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Covid-19 pneumonia: what is the treatment ?

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I have been receiving many questions about pneumonia. Unfortunately, we are still seeing a lot of covid19 cases, which are a major cause for pneumonia. Sadly, pneumonia is still the leading cause of death worldwide, especially in the developing countries. So, in this video, I will be discussing how to treat the different types of pneumonia.

My name is dr ayamir i have been receiving many questions about pneumonia unfortunately we are still seeing a lot of covert 19 cases which are a major cause for pneumonia sadly pneumonia still still the leading cause of death worldwide especially in the developing countries so in this video i will be discussing how to treat pneumonia from covet-19 virus for

Patients who are diagnosed with covid19 if their symptoms are getting worse by having high fever for several days or worsening dry cough and difficulty breathing also if their oxygen level is dropping all these above symptoms should make you suspect the presence of pneumonia and the need to confirm it with a chest x-ray unfortunately in most cases these patients

Are in quarantine alone at home they are not sure when the right time is to go to a hospital which is the best place to treat covet 19 pneumonia however if it’s not possible to go to the hospital for any reason then they would have to get the treatment at home under the supervision of their family doctor the most important step in managing pneumonia is to monitor

Your oxygen level once it drops below 93 or 94 percent you would need to use oxygen supplement if you are at home you can use oxygen by nasal cannula which can deliver up to 6 liter per minute your goal is to get your oxygen level up to a safe zone which is above 93 if this cannot be achieved by this way then the next step is to be transferred to a hospital to

Receive oxygen by a machine called high flow oxygen which is able to deliver a greater amount of oxygen under pressure in case where the pneumonia is very severe and the oxygen level is low despite using oxygen then the last option for treatment is to get intubated and be placed on a ventilator this machine can breathe for you by moving oxygen under pressure in

And out from your lungs through a tube from your mouth to your lungs of course this is very uncomfortable procedure so they have to give you a medicine to put you to sleep normally you could stay on the ventilator from few days to weeks until your oxygen level and pneumonia get better while you are getting the appropriate treatment for it as you know there

Are several protocols to treat pneumonia i will be discussing only the mild one especially when the oxygen level is good over 94 percent in this case it might be possible to be managed at home under the supervision of your doctor only if hospital admission is not possible for some reasons in general it is recommended to treat alcovet 19 patients with a daily

Dose of 50 milligram of zinc and 1 000 milligram of vitamin c also 50 000 unit of vitamin d once a week one of the protocol to treat covet 19 pneumonia is to use an antiviral pill called avigan or favipiravir for 10 days with another medicine called ivermectin for seven days also we can use antibiotic called zithromax if in case the d dimer is high which is

The test for blood clots then we should give a daily blood thinner injection under the skin called clexan or enoxaparine but in case the injection is not available then instead we can use a medicine called xarelto as a daily pill i will remind you again that it is very important to treat most coveted 19 pneumonia in a hospital especially if the oxygen level

Is very low below 94 so in this situation the treatment is to continue with the prior protocol but we should add another two medications in the vein which are cortisone and rem de severe finally i hope i helped shedding some light about this complicated subject i know how stressful it is for the family members waiting for their loved one to recover from this

Serious condition you have to be patient and never lose hope for recovery my condolences go to all the people who lost someone from this various hopefully we’ll be able to beat it in the near future with the help of the new medications available and most importantly to continue our great efforts in covit-19 vaccination i hope you enjoyed my topic today if you

Do please share this video with your friends and subscribe to my youtube channel until i see you again i would like to wish you a happy healthy life

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Covid-19 pneumonia: what is the treatment ? By Dr. Amer Helbaoui – د. عامر حلباوي