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Could it be Your Thyroid? Symptoms & Treatment

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Tired all the time, depressed, gaining weight, losing hair… Your Thyroid may be to blame EVEN if your blood work has come back in the normal ranges. Type 2 Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland produces “normal” amounts of hormone, but the cells are unable to utilize the hormone properly. Some experts call this thyroid hormone resistance (which may be regarded as similar to insulin resistance). The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland located at the throat that produces numerous related hormones: thyroxin (also known as T4), liothyronine (also known as T3), T2, and T1. T4, the most well known of all the thyroid hormones, heats the body and speeds metabolism (of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates) and heart rate. T3, the most active form of thyroid hormone, also heats the body and speeds metabolism and heart rate.

Are you tired all the time depressed gaining weight losing hair your thyroid may be to blame it’s that butterfly-shaped gland that lies below the adam’s apple’ along the front of the windpipe have you been told your thyroid is normal terry suresh nurse practitioner and founder of hormonal health and wellness centers is here to help hi terry glad to have you with

Us today tell us about the symptoms of low thyroid and you know how you can feel so badly but still have normal levels of blood bags of thyroid is that well it’s a conundrum well symptoms of a low thyroid most people know what they are they’re fatigued you know low energy can’t lose weight is a big problem cold hands and cold feet that’s classic thinner outing

Outer third of the eyebrows it’s the queen and sign and depression even anxiety brain fog those are a lot of the same low testosterone symptoms that we’ve talked about before and so many people have those and they’re told they’re thyroid is normal and the reason that is often times is because it’s a receptor issue there’s a phenomenon called type to hypothyroidism

I can ask you about that so what is that exactly well that’s where your thyroid is making normal amounts of thyroid but it just can’t get into the cell you know i kind of liken it to if you’ve got gas in the tank but it just can’t get into the engine it’s the same thing it’s a receptor issue it’s a widespread problem it is you would think yep there are hundreds of

Thousands of people in this country and in the world actually that are under diagnosed with low thyroid because we’ve become so honed in on lab tests in treating this paper that says you’re normal and not really paying attention to the symptoms you know so i’m kind of the old school mindset if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it’s probably a duck and so

We’re really honed in on using labs as a guy but really looking at patients and patient symptoms there are some key minerals and biogas right proper thyroid function but number one is iodine and iodine fell out of favor many years ago that was wrongly accused for a lot of stuff but iodine is a phenomenal mineral that we really need for our number one our thyroid

To function properly but also its key to get that thyroid in to the cell i have a patient he’s an 18 year old kid and he came in with all the symptoms of low testosterone low thyroid his blood tests were perfectly normal but his iodine was low and his vitamin d was low and we supplemented him with those and you a new person new person that’s great to be able to do

That so if you have been told you have normal labs but you still can have a low tissue thyroid right what are you supposed to do well you know you have to really kind of do the research yourself i really empower people to get the right answers and really find a practitioner that is honed in on treating patients more than paper we really love natural thyroid there’s

There’s this whole chain of events that has to happen with the thyroid that tsh has to convert to you know stimulates t4 that has to convert to free t3 and so often practitioners are really just looking at one lab and there’s several other labs that you need to look for so look at so it’s multifactorial you have to look at the right labs you have to make sure you

Have the right minerals and vitamins on board for your receptors to work and if you’re going to be get on thyroid replacement you really need to get on the right side road medication interesting and really important thanks and you have a special offer for gene yes we do so for anybody that’s interested if this rings true and they want to get their thyroid checked

Out with us we are giving them a complimentary bottle of our proprietary blend of iodine that has selenium and zinc two other key minerals for thyroid function with their visit i’m thinking i’m i talk to you about this because sometimes i just am so tired and maybe that’s what it i’ll give you a bottle of iodine today you can call hormonal health and wellness

Aesthetic centers for more information in southlake the number to call its 817 328 83-76 in rockwall 469 40 to 1877 and you can also find out more online at hormonal health and wellness com

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