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Commonly used beta blockers effects and side effects by Intikaf Peer Mohamed

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Beta blockers, by Intikaf Peer Mohamed

Friends today i’m going to talk about beat of lukas as you all know beta-blockers we use in the ward very widely so you must know the commonly used beta-blockers effect and the side effects because we encounter so many problems regarding this beta-blockers effect and the side effects inside the ward so this is for this learning is for life not for the exam before

I jump into the beta-blockers you must know where you kind will you can find the beta receptors so beta receptors i have divided into three category beta 1 beta 2 beta 3 you just ignore the beta 3 this is beta 3 result was phi found in the bladder we use midi seals beta 3 agonist against some kind of urge incontinence patients so these very very rare out patience

You can see some questions regarding this so our main tower target focus is beta 1 and beta 2 beta 1 receptors are found in heart and the kidney in the heart it takes at an ionotropic effect and increase the contractility in the kidney it increased the reading production so in the beta beta 2 receptors are found in the lungs in the lungs it increased the diameter

Of the bronchioles and beta-2 agonist we used for asthma patients in blood vessels beta-2 agonist can open the blood vessels so you in the in the blood vessels if you give any beta-2 agonist in the presence there are receptor beta 2 receptor it open up the blood vessel in the liver as you all know adrenaline is one of glucose any hormone it increased the glucose

Enoch effect through the beta 2 receptors we look at the some commonly used beta blockers inside the wood and effects and side effect of those drugs first propanol all pro parallel is the oldest beta blockers in the world so it has it has effect on both beta 1 and beta 2 equally so we used to say nonspecific beta blockers so except effects not only in the heart

When you use this medicine against hypertension introduced the hypertension by blocking beta one action in the heart so it reduced the contractility inotropic effect in the heart at the same time it can produce bronchoconstriction and the vasoconstriction so it can produce it is contraindicated in asthma patients and it can produce some cold extremities so patients

Often complain when they start beta blockers with this whole extremity problem so this is not only for propanol all the other beta blockers can produce these kind of side effects until alone ethanol is more specific to beta one but it accepts some effect again in beta 2 receptors – so it it can even produce bronchospasm and it is no it is not wise to use in asthma

Patients so don’t use atenolol in asthma patient at the same time it can produce cold mitties as other beta-blockers so third machine is metal or metal prolyl is widely used inside the work it is found in it injects and foam – so you must remember this metroprolol we use in iv foam in the emergency situations so according to book literally they say that it has

Only beta one effect but it has some beta 2 effects – so it can produce some bronchoconstriction and also reason come come with college cemeteries and one important thing is metoprolol is a very lipid soluble lipid soluble mean it can cross the blood-brain barrier very fastly so it can reach the brain – so when it reach the brain it can produce some psychological

Side effects like deep present patient can develop depression or if a patient is already a psychiatric background these patients a depressant can become more severe in addition to that it can produce some nightmares also so if a patient company with night pass or depressive alright seem to so avoid giving a metroprolol instead you can change the weight of parole to

Attain allowed because atenolol doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier that new beta blockers is this is very new base of problem bisoprolol we used to say here in england it according to book it has only beta 1 if effect so it blocks only the beta 1 beta 1 receptors inside the heart so it is a very specific drug according to book it doesn’t accept any effect on

Beta 2 receptors so it is to use even in asthma patients according to the book so forth one is kabat alone and rabbit alone the difference between car with alone and laboratories rabbit alone is very so tactical alone is long with t the specialty of these drugs it block not only beta one but also alpha 1 receptors so when we block the beta 1 receptors it reduced

The cardiac contractility inotropic effect and also when it broke alpha 1 effect then it produce vasodilation so these are fantastic drugs against hypertension especially car it alone is a very good drug against heart failure plus hypertension so this is the this is the drug of choice in those patients we especially use calderon there are lot of research regarding

Carrot alone so there against heart failure so is this one of her main rod we use in heart failure patients so labetalol we use in emergency situations if you want to reduce the blood pressure very quickly in emergency room and the emergency tray you can always see labetalol there labetalol is short technique so it reduced the blood pressure very quickly and and

Vanished from the blood very quickly so that is the reason why we use rabbit alone because it has not told him beat one blocking effect but also alpha 1 fx 2 so finally the sotalol sotalol is a different kind of medicine it has beta 1 blocking effect but it has an edit the arithmetic effect all salt it function as a type 3 antiarrhythmic anti arithmetic machine as

You all know this is the cardiac muscle accel potential this is a calcium plateau still this is the repolarization this this repolarization can be prolonged if you administer sort alone so it function as a type three anti-arrhythmic drug like amiodarone so amiodarone and subtle all fall into the same category so we use this sort alone not only to reduce the sorry

We do use this sort alone only for anti-arrhythmic purpose note we don’t use subtle or foe as a anti hypertensive medicine we don’t use but we use it for as a anti-arrhythmic drug especially patients with atrial fibrillation in order to prevent the attacks of atrial fibrillation a specific method with paroxysmal for max so it will relation so one important thing

Is this auto loan at prescribed only by the cardiologist after the echocardiography because we have to exclude any structural deformity in the heart before we administer certain or otherwise sotalol can produce serious ventricular fibrillation such as tosod is point is so and also we must take an ecg to find out the qt and travel also before we minister sort alone

So sotalol should not be given by a gp i have seen in my experience there are some gp s– as prescribed shuttle also never ever give shot alone before you become cardiologist okay guys thanks for watching goodnight

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Commonly used beta blockers effects and side effects by Intikaf Peer Mohamed By Intikaf Peer Mohamed