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Cyclosporine and the risk of infection

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Cyclosporine (cyclosporin, ciclosporin) is an immunosuppressive drug.

Hi guys thanks for joining today i will be talking about cyclosporine cyclosporine is one of the world’s best-known drugs and dermatology and maybe in medicine in general it has potent immunosuppressive activity what means that it significantly decreases the activity of the immune system but does it mean that patients were taking cyclosporine are at an increased

Risk of developing infectious diseases well this is not so easy please join me to look at the details cyclosporine is being used by millions of people worldwide in nephrology and ophthalmology in urban transportation but also in dermatology cyclosporine is being used in dermatology in two main approved indications this is psoriasis atopic dermatitis but we

Also use cyclosporine in dermatology and many other disorders such as alopecia areata like a palpable eres para rockin chromosome and many many others our patients were very often concerned about the risk of developing infections when taking cyclosporine but especially now i hear more and more often the question doctor is it safe to use cyclosporine during the

Covered 19 pandemic well before i answer this question i would like to let you know a little bit more about psycho foolin cyclosporine cannot work in the body without side darlin this is a protein which is in almost every cell and it is extremely important for the human body and it is a key player for the human diseases say darlin or more precisely say tefillin

A is a major player in diseases such as asthma cancer atherosclerosis diabetes alzheimer’s disease infections and most importantly inflammatory or rot immune diseases so psycho fueling the protein which is the target protein for cyclosporine is responsible both for the autoimmune diseases and also plays a major role in viral replication most probably through

Psycho villain cyclosporine has the capability to inhibit the replication of some viruses there are some data would show that cyclosporine has the capability of inhibiting the replication of some viruses in other cases cyclosporine is increasing the replication of the viruses and then in some cases are conflicting results the most best-known virus which is being

Inhibited by psycho sporran is the hepatitis c virus however there are also data that cyclosporine may inhibit the replication of the influenza virus of the rotavirus of the hiv and currently most importantly the corona virus when looking at the coronavirus and diseases which are associated with coronavirus infections especially covered 19 then cyclosporine not

Only does not put patients at higher risk of developing the disease or having a more severe course but the contrary cyclosporine has been suggested as one of potential treatments in patients with current affairs associated diseases currently researchers are looking into developing derivates of cyclosporine which will have the antiviral activity but will not have

The immunosuppressive potential so this will most probably develop into a new group of antiviral drugs so this is why we have published recently an article in the journal of the american academy of dermatology where we have written that in our opinion cyclosporine therapy during the covered 19 pandemic is not a reason for concern however of course we encourage our

Patients to always follow all the rules of the covered 19 prevention so to summarize our concern that cyclosporine may increase the risk of every infection is not true in fact there are some infections in which cyclosporine may have a beneficial effect and one of them are the corona virus infections i was talking today about cyclosporine because we use it a lot

In our patients with hair disorders and if you would like to hear more about hair diseases or try house copy please consider subscribing to my channel thank you for being here see you next time

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Cyclosporine and the risk of infection By prof. Lidia Rudnicka