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Could Tremors Be Just a Vitamin Deficiency? Dr.Berg

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Alright guys today we’re going to talk about tremors and vitamin deficiencies so there’s mainly two types of tremors resting and essential resting could come from parkinson’s which is a problem in the brain and essential which means unknown they don’t know is more in the other parts of the neurology but they don’t know so it could be coming from the brain as well

Essential is eight times more common it mainly happens upon initiation when you’re trying to do something let’s say you’re writing or and it could be of the head shaking the torso shaking your legs shaking whereas resting tremor is not as much on activation but just an arresting state you have this rhythmic movement of your hands or one hand and an essential tremor

You have this progressive nerve damage now for parkinson’s and i’ve done several videos on this realize that insulin resistance plays a huge part in this problem okay and this is why you want to get on a healthy keto plan you want to do in a minute fasting for sure why because this will produce a top ajit which is the repair action of your cells through recycling

Damaged proteins especially in the brain you can grow new brain cells especially part of the brain where there’s damage that’s causing problems with dopamine and i did a separate video just on dopamine when you lower insulin you can improve dopamine because you’re improving parts of the brain that make dopamine now also if you add vitamin d in there you can also

Improve insulin resistance and also parkinson’s symptoms karen and i had a friend who had parkinson’s and i mean this guy he wasn’t that old and he can see is just shuffling along he looks really old and he’s hunched back and has his tremors and dementia we recommend kido in a minute fasting and several other things which i’ll get to in a second and he’s doing

Fantastic now he’s really coming out of it so i’ve seen for his hand that these actions can greatly improve the symptoms from parkinson’s and of course anything that i’m recommending in these videos is just meant for education is not meant to replace medical care so check with your doctor before making these changes okay then we have essential tremors i would

Highly recommend doing research on the b vitamins if you look at b12 deficiencies you’re gonna see one of the symptoms is tremors okay so b12 has a lot to do with the nervous system and keeping the nervous system functioning you do tend to store b12 for a long periods of time but if you’re deficient whether you’re a vegan or you have digestive issues and you have

Maybe ibs or crohn’s or celiac or gastric bypass that could be more of the reason why you have a b12 deficiency in which case you need to take thousands of micrograms of b12 not hundreds so i would do like 2,000 micrograms of b12 every single day some people if they’re very deficient and they have a very serious illness need to be injected by b12 make sure that

The version of b12 that you take is the methyl cobalamin which is the active form and it goes in a lot better than the other versions alright number 2 b1 very very important if you look at classical b1 deficiency is called beriberi it affects the brain and nervous system especially the myelin sheath the version of be one that i would recommend would be something

Called benfotiamine which is a fat soluble version even though it’s synthetic it seems to work really nice and it doesn’t seem to have any side effects but it will penetrate the nervous system a lot better than the regular versions of b1 which are water-soluble also b3 deficiencies can also affect the neurology and create tremors if you’re deficient in this case

I would probably take 500 milligrams of that and then b6 b6 is a very important cofactor in so many metabolic processes in the body i would recommend b6 as well and a blend of a nutritional yeast okay number three low vitamin e can affect the nerve and the muscle as well but specifically the nervous system so if you’re going to take a vitamin e make sure it’s not

Synthetic make sure it’s a food base a combination between tocopheryl and tocotrienols okay that’s the version you need because if your vitamin e deficiency that could be one reason why you have a tremor now caprylic acid from coconut oil is now being researched for tremors so that’s another thing that you might want to consider as well alright guys thanks for

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Could Tremors Be Just a Vitamin Deficiency? – Dr.Berg By Dr. Eric Berg DC