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Crohn’s Disease Overview.. My Journey So Far… Becki Babbles

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A very brief description of what Crohn’s disease is and an overview of my journey from diagnosis until now.

Hi i’m becky and welcome to my channel service i’m gonna be talking about crimes today i’m gonna be talking about my story from diagnosis till now and basically what journey i’ve been on so quick overview of what crohn’s is crisis is an inflammatory bowel disease colitis is also the kind of other most popular one see they’re not popular you don’t want them but

There’s an autoimmune condition as well so it is grange’s can affect you anywhere from your mouth right to your anus sorry for that’s making even a little bit queasy but such as life and and it’s where your body stinks something is wrong and there’s nothing wrong so your body is attacking yourself it is a disease that affects you you bow your intestines you

Know your digestive system but it also affects you mentally it affects you physically um it affects your skin it affects your hair it affects sound so much more than just that and i have my first capture endoscopy you could see my insides and they did not look nice and when me and my mum saw on the little camera we were like we don’t know what your insides a

Minute look like but i’m pretty sure they they shouldn’t hook like that and it is a chronic condition so at the moment there is no cure and you have times of remission and times of your flaring up i’m i’m very newly diagnosed so i don’t really understand it all completely yet i’ve only been diagnosed for 7 months and so this i’m still learning quite a lot and

To me i don’t feel like i’m in a full flare-up now i also don’t particularly feel like i’m in remission i definitely still have quite a lot of symptoms a lot of problems pain that kind of thing a lot of people get confused about crohn’s and think it is just about pooing a lot you do put a lot but that isn’t it just pulling a lot wouldn’t be that bad you also

Have mild moderate and severe crohn’s and colitis and ibd in general and and everyone is very very different so even if you know someone who has crohn’s or even if you have crichton’s it might be completely different for someone else of grinds and i know before i was diagnosed someone who i know who does have crane said you can’t have it because you don’t have

The symptoms that i have and i’ll say yeah i don’t really have some of those symptoms that i don’t think i’ve got it either it is gonna be different for everyone so bear that in mind i was diagnosed in august and like everyone else it took a really long time to get a diagnosis the reason i kind of want to just cover this is because next week i’m going to blog

A hospital appointment that i’m going to and and i think it’ll be quite good to kind of give an overview of what’s happened so far before i do that and my diagnosis story is on my blog so leave that in the description bar if you did want to take a look daily life obviously is completely different to what it used to be maybe two years ago for me i now have a

Chronic illness and diagnosis if that was a bit like mmm okay this is something i’m gonna have to deal with and kind of when i was diagnosed i thought well i didn’t at least i know what it is and they can fix me or they can you know make it easier and i kind of didn’t realize actually how much trial and error there is with medication as well when my consultant

Told me i had crohn’s he also explained and um what treatment they were going to start me on they had to take blood tests to check that i could start this treatment so i had my blood tests done and then i had my appointment booked and i was ready to go in september so my appointment was about three o’clock on this day and basically on that day i got a phone call

From my brother saying my mom had had a stroke she was on holiday in wales so we were gonna go straight to wales and i needed to move my appointment and i phoned up left a voicemail and said can someone phone me urgently about my appointment today i got a phone call back maybe within 10 minutes and the lady was like we can’t move your appointment that’s the only

Appointment we’ve got um and i said i need it to be moved my mum’s had a stroke straightaway she just went that’s fine she won’t come in now i’ll find a room so i went straight down to the hospital and and the reason i’m telling you that is because i just want to explain how supportive the ibd team can be and i know not everyone’s got a great experience with

Them but mine personally of brilliant i couldn’t have asked for any more help that day and i went down to the hospital i hadn’t met any of them before and i went in said i’m rebecca straightaway they called me through um i was in with two ladies they both gave me a hug obviously i was really upset i didn’t know what was happening with my mum they explained that

I was going on a cythera pram and pred the steroid and they did make my appointment quite short because obviously they knew i wasn’t really listening to what they had to say reference them but i wasn’t paying attention i was just think my mind was completely elsewhere so rewriting everything down for me making sure i was aware of what i was going to be doing um

And basically i was starting on bread and on a siren and i needed to be up to a certain dosage or as i ran and down a certain dosage so when you start your easy fire prone you start on a quite a low dose and then you have your target dose so i had to take a certain amount and then build it up on the pride i started on 40 milligrams i think which is quite a lot

So then obviously you have to teach her it down doing the two in conjunction together and they said to me don’t start the third round straightaway because it’s going to make you feel bit rubbish and if you found up to weigh others and all of that you you don’t want you don’t want to be doing that so just wait until you about time my mum’s fine by the way um she

Made a really really good recovery we dig up to wales to see her that day and she wasn’t doing great there but she is doing fine now then went and started my is a siren and it did make me feel rubbish really really rubbish and yeah it just wasn’t nice and i can kind of talk about that in one t-tau if anyone would like and but just because it didn’t work for me

It doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work for you um i had loads and loads of side effects from both the steroids and the a star and i was just not in a good way and i did stop taking the eighth i ran on a friday and then my one of my obd nasus phoned up on the monday and said can you start taking it again but on the lower dose because at this point i had gone up so cuz

Again i knew it was gonna make me feel rubbish i did i took it late at night um i just did not agree with me at all i was then throwing up violently all night and we ended up phoning one one one they sent an ambulance and as i write clearly i should not be taking their stuff so i found my ibd team and she is like yet no definitely do not take that anymore we’re

Gonna try and figure out what else we can do and so i still had the steroids at this point and it kind of seemed to be keeping things at bay maybe he was really hard to tell what were my side effects from medication what my cranes being an active disease what was that i was tired it was really really hard to pinpoint why i was feeling rubbish when i was feeling

Rubbish so it was just kind of like a cocktail of all of this stuff my ibd nurse and phoned me and said look basically we were kind of a bit at a loss and because you reacted so badly to the a zathura pram and they said they wanted to try my biologics they then decided to go on a dilemma map i’m probably butchering all of these names but that’s what they are

I’ve been taking that at five months i think five months i’ve been taking that and basically it’s an at-home injection but either of your thighs or your stomach i’ve tried it my stomach ones don’t really like it so i typically put it in my thighs and it definitely is making some progress because i’m not anywhere near as bad as what i was but i don’t know quite

How much progress it’s making so i’ll be going to the hospital and tuesday from that they should know just how much impact is the drug is having on me and if it is working if it isn’t working and if i think the side effect is worth it all of that kind of stuff and don’t just be a kind of better way to know exactly what’s happening yeah that is my crohn’s story

So far as if you’ve got any questions about my journey anything crohn’s related that you would like me to cover off and if you suffer with cranes yourself or your newly diagnosed and you just kind of want a little bit of support please comment below or go on my blog and send me an email i’m happy to sort of trying to help where i can and one of the best places

To go is crohn’s colitis uk their website and so informative about me keysha and it got blogs on there loads and loads of stuff thank you so much for watching please like share and subscribe and i will see you in my next video okay stop shouting now then maybe the outtakes might be quite amusing cut

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Crohn's Disease Overview.. My Journey So Far… Becki Babbles By Becki Babbles