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Congestive Heart Failure | Part -2 | Drugs used in Acute and Chronic CHF | Pharmacology |

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So now let’s talk about the drugs used in accusative so first of all let’s see bnp analogs so whenever there is an increase in blood volume there is increased stretching of renal blood vessels at trium and verticals these stretching causes secretion of pure led in by renal blood vessels and np by atrium and be envied by ventricles these substances cause necrosis

In kidney due to which there will be diabetes also which will cause a decrease in blood volume these substances also affect the blood vessels to cause versatile addition these effects will cause a decrease in blood flow to the kidney and to the heart we have some drugs which are analogs of these substances you lay retied which is in a log of e relating np analog

Capital bnp analog necessary tied out of which only necessary tide is an fda-approved drug so what effect these drugs do just like bnp these drugs decreases the blood flow with the heart and kidney due to which there is decrease in pulmonary edema so talking about necessary tide it is always given intravenously because they are peptides so cannot be given orally

It is used in pulmonary edema caused by a kid ch if booze drugs are metabolized by enzyme neutral endopeptidase this enzyme is inhibited by a drug known as settle this a cubital is used along with small certain in chronic chf to decrease the mortality necessary died also causes vasodilation that’s why there’s an effective hypotension so now let’s see the second

Class of drugs that is first would add distress three inhibitors this enzyme phosphodiesterase 3 what what they do they metabolize cyclic mp in heart and blood vessels so when we will give this drug cause increase in cyclic mp in heart and blood that’s where the act is positive and group and vasodilators both that’s where they are known is i know editors so

Talking about their examples first druggies in a mean on it has a side side effect thrombocytopenia that’s why they are not preferred in chf and in the drug czar milrinone and in oxy moon which are preferred drugs which are used in resistant left-sided heart failure and drug of choice for the patient’s of right-sided heart failure we have an another of in this

Category that is a limo she went on used in case of ineffectiveness of the above drugs this levo simondon not only they block phosphatidyl stage three in enzyme but also they open potassium channels and causes vasodilation it also sensitizes the myocardium to calcium channels or calcium ions so now talking about the drugs used in chronic stage if we can use ace

Inhibitors and a are b’s they are started slowly and the dose is increased up to maximum recommended dose the dose is slowly increased in in every one week and if these drugs are tolerated well then we switch to sac cubital plus wall sartain in the midway between the lowest dose of ace inhibitors and air b’s and the maximum dose of s emitters in air base we give

A second class of drug that is beta blockers beta blocker causes maximum decrease in mortality we can use maybe you lowell that carried alone bisoprolol and meta prolyl we start these drugs with low doses and increase the drug those slowly in every two weeks up to the maximum recommended dose the third line drug that we have is spironolactone then evaporating

Then add en plus hydrogen in the next video video we will discuss about the truck digoxin which is basically used for the symptomatic relief you

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Congestive Heart Failure | Part -2 | Drugs used in Acute and Chronic CHF | Pharmacology | By Simply Medics