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CORAO DOENTE? O que a sua FREQUNCIA CARDACA revela sobre a SADE do seu CORAO?

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Hello what your fake heart rate with you are you sure you know it’s important to keep a healthy heart but maybe you don’t know that with a simple measurement and heart rate that takes 15 to 30 seconds we can get a sense of your health heart this video i’m going to talk about heart rate anything from home here normal what is the maximum heart rate how to measure heart

Rate correctly what factors can influence your heart rate this only rate that is too high or too low what to do this and other questions i will answer here but we will enjoy the video subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss our health tips and activate the bell to receive notifications and it’s also very important that you spread this fear with your friends and family

It’s because when it comes to your health, our health is worth sharing so share there and tell me what your frequency is. heart rate at rest your daughter tell me what part of brazil or the world are you from write below and let’s go what is the normal heart rate how many times our heart beats per minute do you know the normal heart rate response varies at rest from 50

To 100 beats per minute this in brazil 50 to 100 beats in the world between 60 and 100 beats we brazilians are a little more bradycardic than average generally a lower heart rate at rest reflects that your heart function is more efficient you have a better cardiovascular fitness are you an athlete or have you been an athlete? you probably need a cardiac pacemaker or

You are taking some medicine that is causing good then the frequency heart rate is a vital sign that reflects your heart health or potential health problem now if your resting heart rate is above 100 beats per minute it may reflect your degree of anxiety are you very stressed or you are in jarinu too much coffee too much caffeine not getting enough sleep because lack of

Sleep increases adrenaline or you have some illness like infection pulmonary embolism and hyperthyroidism decompensated heart disease then heart rate can be affected by various factors like stress anxiety hormones medication and how physically active you are to fish day they are stopping that varies a lot throughout the day our heart does not beat regularly like a clock

It speeds up and slows down depending on your need for oxygen i go because of your nervous system so your heart rate will vary throughout the day in the morning when you ‘re close to 60 but if you’re late will arrive no 110 this is normal now a resting heart rate always high you will measure is 120 beats per minute or always low below 50 beats per minute is signaling to

Or only resting heart rate is above 100 beats per minute called tachycardia and when your resting heart rate is low 60 or 50 beats brazil we call it bradycardia what other factors can influence your heart rate age a baby has a very high heart rate and the elderly usually lower so be careful our heart rate has a low level of physical conditioning and physical activity the

More conditioned by the more athlete you are the lower heart rate being a smoker which increases the heart rate having cardiovascular disease if untreated is normally decompensated heart rate and temperature gets higher if it is very cold heart rate increases and also increases risk of arrhythmia if a heart attack you may also have a fever it was also increased emotions

If you are very stressed you will have a higher heart rate if you are very calm only heart rate getting lower body size if you are obese the frequency means it will be taller medicine some medicine to speed up the heartbeat and others can reduce your heart rate good and how to measure heart rate it correct way all you will need is a watch there are several places in the

Body where the arteries are very close to the skin so it is easier to feel the two places easier and feel your here on the neck or wrist you can place an index finger and the third finger on the side of the trachea you find it easier place the two fingers between the bone and tendon over the radial artery located at the thumb side here is good when you are feeling a pulse

Which the clock reads 15 seconds and multiply the number found by four for example felt 20 times in 15 seconds 20 times four 80 or if you can also dial 30 seconds and multiply the result by two you felt 40 times in 3 seconds was time either of the two measures is valid because good morning that rest is important to know the 2010 wh i study of nearly 130,000 postmenopausal

Women indicated having a resting heart rate in the lower extremity that is closer to 60 beats per minute may offer some protection against heart attacks that which they had resting heart rates greater than 66 beats per minute are 26 percent more likely to have a heart attack or die than those who buy resting heart rate things of 62 beats or less and i went here to measure

My resting heart rate is 80 and now first place is normal so relax like i said you may have had too much coffee be more stressed you slept badly but if you want to lower your resting heart rate you have to exercise and if you are overweight you have to lose weight if you start an exercise program and this reduction usually reaches a plateau up to 10 to 12 beats but if you

Were sedentary now you loved to exercise you became a gym rat you can turn to bradycardia yourself doing physical exercise you failed you should stop smoking because the nicotine stimulant i think that you should stop smoking even before starting this physical thing because it will make you more motivated more excited don’t go overboard on drinking because excess alcohol

Increases because that heart rate and increase service that you should times and talk to your doctor about some medicines for example remedies for te dh for depression to lose weight for allergies can increase your heart rate in re landing what is your maximum heart rate you know the count is simple 220 minus your age 220 i am 44 years old my maximum heart rate is 176 beats

Per minute we normally lose one beat per minute per year from maximum heart rate that’s why i i can no longer reach my 200 beats per minute even though i want this maximum heart rate to give us an idea of ​​the ideal heart rate for training that heart rate in the target zone the target zone you must be between fifty percent of this value up to 85 percent for example

40 years max heart rate 180 for zone something between 90 and 180 beats per minute i’ll leave the table up here you can pause i’ll make a screen print to remember your target heart rate during physical activity target heart rate during activities moderate-intensity physical activity is about fifty to seventy percent of maximum heart rate while the frequency of the most

Vigorous physical activity is about 70 to 85 percent of the heart rate mate what i recommend is that if you are this year the physical activity program don’t go too thirsty to the pot start with a heart rate around fifty percent of your maximum and gradually increase until you can maintain a workout around seventy eighty percent of your heart rate mate over time you can

Comfortably exercise up to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate like the video learn more about heart rate how to measure heart rate with normal heart rate and what maximum heart rate i hope so and remember and share so that more people have this knowledge and what will be the next video that you will watch i will leave two recommendations here i side my record-breaking

Video on channel symptoms your body gives before a heart attack and my video about coffee coffee and f az good for your health my name is andré wambier cardiologist and this is the card remember to subscribe and until the next video very

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CORAÇÃO DOENTE? O que a sua FREQUÊNCIA CARDÍACA revela sobre a SAÚDE do seu CORAÇÃO? By Cardio DF — Cardiologia e saúde cardiovascular em Brasília (DF)