity along with other toxicities aspirin may lead to race syndrome specially in children with viral disease if they get experienced then there may be pheton feminine hepatitis and cerebral edema so it may lead to

Hepatic encephalopathy that may be fatal so in case of fever it is better to take acetaminophen not to take aspirin and spin is if a spin is given to a patient who has viral infection then there is chance to get raised syndrome special in children anti-rheumatic drug all of this drug they they modify the disease process and this drug may lead to liver toxicity

Liver damage okay then muscle relaxant like metaxalone these are needing denturon that may lead to hepatotoxicity any of this drug drug used in heart disease in a inaudible a drug used for positive inotropic action on the heart boson ton endothelial receptor antagonist these drugs are potential hepatotoxic drugs anti-diabetic drugs like puberty tarjan and rosie

Lee darjeel these are insulin sensitizer and oral hypoglycemic drug acura ecoboost and tall alpha glucosidase inhibitor and hypoglycemic drug so all of them are then lead to liver toxicity liver damage to certain percentage of population okay the anti-tb drug likely from basin isoniazide also called i n h iso nicotinic acid hydrazide pyrogenamide these all are

Potential hepatotoxic drug and this is very much notorious to cause hepatotoxicity bioregina might reformation induces the hepatic enzyme so it may interact with other drug and that way it may also damage the liver anti-hyperlipidemic drug all the statin hng coenzyme inhibitor and niacin they they to their these are potential hepatotoxic drugs anti-fungal drug

Drug like ghetto chronological gryceophobia amphoterescendii all of them are potentially hepatotoxic antibiotic tetracycline may damage the liver in certain parts of the population and it is containing it during pregnancy it is contraindicated before the age of 18. erythromycin that may lead to hepatotoxicity liver damage mp3 and amoxicillin hyper toxicity

Is very rare and reversible but still there is possibility to certain percentage of population inhalation and aesthetic like despluring isofluorine halothane all of them may cause liver damage hepatotoxicity and a parkinsonian drug like 12 kaplan this is this is a comic inhibitor per golight dopamine receptor agony this is a neurotransmitter this receptor

Agonist this drug they are hepatotoxics potentially immunosuppressive drug like as a theoprine cyclospring again they are potentially hepatotoxic to certain percentage of the population and it depends on the liver function of all this drug so it is essential to assess the liver function test periodically and patients should get medication with doctor supervision

Or follow-up anti-epileptic drug carbamazepine vaporic acid again these are potentially hepatotoxic list of anti-cancer drug okay a lot of anti-cancer drug all of them are hepatotoxic that may damage the liver that may lead to jaundice and there will be hepatic failure drug interaction only one drug may damage the liver multiple drugs may cause more damage

To the liver in certain situation doctors used to prescribe multiple medication like in case of tuberculosis we need multiple drug therapy for at least six months for leprosy multiple drug therapy for at least three years so when you get multiple drugs all of them are metabolized to the liver so there is more chance to get liver damage and hepatotoxicity so this

Patient and all other patients who are taking potentially hepatotoxic drug should be under doctor surveillance and so they need periodic hepatic function test that means liver function test that is done by studying the enzyme study and also by clinical examination erythromycin interact with furosemide this is a diuretic and fluid ourselves it is an anti-cancer

Drug so this this and this and that this all combination will aggravate liver damage damage combination of alcohol and acetaminophen especially in the chronic alcoholic person he if you take acetaminophen apparently it is a harmless medication but it may damage the liver this is the tylenol or paracetamol is it an aphan interact with beta blocker this is there

Is an anti-hypertensive drug or barbiturate or anti-tb drug ins iso nicotinic acid hydrazide or isoniazide sulfin pyrogene which is used in case of gout phenytoin used in case of epilepsy so interaction of two or more of this drug may aggravate liver damage may cause liver failure combustion of alcohol and carbon tetrachloride certainly that will lead to liver

Failure herbal supplement like gaba kaaba used to people like to get that harvard supplement for insomnia or muscle strain or anxiety but this is a potentially this is a hepatotoxic substance okay other hepatotoxic dragon drugs and toxin tuckerine techrin is a drug used in alzheimer’s disease because alzheimer’s disease patient lost the cholinergic neuron in

The brain so this is the drug of choice initial drug but this drug may lead to liver damage or it is hepatotoxic drug anti-tipanosomias especially the african type of typinosomiasis sleeping sickness okay that is managed by malar soprano for african triposomiasis or sleeping sickness and that is a hepatotoxic drug anti-depressant a typical anti-depressant

Drug like monoamine oxidase inhibitor like the eutroniazide tenor septamine they are atypical when the typical anti-depressant drug does not work physician prescribe this medication okay especially depression with phobia and depression with other features a typical depression monomer oxidase inhibitor is the drug of choice but it may lead to liver damage along

With a very much dangerous situation that may increase the blood pressure that may lead to tyramine when the person take with it with that dynamic the blood pressure may go up it is called serotonin syndrome herbal supplement kabakaba we just discussed that it is used in case of insomnia muscles muscle strain and this is this may lead to liver damage certain

Mushroom arsenic or arsenic products carbon tetrachloride copper heavy metal ethanol this is an alcohol there is hepatotoxic iron again heavy metal phenol pcb thallium all may lead to hepatotoxicity so a lot of drug a lot of medication a lot of prescribed medication some over the counter medication and some toxin may lead to hepatotoxicity it does not happen to

Everyone it depends on the liver function in liver function is good it may not happen it happened to a certain percentage of the population okay there may be individual variation and also depends on the liver function already diseased or sick liver may cause more problem and very quick hepatic failure liver failure drug interaction may aggravate the hepatotoxicity

And there may be idiosyncrasy some individual may be more prone to develop liver damage like hello thin in certain group of people okay their number is very small but there may be idiosyncrasy and that’s all about the hepatotoxic drug common hypertoxic drug and some toxins if you have any question please feel free to ask me please share the information with your

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Common Hepatotoxic Drugs By Dewan Raja