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Como montar uma TPC do jeito certo

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Saiba como montar uma TPC para não perder muito dos seus resultados.

Some people do a bifurcation process, dichotomize when structuring a cycle and put cycle after cycle, when in fact it is cycle and post cycle, all together, because it is a complete cycle and the cycle has a beginning, middle and end. and the end of it is the protocol that you will do to correct errors, in the best possible scenario of what happens during a cycle. so,

If you don’t consider cpt within your ergogenic protocol, the chance of error is huge. so, already click on like and subscribe here on the channel, of course, you will always do it with medical guidance, this is obvious, i don’t even need to speak, it is so evident that i wouldn’t even need to speak. look, things that can happen in a cpt. first of all, the team to start

Tpc. this is very important, people miss it a lot . look, you think you have a drug that her half-life is five days, that is, it means that if you apply two hundred milligrams of it in five days, there are one hundred milligrams, in another five days, that is, ten days from the application has twenty-five, and so on. now, think about it piling up in a twelve- week cycle

. When you finish a twelve week cycle of testosterone cypionate, you have testosterone so high five days after cpt is useless, because you have so much testosterone that you are going to put something else to row against the axis, and this one keeps inhibiting, so your cpt starts off wrong. so, what is normally done? at least three to four times the half-life of the biggest

Testosterone drug in a protocol, that is, i used a cypionate at least i will start cpt fifteen days after the last application, depending on the stacking that was done twenty days later. you have to start the cpt with the hormones as low as possible, so that you can do the feedback process to stimulate your axis and rise, and you can only do that if you have androgenic hormones

Below. another thing that will happen is the axis inhibition, if the axis inhibition is going to happen it is interesting that there is a serms in this tpc. so, a tamoxifen, a clomiphene. most people like tamoxifen, part of the people who are coaches, doctors prefer clomiphene. if you are going to study both drugs, you will see that both do very well. and clomiphene has the

Defense on the part of doctors, because it is something that is done for fertility, testosterone and etc. while tamoxifen is for breast cancer, and then whoever is on the other side, on a side a little bit more … let’s put less demanding on an advice, argues that tamoxifen fights, it will produce lh and fsh, because it it decreases the action of estradiol, but it also has

Fewer side effects than clomiphene, which causes vision problems, depression and so on. i particularly trust tamoxifen more than interesting, in small dosages, but as they have no synergistic effect taking the two ended up that was kind of overturned. so, most people do not use the two, or one or the other. another thing that can happen is in relation to cholesterol. then,

Cholesterol can get worse. do some professionals pass a statin? yes, but most of them work with something natural or nothing. so, resveratrol, trans-resveratrol, vazguard, psyllium, omega 3 and etc. because it already decreases, cholesterol returns very fast in a cpt, normally in thirty days your cholesterol is already normal even without using anything, the very action of

Serms already helps in that. when one doesn’t come, the other comes. look, you two are on a cycle, because every time i go to video steroids and sarms you show up. so, okay, she wants to stay to learn, another student here, floquinhas. another thing that happens is tgo and tgp, pyruvic and oxalacetic glutamic transaminase. and these enzymatic changes in the liver indicate

Liver damage . usually what is used there is nac, silymarin and same. the liver also has an ability to recover very quickly, and depending on what you use it doesn’t change that much. so, if you use a nandrolone, a testosterone, you will not have a very big change. therefore, you sometimes do not need to use anything of this type, because it is not a chelated 17-alpha, it

Is not methylated, liver enzyme alteration is usually very low or null. another concern is libido. libido can drop mainly in the first two weeks depending on the protocol, and if it does it usually doesn’t have much to do, because testosterone is too low. so, there is not much to do, but you can have some dignity. yohimbine can help, tadalafil can help and proviron. isn’t

Proviron an anabolic steroid, leandro twin? because i saw it in a video of you. whenever you have a question remember to look for leandro twin more theme. i find it very cute when you write it yourself in the comments. someone asks a question, looks for leandro twin for another theme that you will find, cool. yes, proviron is, only it will not increase your total testosterone,

It increases free testosterone and libido by decreasing the shbg, and then you don’t have an inhibition of the axis with it. so, it can be used in a cpt and it is very interesting, and it can also help with libido. maintenance of earnings. guys, when we talk about maintaining earnings we are talking about something that depending on the stage you are in is not possible,

Floquinhas, did you know that? and because it is not possible, you simply have to face that you will have losses. everything i’m saying here is already in favor of recovering the hormonal part and sustaining the results. so, we will minimize as much as possible. there are people who like to use a small dose of anabolic steroid. so, for example, a ten milligram dianabol,

A ten milligram oxandrolone during cpt. help, help, but normally you prolong the loss until later, because tpc tends to regulate the axis less, and then it ends up that in the end you just delay, you just leave it to lose a little later. when you talk about doing a very heavy cycle you can have complications with estradiol in a cpt, this type of complication you can fight

With anastrozole, exemestane or letrozole, although letrozole almost nobody will use. so, it’s usually anastrozole. remembering that tamoxifen already plays a very good role. another consideration of the use of human chorionic gonadotropin, hcg, human chorionic gonadotropin actually mimics the action of the luteinizing hormone, lh. this lh is a hormone that is there in the

Pituitary gland, and it signals the bottom of the axis the testicles and such, the … to make the production of hormones and this type of device is usually more accurate in cycles that inhibit the axis a lot. so, for example, i used trenbolone, did a very long cycle, sixteen weeks and such. then you can use human chorionic gonadotropin on the first day of cpt or the first

Week in a massive dose. why? because the lh stimulates very fast, and what takes longer to come back is actually the bottom of the axis. so, if you hit lh on the first day, or at most the first week, then it speeds up the results and you don’t need it anymore. so, using hcg during the entire cpt is not so use or do not use it. there are two more points for us to play. high

Prolactin, this can happen, an anti prolactinemic, a cabergoline, a dostinex can be useful, especially on top of trenbolone and nandrolone that the prolactin goes up and stays down in the cpt, because the high prolactin inhibits the axis, that is bad. and lastly, insulin sensitivity, which in the post-cycle tends to get worse, especially in the case of women, which leads

To a very large fattening factor. the recommendation that i will leave to you, since floquinhas left, is to watch this video here which is how to improve insulin sensitivity. here i said everything about improving various devices, even if there is something about herbal medicine and such that you can

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Como montar uma TPC do jeito certo By Leandro Twin