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Hoy les quiero contar como armar una rutina diaria para todos aquellos que sufran de piel seca producto de tomar Isotretinoina (Accutane o Roaccutan). Esta medicación seca la piel, la torna sensible y muchas veces es dificil dar con la rutina de skincare adecuada para hcer su toma más agradable.

Finally the day has arrived for the second part of this video series on isotretinoin. in today’s video i want to talk to you about how to put together a correct skin care routine that is complementary to taking isotretinoin, are you taking isotretinoin? this video will be very useful, first of all if you like the content of my channel do not forget to subscribe and activate

The notification bell so that youtube will notify you every time it is a new video and do not forget to follow me on instagram. now let’s start, when taking isotretinoin it is essential to have a correct skin care routine that helps us to counteract those unwanted effects the medication may produce on the skin, all of us who have taken isotretinoin know how difficult it

Is to cope without a correct moisturizer and first video about isotretinoin, this medication acts on the skin by reducing the production of sebum and thinning the upper part of the epidermis thus altering the normal barrier function of the skin and can affect our daily life by finding ourselves with dry and sensitive skin, more prone to sunburn and more reactive than

Normal. it is known that the severity of depending side effects depend on the dose we take suffer from eczema and irritation, as a result of taking this medication, it is essential that when we start complementing with a correct use of skin care products oriented on preventing and treating these annoying effects. let’s not wait for the skin to get hurt or dry ones to start

Hydrating it. i assure you that having a correct care routine that is complementary to this medication will make the experience of taking it much easier. now, how should our skincare routine be formed to reduce the unwanted effects of taking this medication? first, we should have a gentle facial cleanser since the skin is more sensitive and is more prone to get hurt, we

Will have to adapt the cleanser that we use during the first months when the effects of the medication have not reached their maximum level and for therefore our skin continues to produce a lot of sebum. we could continue using those products that we had previously used for our oily skin without major problems, i am talking about cleansers such but when the effects of the

Meditacion stard becoming noticeable on our skin and the production ofsebum, it is best to opt for cleansing products that are a little more gentle that help us clean our skin without irritating it, thus contributing to the correct functioning of the skin’s barrier function, i can mention you as the frequency of cleaning will depend on each particular case, how much sebum

Your skin produces, what activities you do during the day and so on. usually it is advised to cleanse our skin two times a day, a third instance of washing can be added during the day if necessary. as i said before it will depend on the case. second fundamental product that we cannot miss, a correct facial moisturizer, this is fundamental, it cannot be missing in any patient

Who is taking isotretinoin. i do not know if it was clear. for a moment it is important that we give to the skin everything that is losing the product of the alteration in the barrier function that it is suffering. as it happens with cleansers, it is important that we use moisturizers that are gentle and don’t impact the frequency of hydration will also depend on each case

Because. it is usually advised to have two instances of hydration, one in the morning and one at night, but a third instance of hydration may be added if necessary. third fundamental product that you cannot miss when taking isotretinoin, sunscreen. the use of sunscreen is mandatory even if we are using this medication during the winter, remember that sunscreen should be used

All year round whether or not we are using isotretinoin, if we add the fact that our skin is now more unprotected from the sun because of this medication. there is no way for us to escape using sunscreen. when we suffer from oily skin, using sunscreen is sometimes complicated, many times it is a difficult step to accomplish when the proper sunscreen is not used . all of

You who have oily skin will understand , what is worse than having oily skin and putting on a sunscreen that leaves your skin shiny and pasty? that is why we must use sunscreens that are adapted to the characteristics of our skin that make the experience of putting on the sunscreen pleasant and that allows us to reapply it during the day as many times as necessary. always

Remember the following, the best sunscreen is one that is pleasant enough for us to reapply it over and over again during the day, always talking about a broad spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30 or higher. examples of sunscreens that i can mention for oily skin miss, a lip balm. when it comes to talking about adverse effects of isotretinoin, the most

Frequent is undoubtedly suffering from dry lips, nobody escapes this. and the skin of the face is dry so it is with the lips, it’s super important to keep them hydrated to prevent drying and display a very painful skin condition called angular cheilitis.. this is very useful for the use of i do not recommend the use of lip balm with glitter or flavored… you know which

One i am talking about next product that we cannot miss, sunscreen for lips, let’s not forget to protect our lips from the sun, we have we have different and very good sunscreen options the effects of isotretinoin are not limited to the face, the following product is also essential, a body moisturizer. it is very important to have a correct body moisturizer, let’s not

Forget that isotretinoin also has effects from the neck down, that is why hydration should not stop at the level of the face. we must hydrate from head to toe, there are different types of body moisturizers that i can mention, when choosing one they influence not only the degree of dryness that our skin has but also our personal taste in terms of how creamy we like to

Feel, i can mention next essential product, the body cleanser. again it is important to use cleansers that are gentle and do not hurt the body while washing it, no do not forget to use a body sunscreen in case of sun exposure either. now, we already have all the products for your daily routine and you are about to start using them. what tips and advice can i give you? 1

Avoid unnecessary cleaning that can make your skin dry and irritated, 2 be careful with depilatory methods, your skin is very sensitive and very thin. if you wax with hot wax, you could tear off your skin. 3 when in doubt, hydrate, using the correct moisturizer does not run the risk that your condition worsens or worsens. therefore, if you feel that your skin needs more

Hydration, do not hesitate to hydrate. 4 be careful with products that contain fragrance, given how sensitive your skin is, it could react to these types of products and become irritated. 5 never forget sunscreen. in addition to cleaning and hydration, can we not use anything else while we are doing the treatment? a couple of years ago it was said that during treatment with

Isotretinoin it was best not to apply anything else on the skin other than moisturizer and sunscreen. in recent times, scientific papers have been published where it is argued that the combination of isotretinoin treatment with topical acne treatment could be beneficial in highly inflammatory acne conditions to reduce the risk of sequelae. the use of topical treatments while

Taking isotretinoin is no longer as black and white as it was before, so if you have doubts about whether to continue using that niacinamidaa serum or that acne gel that you have been using, the best it will be that you consult with your dermatologist so that he evaluates your case and can advise you appropriately. if you liked this video, please give a like and share it,

Tell me below in the comments if you are taking isotretinoin and how your daily care routine is constituted. don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and activate the notification bell so that youtube will notify you every time i upload a new video, don’t forget to follow me on instagram and i’ll see you in the next video

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