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Contraceptive pill causes cancer How does it work in the body Estrogens, Xenoestrogens, Steroids

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I just HAD to feature this life-changing video with invaluable information put into words so perfectly by my friend Harley aka Durianrider (legal note: who authorized me to use it)). Each and every pill, girl, fucks with your body. You take it in order to not get pregnant, and in fact in tricks your body into thinking it’s pregnant.

So how does the contraceptive pill work you know how it works i think not many people know how it works it tricks your body into thinking is pregnant it prevents the body from ovulating that’s pretty crazy isn’t it and that’s may be fine for a month or something like that but what we’re doing we’re giving women the contraceptive pill for years so women aren’t

Ovulating for years mostly contraceptive pill that’s the primary way that you don’t get click on the pill is you cease ovulation so something that we’ve been bred for the millions of years or thousands years to our be late we take a hormone to stop that as a contraceptive it’s pretty powerful stop is it safe what is safe for taking testosterone as a contraceptive

Testosterone enanthate is 99 percent efficiency as a contraceptive the pill is around about 99 percent efficiency as concept as a contraceptive so we have the testosterone steroid or the pill steroid alright both as effective as each other you why don’t we have a male equivalent yet the lab the little study say is good but the market doesn’t want it so it’s not

Coming to market so what we do is we go women you up your hormones for years and years and years you cease ovulation if you see sub relation you trick your body into thinking it’s pregnant for five years ten years whatever from when you’re 15 years old let’s put you on the pill cease your ovulation you hear any side effects dumb well that’s just maybe you ought to

Know what’s going on there but you know crazy let’s check out how dangerous is the pill versus steroids well the pills are stellar as well how dangerous is female steroids versus taking male steroids let’s check it out so just how dangerous is the pill now we have this american cancer society we have what sir the world health organization and they have a list the

International agency for research on cancer group one known carcinogen concentric to humans carcinogenic to humans means it does cause cancer sufficient evidence it does cause cancer so you have acid mists asbestos benzene things like that yes in full on stuff boo sulfur and some nasty stuff coal tar distillation engine exhaust diesel and we have estrogen estrogen

Progesterone estrogen progesterone all conscious sep tubes and then i said i’ll know there’s convincing evidence in humans a agents offer a protective effects against cancer an endometrium and ovary that’s a bit like saying cigarette smoking does cause cancer but can reduce your chance of toe can’t something on that it’s a bit crazy but they were must got to keep

Back for saying that painters and work of the job was tobacco loose tobacco so the contraceptive pill as dangerous according to the world health organization as radium 228 and salted fish tamoxifen tobacco smoke so thats they’re saying that the contraceptive pill is as cancerous smoking cigarettes and we have another one another report done from the national

Toxicology program asbestos carcinogen estrogens steroidal which is a contraceptive pill it’s a steroid the contraceptive pills are steroid something the other day it’s not a steroid holly it’s not a hormone look up what a hormone and what a steroid is is the same thing estrogen is a steroid it’s a hormone progestin steroid hormone sex steroids so we have all these

Things here tamoxifen carcinogenic now we have probable carcinogens which means lacking sufficient evidence in human studies but has evidence in animal studies now not a fan of animal testing for there’s another video in itself but we have so we have the male contraceptive anabolic steroids testosterone fa is a male contraceptive and it’s probably carcinogenic

Alright but we’re not using that why aren’t we using male contraceptives probably carcinogenic but we have estrogen which is definitely known human carcinogen the contraceptive pill from the international agency on research for cancer they’re saying contraceptive pill estrogen is a known cancer-causing agents crazy you

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Contraceptive pill causes cancer How does it work in the body Estrogens, Xenoestrogens, Steroids By Carbundance | EstroBlock | Balancing Hormones Naturally