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Creon on Worthing

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I’m with coach creon coach a real heart stopping 7976 victory to get us underway do you want us to talk us through the game um i guess getting the w is the most important thing i thought that we started the game really well still lost the first quarter played a little bit of catch-up in the second quarter came out gunning in the third quarter which is really

Happy with then pretty much grounded out in the fourth quarter all i can really think about right now is free throw shooting you know it’s something that i go on and on about in practice make your free throws focus on your free throws and um if we shot over i think we might show about 55 or so close to that if we are lucky in uh in a game like this you know we

Make our free throws i don’t think we’re talking about a three-point win um mike martin played well i think uh he took a knock in the fourth on his thumb i think that affected him catching the ball a couple of positions which led to some turnovers julius joseph was you know he was the usual veteran consistent you know gave us points when um when i needed the new

Debut um new players coming in uh james porter i think he did okay never got as many minutes just due to match-up situations picking up early fouls same thing could be said about thomas also not not being able to play because of the foul problems dean williams i think played a big role defensively when he switched on to the point guard at times kept him quiet

So i was really happy with um what uh dean brought off the bench and macklemore shot the ball well played tough defense and i think we got a glimpse at what david schneider is about you know um i don’t mind if he’s quiet for um three quarters and he can step up in the fourth quarter and make some big shots like that um i would have liked him to make both free

Throws at the end but um you know nice crowd obviously you know you get a little bit of butterflies and stuff i think you guys are a bit nervous but i think we’re going to be good and i’m looking forward to tomorrow so looking ahead we’ve got plymouth away tomorrow and then we’ve got plymouth back here in the second of the trophy matches on saturday what do you

Think of uh your chances against plymouth i once again i think it’s one of those that i’ll keep on saying i worry about how we place i’m not gonna really focus too much on on what plymouth does you know like if we make our free throws we pull away we win a game if we share the ball you know we pull away we win a game the main thing on those games is i need guys

On the bench to be a little bit more productive when i put them in i can’t go through a whole season playing mike martin 40 minutes playing julia’s close to 40 minutes um we we’re not gonna it’s not it’s not good for the team you know it’s not good for them especially tells in the fourth quarter so i really going to look for the for to get more of a rotation in

The upcoming games and again looking looking forward to the rest of the season and do you think with more practices under the belt that bench production will come because i mean the guys have only been with the team i mean david and james for less than a week now oh yeah definitely i think that we we’re still getting conditioned you know we we’re not 100 foot we

We’re far from it that will come with games um playing rating helped a lot and then we had a full week off whereas um worthing played so like you could see they kind of like knew each other they knew exactly where they’re supposed to be they’ll get a little strong with a couple of accusations that they’re going to pick up but i think we’ve got what we need and um

I i wouldn’t be looking to get anybody else in the team because i’m happy with the team now you

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