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Creams / ointment for Anal Fissure Treatment (Part 1/5)

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Creams / ointment for Anal Fissure Treatment (Part 1/5).

Hi there i’m dr albert chung and welcome to your friendly proctologist in this place we discuss the health of your bottom end and at this time i hope you can relate or learn a thing or two today i want to continue our talk about anal fissures in the last video which i’ll have linked here we talked about the basics of anal fissures what does it feel like what is

It like to experience and why does it feel like that today i want to get into a little bit about the treatment for sure like we referred to before we talked about how the internal anal muscle which is inside the external outside anal muscle is the main contributor and the main culprit for fissures that last a long time for those who are lucky enough to get the

Fissure to go away on its own for sure congratulate yourself and consider yourself lucky that you don’t have to deal with that pain every single time you go but let’s get into the list shall we so the first one which i believe is essential is a cream that can relax that internal muscle i refer to it as superman or super woman’s anus because it’s squeezing so hard

That it’s cutting the blood supply off and therefore not allowing that wound to heal which if it heals and it’s gone then you won’t have the fissure issues anymore my favorite cream to use on for this relaxation is called diltiazem and i’ll have the spelling for you on the screen here but this medication it needs to be prescribed by the doctor and you apply it

Just to the outside of your anus on top of the muscle you can feel your muscle from the outside because if you ever put your finger there and you squeeze it feels rock hard right just like as if you were to squeeze your bicep muscle the cream will get absorbed through the skin and then that medication will work on the muscle in order to relax it just slightly

For those that are concerned that you’re going to all of a sudden start leaking out like farts or poop you don’t have to worry about that the amount of relaxation is so subtle i mean really really slight but it is just enough for that blood flow to hopefully get through and start allowing that fissure to heal and this medication is a blood pressure medication

So people who have high blood pressure can get a pill that they take through the mouth but this we’re kind of doing in a different way or just applying it to the outside but there are some warnings with this medication you don’t want to get it all over your hands and you don’t want to use a big quantity of this you just want to use a small pea sized dot what

I tell people to do is use a q-tip place just a small dot on the tip of the q-tip itself so now you’re not using your hands it’s not making contact with your skin open your butt cheeks up and then on your anus so if i were to do this you take your q-tip and you just swipe it in the middle of your anus you don’t need to get it on the inside you should not push

This into the anus because the fissure will definitely not like that or appreciate it and plus we don’t want to be sticking things in there once you swab that on the outside just let your butt cheeks flap closed and the cream will eventually spread all over when we’re walking when we’re sitting down everything all the skin and the soft tissues around our bottom

End will move around and that cream will get everywhere it needs to be there is absolutely no concern about getting it all in the right places the other thing i want to let you know about this cream is that i recommend people apply it four times a day that’s kind of a lot if you think about it and plus the fact that you need to do it kind of in a bathroom or

Private setting it can be a little bit difficult but really i optimally four times a day why because you want to keep that muscle relaxed nearly all day long so as soon as you get up in the morning apply it once before lunch maybe somewhere in the afternoon and then before bedtime that way the cream is almost always on and we can almost ensure that the cream

Is carrying its action out on that muscle so that fissure can heal all day long the other thing i want to let you know about that cream is that it is not a neosporin or a ointment bacterial or a healing ointment for that wound so some people will say well i put it right on that wound and it didn’t work well you want it to get all over 360 degrees over that entire

Anus muscle why because of the fact that you the entire muscle is squeezing not just one little part and this medication like i said is a blood pressure medication it causes relaxation of muscle so it does nothing to heal the wound and if you only put in one place the rest of the muscle will stay really tight and where you applied it will be relaxed so you’re

Kind you’re not helping yourself there you definitely want to make sure you just put the dot in the middle it’ll get everywhere and you just want to put on the outside and that way optimally that medication will be working for you as much as possible i said a lot about that medication because it’s not straightforward you don’t just pop a pill and then that’s

The end of it the other medications or ointments that doctors will like to use is also called nitroglycerin you know we hear that we hear that word because of bombs but on this one nitroglycerin is used with heart attack patients it’s also got a lot other uses for it too but in my opinion that’s not my favorite medication why because it can really lower people’s

Blood pressure quite a bit it varies from person to person but if you’re one of those people where the blood pressure goes down a common side effect that happens is people feel dizzy a little bit lightheaded and if you gotta be using this four times a day like i recommend you’re probably not going to like that reaction while you’re working or if you have to do

A lot of driving or standing so i feel that diltiazem does a great job at relaxing the muscle and is much much less likely to give you those side effects much better tolerated in other words there’s another medication called nithyapine as well and that ointment can also be used in the same fashion and that’s my number two go-to medication for this ointment and

It’s usually in like a vaseline base there’s multiple different ways that pharmacists can make this after it’s prescribed by someone like me but i fully recommend that this be a part of the treatment plan and in many cases i find that when people don’t use this cream the fissure is very likely not to make any progress well thank you so much for tuning in this

Was a video just to focus on really that center what i feel like is the crux of fissure treatment and i wanted to explain that to you fully and give that topic justice because i believe that it’s the most important of my entire formula there will be a part two coming about treatments because believe me if it was as simple as putting on a cream anal fissures

Would be extinct which is what we kind of wish kovid would kind of do huh but either way let’s move on to video number two part two of the fishers thank you so much for joining in that video will be coming out soon please like subscribe and ring that bell so that you don’t miss a video and so that you could be on your way to better anal health take care bye bye-bye

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Creams / ointment for Anal Fissure Treatment (Part 1/5) By Your Friendly Proctologist