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COPD, PAH Coronavirus 19 Living Well Video 118

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Wow! How much life can change in a week or so!

Hi everyone i hope you all are doing well especially in light of everything that’s going on these days wow how much your world can change in a day it’s just crazy so i wanted to take a moment to talk to everyone regarding koban 19 it’s a lot to take in so what last week we started getting warnings of you know that this is now become a serious problem here in the

Us and how it affects individuals who are older or with underlying medical conditions and that we need to start taking precautions and just the whole thing has been um quite overwhelming i guess you could say in many ways so i know for a fact that um the corona virus in general is you know similar to like the flu there’s many different strains of it and what sent

Me to the hospital last year was a form of it now i’m sure probably not this form but just one of the forms of it and so i already have a good healthy respect for it so um and i know i don’t want any more of it so we are doing all we can to stay safe and try to keep some normalcy still in our lives so around here so far they have closed schools any gatherings over

50 people or more so there’s obviously no sporting events or concerts or just any kind of gatherings the movie theaters are going at like limited capacity um some stores are closing but for the most part the stores are cutting hours and doing things like that what’s been crazy is how everybody preparing to stay in this buying the same things all at the same time

And causing shortages and stuff some people think that people are over buying i actually think that what’s happening is we just usually don’t all buy these items at the same time it’s staggered throughout the weeks and months or weeks and you know during the month where we all buy our stuff as we need it but now we’ve all been told to go get it so i think that

Just everybody going to get these items at the same time has caused a difficulty for the stores to keep enough in stock luckily we had a lot of the items already here i have a tendency to stock up on like clorox wipes and toilet paper and things like that the one thing that we did not have any of is hand sanitizer because i really just don’t believe in it i think

Adult hand-washing is better but in light of everything um we felt that we needed some at our store just to have on hand so that people could use as needed and so when we went to look for that there was none i ended up having to make some which is fine because then i know exactly what’s in it but even those ingredients were hard to get it’s a very simple recipe just

Aloe vera gel and rubbing alcohol so we were able to you know find that stuff and go ahead and make that other than that what we’ve done is stopped eating out anywhere just because we don’t know who’s preparing the food also the last time we ate out we happen to be sitting next to someone who was coughing away the whole night and this was just as this whole thing

Was ramping up so yeah we decided that it’s probably best to just eat at home for now other than that we’ve been trying to think of things to do that are just away from others yesterday we went down by the lake and had like a picnic lunch just in the car sitting by the water and you know as the weather warms up i’ll be more to do outside we are still running our

Businesses our office up there everybody has been you know drilled to wash hands white keyboards mice phones but you know just the whole nine yards or whatever you can do no shaking hands with customers just whatever we can do to to play it on the safe side and at our store which is only open three days a week which is really nice because the plus is about that is

Um well with both of our businesses there’s very few people in like our office at a time so there’s no groups there it’s just a usual regular you know small office setting of maybe eight people and so you know this this you know it it keeps it much easier to manage not to say that there not other places when they’re out but we can’t stop everything so we’re still

Doing our office and then with our store we probably see on average maybe about 25 customers in a day there so – with that it’s it’s relatively small numbers it’s a small business and it’s in a big space which is nice because it allows everybody just spread out that’s in there and me being behind the counter i can stay a certain distance from people and after each

Transaction you know we have implemented habits of wiping everything down washing hands frequently and sanitizer when we can’t get to the bathrooms and you know just whatever we can do to stay safe and keep our customers safe as well so it has definitely changed a lot it’ll be interesting to see where this goes and hopefully they get things under control i know

Some other things that i have done is cancelled luckily i got all my doctor’s appointments in prior to this whole thing exploding and the only thing that i really had left to do was go get some blood work but it’s very not i had my whole panels and everything done already last month so i just had one thing that i usually go do it each month and it’s not of any

Importance really so i’ve asked that they delay that and um that was fine they did agree to that and so my next hospital visits are doctor’s visits aren’t until the end of may so that gives me a nice stretch of time that i can just avoid or stay away from the hospitals and so that’s that’s a plus for me as far as suggestions for anybody you know just washing your

Hands wiping frequently touched areas down as often as possible i know if i go out when we come home and we’re in for the night then we go out change our clothes take a bath right away limiting who we have contact with trying to only place ourselves in areas with small numbers of people and that in close contact you have to do what makes you comfortable and how

You feel safe i don’t know i’ve never seen anything quite like this i think that the ball has been dropped in some ways because we’ve seen other things get started but never made it this far over here so um yeah it’s it’s just going to be interesting to see how this all plays out but i am wishing everybody safe healthy weeks ahead and i would love to hear any

Comments that you have regarding this also i guess just having enough of a stash of food and you know all your necessities it’s probably a pretty good idea because we never know if it’s gonna get to a point where they actually have to lock stuff down for a little while just to get things under more control so you know medicines and things like that it probably is

A really good idea that plan a little bit ahead and you know maybe i don’t know even talk to your doctor some about if there’s anything you should have on hand in case you see any symptoms and then you know always remember that knowledge is power so i’m not really comfortable at this point giving out any symptoms or other things like that because there’s so much

Misinformation right now that i don’t want to give anything that’s not correct so i would rather people go straight to the cdc website or other official websites because there’s just so much online right now that’s just being correct so and then i’d also like tweet my people not to get too overdone with it you know remember to not only focus on that but enjoy

Other aspects of your life you might have to enjoy them in a different way but um to not let this completely overtake everything and yeah do everything you can to stay healthy you know eat healthy get enough sleep you know if you have meds that you’re supposed to be taking or supplements or you know just do what it is that you’re supposed to be doing and follow

The extra you know things that the hand-washing we should always be doing not touching our face as much as possible it can be hard to stop all of that especially with the cannula things get at you sometimes but um i try to keep it think about if i have just watched my hands are where i’ve been before i touch my face it’s not so bad here at home especially when i’m

Out i try to definitely curb the face touching or if i have to i grab a tissue and use that instead so yeah just you know try to curtail your habits that they’re gonna be in you’re in the best interest of your health and again i would love to hear any comments or your thoughts or things that you’re doing to kind of help say safe and healthy and i’m sure i will be

Back in a few days to check in with everyone let you know i’m doing and also to find out how you’re doing so yes good luck with all of this and bye bye

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COPD, PAH Coronavirus 19 Living Well Video 118 By Barbra My PH/COPD Life