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Concerns on GLP-1RA Answered!! (Victoza, Byetta etc.,)

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Though proven absolutely safe and having multiple pleotropic benefits in diabetes patients are very often frightened by the gossips on GLP 1RA based therapies.The very fact of many such new drugs emerging in the global market itself justifies and reassures its use and safety. This video is a scientific presentation on the recent evidence of safety,merits and efficacy of Victoza, Saxenda etc.,

Hello welcome to the gems video on the concerns and questions of the use of glp-1 arrays glucagon-like peptide 1 a receptor agonist are a group of injectable therapies for diabetes and some other associated illnesses like obesity there are a couple of questions commonly asked questions from patients will drugs like victoza produce cancer will they develop cancer

Of the pancreas will they develop cancer of the thyroid will i develop vomiting and diarrhea which can be so severe will i develop a weight loss which will ultimately lead onto and imaginated tired appearance this is a video which will have answer scientific answers to all these questions and concerns glp-1 is a natural product but is secreted from the l cells of

Small intestine in response to the ingestion of carbohydrate which can be deficient in obesity and in type 2 diabetes as discussed in some of our previous gems videos available in youtube these groups of drugs are those which modeling the secretion of insulin and can suppress the secretion of glucagon from the pancreatic alpha cells in response to fluctuating levels

Of glucose and now back to the concerns the first one vomiting and abdominal discomfort yes it is true this group of injectable therapies such as victoza during the initial few weeks can result in nausea and sometimes vomiting abdominal pain and rarely diarrhea these are not serious side effects usually they subside in a couple of days two weeks and then stabilizes

And there’s reason why these drugs are initially started in small doses and gradually up titrated in response to the patients satisfaction levels in response to the blood glucose levels for example in the rare instance of a patient developing vomiting we will reduce the rhodos rather than discontinuing the therapy these injections can be administered irrespective of

The male timings in case the nausea or vomiting is very severe you may consult your doctor he or she may either reduce those or they can ask you to discontinue the drug for a while and then again you can resume it now the question of cancer risk with victoza like drugs diabetes per se as a disease puts the patient at a higher risk of cancer due to pre false higher

Than the general population and if you consider the pancreatic cancer risk as seen here approximately eighty-five percent of patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will either have an impaired fasting glucose or they have an established diabetes and those patients with diabetes with chronic pancreatitis or pancreatic stones will have a much higher chances of

Developing pancreatic cancer and from the conclusions of it was sharp in 2013 approximately there is 82% increase the risk of pancreatic cancer in those subjects with type 2 diabetes and this cancer is your telling independent of therapies better you receive therapy and normalize your blood sugar’s greater will be your chances to avoid cancer so you need not fear

Any drug producing cancer it is the uncontrolled diabetes probably or the uncontrolled obesity which is directly responsible for cancer what about metal erik casten ama of thyroid there is a very specific a rare cancer in human beings there are various types of cancer in the thyroid and it was once thought that these drugs can have a side effect of little early

Cancer of the thyroid but these cancers are absurd only in rodents never in animals and there are solid reasons for the same if you look at this slide in rodents the density of c cells in the thyroid is 45 times higher than in humans and rodents have the glp-1 receptors on the surface of c cells which have 2,000 to 10,000 in contrast to humans having zero to 100

Per season let us have a look into the species specific density of the c cells in the thyroid in mouse the density of the c cells of the thyroid are 22 times higher when compared to human beings and then there is ingestion of victoza like drugs in rodents there is an activation of cyclic embryo and the rays can see tonin a release from the c cells whereas upon

Glp-1 receptor activation there is no can see torrent which is released from the human sees sense of the tie-rod this clearly explains the fact that thyroid cancers can not result from victoza light therapies in human beings whenever a new therapy is introduced based on clinical trials conducted globally usually there is a question how will the response be in

The asian indian population as of course there have been extensive clinical trials on these drugs from india china and neighboring countries we have also published real-life clinical experience using victoza in patients this is a study where we have demonstrated the use of liraglutide in newly diagnosed subjects with type 2 diabetes apart from normalization of

Glycemic parameters normalization of cardiovascular risk parameters we even went to the extent of postulating a remission of diabetes with the yearly use of actos where there is an elimination of gluco toxicity and probable rejuvenation of pancreatic beta-cell population since at the time of diagnosis of diabetes itself approximately there is a 50 to 80 percent

Decline in the beta silmas apart from this original study we have also published another one where we demonstrated the use of liraglutide in 195 subjects with type 2 diabetes and majority of them in combination with other therapies including various insulin regiments demonstrating the reduction the glucose reduction in sp events with the least glucose availability

And in addition to that list are almost complete elimination of hypoglycemia since hypoglycemia is a major barrier to the treatment of diabetes in all these studies we have demonstrated body weight reduction which is robust with the use of liraglutide and an initial study it was up to the cure of 8 kilograms offering a multitude of benefits in the treatment of type

2 diabetes with assured safety in india we are using 1.2 and 1.8 milligrams of player and rooted in the bereavement of diabetes and diabetes with obesity in the united states later contain 3 milligram is known under the name sac center later you take and associated glp-1 array therapies are absolutely safe the safety and efficacy of these molecules have led on to

More research and emergence of many new drugs in the same truss nexus an attack doula rotate some eluted etc etc it is up to the physician and the patient to have cost-effective choices in the treatment of diabetes which can reduce glucose very brittle eliminate the chances of hypoglycemia and effectively reduce body weight thank you so much for listen for viewing

Until next time bye bye from jcc that is jen still in you

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Concerns on GLP-1RA Answered!! (Victoza, Byetta etc.,) By Jothydev Kesavadev MD